My Week in Nails

I’m extra excited today. I’m here in the blog, talking about nail polish — always exciting. It’s Friday — also always exciting. And it’s the start of a much-needed 3-day holiday weekend — triple exciting! I also had Korean BBQ for lunch, and we are going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story tonight. What?!?!? There is so much excitement going on right now … I can’t even.

I had a pretty fun nail week this week. I did a lot of nail art. Well, for some people, it probably wouldn’t be a lot, but it was a lot for me.


I started my week out with Zoya, Haruko. I stamped over it with China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me, and the image is from Born Pretty Plate BP-029.

I love this manicure! I’ve been in a pastels and pinks sort of mood lately, and Haruko felt just perfect to me. It’s such a pretty color, and I love the delicate shimmer running throughout it. I have a serious relationship going with this particular stamping design. It’s one of my favorite images from my Spring/flower-themed plates. It’s playful and pretty, and I like how you get a nice mix of stamped solid design and base color showing through. This was a fun manicure, and it made my heart happy.


For my next manicure, I water marbled with OPI, I’m Gown For Anything; OPI, Polly Want a Lacquer?; China Glaze, Blanc Out; and China Glaze, Don’t Mesa With My Heart. I used 1 coat of Blanc Out as the base color for my design.

Did I mention I was in a pinks and pastels mood? Um … yeah. This manicure made the girly girl inside of me sing with happiness. I wanted a design or manicure that looked like ribbon candy. That’s what I had in mind when I was testing the polishes, figuring out a color combination, and deciding on which design to draw into the polish. One thing I love about water marbling is that you don’t always know what you are going to get. And yet, it’s always beautiful — kind of like a little surprise, or something. This manicure turned out pretty much exactly how I pictured it in my mind. And I felt like it looked a lot like my mental inspiration. I loved the heck out of this manicure. It might be my favorite for the week, although the next one coming up might also be a favorite. Can I have two favorites? EEEK!


For my next manicure, I did another water marble. This one was with Zoya, River; OPI, Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?; and OPI, One Heckla of a Color. I used 1 coat of OPI, Alpine Snow as the base.

So this manicure is a close contender for favorite of the week, too. First of all, it’s blue. You guys know how I love my blues. And River wasted no time in becoming a favorite of mine. I love everything about it, from the color tone to the shimmer. And it marbles beautifully. I love the way the shimmer spreads out in a delicate pattern just at the edges of the lines where it mixes with the next color. I’m a big fan of purples and blues together, and linear water marble patterns are pretty much my jam. I really like the sense of motion in them.

I made a huge mess with this manicure. The clean-up was a nightmare, even though I used liquid latex. It was worth it, though. If I use this color combination again, I might try it without a base color. I think the white base helped the colors look brighter, but I don’t love seeing that teeny edge of white peering out from beneath the marble at my cuticle line. I know. I’m weird. LOL


I decided my next manicure would be a straight manicure with no nail art or fanciness involved. I decided to go toward the dark side with China Glaze, Smoke and Ashes.

I’ve had this polish for a while, and I have wanted to wear it for a while. For some reason, it never seemed to happen. When I was in the mood for something dark this week, this one popped into my head immediately. I LOVE it!! It is so pretty. The glitters are beautiful and give it a lovely and subtle glow. It really does look like smoke. I know it’s not seasonally appropriate for Spring or Summer, but I love a dark polish pretty much any time of the year.


And, speaking of dark polish … Today’s manicure is with Glam Polish, Revenge of the 5th.

This was my manicure yesterday, too. I had planned to switch to a different polish from the Glam Polish Star Wars Day Trio for today. But I hurt my thumb yesterday, and I didn’t want to have polish remover around it. It’s not a sacrifice to wear this beautiful polish for a day or two longer. It is magnificent! It comes alive with rainbow goodness (hello, holo glitters!) and color shifting loveliness in the sunlight. Plus, I had to wear a Star Wars themed polish to see Solo tonight! Had to!


And there it is. My week of manicure madness. It was a great manicure week for me. I loved everything I wore, and there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. That always makes me a happy, happy polish junkie, for sure!

My May Polish Pickup was supposed to arrive yesterday. But it never showed up. The post office tracking system was down pretty much all day yesterday. When it came back up today, it showed my package now in route to the final destination facility as of today. I feel like my PPU is traveling backward or something — so frustrating! I had hoped against hope it would come in the mail today, but no luck. Maybe tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

But (!!) my first-ever order from Quixotic Polish was in my mailbox today. I got the whole Vibes Collection, as well as two polishes from the The Gems Uncovered Collection. I’m so excited about them! And it completely rescued my whole mood today.


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