Topic Tuesday: Polishes You Bought for the Name

I woke up today thinking it was Monday. It took me an hour or so to remember it’s actually Tuesday. This is a great thing, because it means I’m one day closer to the paradise that is Friday. But it’s a terrible thing, because it means I’m going to be a day off all week long. So this week is going to feel weird, from start to finish. Even so, it’s worth it for a holiday Monday. No regrets!! Woo Hoo!

You guys know what Tuesday means here on the blog. Yep! It’s Topic Tuesday time!! This week’s topic is:



I almost never buy polish JUST for the name. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good polish name, but, generally, I have to love the color, too. Otherwise, I just laugh at the name and go about my business. With that said, I can often be attracted to a polish because of the name, and then later end up purchasing it because I also love the color. I’m sure there are quite a few polishes that ended up in my stash this way. But, when I sat down to think about this topic, the three polishes in my collage came to mind right away.


First up, from the top R corner of the collage, is Sinful Colors, Love Thyself. This is a gorgeous and creamy blue with a purple undertone. Maybe it qualifies as a “blurple”, but it looks a little more blue to me.

I didn’t necessarily buy this one for the name, but I kept it for the name. Earlier this month, I swatched through my Sinful Colors polishes with the goal of destashing at least half of them. I love my blues. This is no secret. So, of course, I had a lot of blue and blurple polish in my Sinful Colors stash, and I knew I had to be ruthless in destashing. It came down to this polish and a couple of others that were similar in color tone and formula. I decided to keep this one because of the name. I grew up hating myself. I have very low self esteem and confidence, and, even as an adult, I fall into that trap of hating myself. This polish name carries a great message and reminder for me: I am a good person. I am beautiful in my own way. And I can love myself.


The second polish on the top row is OPI, Tell Me About It Stud. This is a beautifully vibrant red creme that came out with the recent Grease Collection.

You guys know I’m not much of a red polish person. I did a whole week of red manicures a couple of weeks ago, and that was fun. I think I am slowly coming around to loving red on my nails, but I’m still far from this being a favorite manicure color for me. In general, I don’t buy reds. But I had to have this one because of the name. Just seeing the name of this polish made me picture that exact moment in the movie where Danny first sees Sandy in her all-black (leather?) outfit, her hair teased and huge, that bright red lipstick and nail polish, and those high heels. It’s such an iconic movie moment, and I can picture her turning around and saying this line as she (oh-so-awkwardly) tosses down her cigarette and grinds it out under her heel. So, yeah. I had to have this one. (Incidentally, perhaps Sandy should have worn a polish called Love Thyself, so she didn’t feel the need to change so drastically to “please her man”. But … that’s a topic for another day.)

Overall, I was safe in buying this red. I knew I wouldn’t hate the color, even if I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it all the time. At the worst, I figured I would wear it around Valentine’s Day and the Christmas holidays. It turns out this is a fabulous red, and I loved it on my nails. Me, loving a red! Who knew this was possible?

ps-wishyouwerebeer2-sm copy

Aaaaand, bringing up the rear of the pack, on the second row of my collage is Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer.

You know how I said I usually won’t buy a color just for the name? That I have to love the color, too, before I will add it to my ever-growing stash? Um … yeah. All that went out the window with this polish. Because I absolutely bought this for the name and no other reason. I would have purchased this one even if it was a color I hated. Because the name is just too good. And it makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it. I think it’s the most fabulous, epic polish name ever. Well … maybe not ever … but in my stash. Probably.

Luckily, it turns out I freaking LOVE this polish. It is a perennial favorite for me. It’s the most gorgeous, molten golden amber holographic lusciousness on the nail. I love wearing it. I love the rainbow sparkle. I love how it looks like beer. I love everything about it. In fact, I love it so much that I had to buy a backup for it.


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I’m about ninety percent certain I will think of several more “bought it for the name” polishes the moment I close out this post. Isn’t that the way it always goes? It’s like my brain goes blank as soon as someone asks me a question. It’s like: “Hey, what’s your name?” To which I reply, “Um …..” I really am that socially awkward. It is not an act. But, really, once I hit Wish You Were Beer, I’m pretty much done. Every single time. It’s still my favorite polish name. I’m sitting here laughing as I think about it.




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