Glam Polish: Star Wars Day Trio 2018

I finally — FINALLY!! — got pictures I liked for these polishes. It feels like it was a long time coming because we had so much cloudy, stormy weather. And, as beautiful as these polishes are, I have to say they are difficult to photograph. At least, I found it difficult. There is so much going on in these that it’s almost hard for your eye (or the camera) to figure out which part is the best focal point.


Here they are, in all their bottle glory. Aren’t they pretty?!?!? These polishes have been out for a while. They released on May 4th, and I ordered them either on the same day or not long after they released. If I am remembering correctly, it took a week or so for these to reach me. So, I have had them in my hot little hands for a while. I checked on the Glam Polish site before I started this post, and it looks like they are still available.


Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try is a green holographic base with unicorn shimmer, multi chrome flakes, ultra holo glitter, and micro glitter. It has a great formula: opaque in 2-3 coats with no mess and no fuss.


Here is a macro shot for Do. Or Do Not. Look at those beautiful pops of color in here. Oh. My. Gosh. It is so freaking beautiful!! I can’t even. I love the “Yoda” look to this polish. The green is beautifully unexpected. It’s not vibrant, really. But it’s also not muted. It definitely looks green in every light and at all angles. I love that. I also love the extra pops of color from the flakes, and the way the iridescent-looking glitters shift from gold to orange to a brighter green. I particularly love the bright and vibrant purples or magentas.

It’s a beautiful combination, and I think this polish might be my favorite out of the trio. This surprises me a little, because I never would have expected my favorite to be the green. But the heart wants what it wants!


Mind Tricks Don’t Work on Me is a clear base with unicorn shimmer, multi chrome flakes, iridescent glitter, and holographic micro glitter. It has a good formula that is opaque in 2-3 easy coats.


Here is a macro for Mind Tricks. Everything in this polish shifts and glitters and changes colors. Everything!!! At first, I thought it had a silver or gold base, because there seems to be a lot of gold and silver going on in here. But this is all from the shimmer. This polish blows my mind, which is fitting, given the name. (ha, ha) It is ALL the colors. And I love watching it build up on the nail. It goes from “zero” to “fabulous” in just a few coats, like magic.


Revenge of the 5th is a black jelly base with unicorn shimmer, iridescent flakes, multi chrome flakes, ultra holo glitter, and micro holo glitter. It has a good formula that, like the others in the trio, is opaque in 2-3 easy coats.


This is a macro shot for Revenge. I can’t get over the mix of golds and reds and pinks and glitters in here. This is another mind boggling polish. In the bottle, it looks like one thing. But, on the nail, it looks completely different — in a good way. I like the look of this polish on the nail so much more than I did in the bottle. As the light shifts across your nails, you can see black, then red, then this bright, almost acid green, and some gold around the edges. And there are crazy zings of pink and purple and brighter green from the flakes and glitters. I am wearing this polish on my nails right now, and it is magnificent. It is moody and vampy and just All The Things. I love it.


These polishes make me forget my words. That’s how fabulous they are. I sat down to try and think up descriptions for them, and I found my mind going absolutely blank. Because there is so much tossed in here. The colors are hard to explain or describe because these polishes basically have every color. There is so much shifting and glitter and color changing going on in here that I find it hard to figure out what to focus in on. Not that I’m complaining. I love it!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it looked like these are still available on the Glam Polish website. I don’t buy from Glam Polish very often — not because I don’t like the brand or their polishes, but because I just don’t think about them. They are not a brand that stays on my radar on a consistent basis. Which is too bad, since their polishes are fabulous. I have a few from the brand, and I love them all. I have always found their order process easy, and they have always shipped to me promptly, too.



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