My Week in Nails + October Favorites

This has been an up and down week for me. My husband was out of town at the beginning of the week. I spent most of yesterday running from one different doctor’s appointment to another for my daughter. And there are still more to come — nothing serious, I think. But just check-up type things. Also, she has hurt her foot, so we have an unexpected MRI added in there, too.

I am an exhausted, emotional mess right now. I still have to get through the last home football game, and then I can collapse into a puddle of anxiety-ridden, emotional goo. Until the next round of stuff comes my way, which will probably be next week. For now, though, it’s Friday! Which means a look at my week in manis.


I started my week with Pretty Serious, Araneae, topped with Colores de Carol, Wizard Lizard. This ended up being a spectacular combination. It’s hard to tell in my photo, but Araneae is a deep, deep, dark indigo jelly. I think you can kind of see the blue tones peeking in around the edges of my nail, especially at the cuticle line. Wizard Lizard is just a little bit of magic dust awesomeness. I love this topper, and this is a color combination that seems as if it was made to go together. Over some base colors, WizLiz shows mostly orange or green, but it shows so many different colors over this deep and murky indigo. It is perfect!


Next, I wore China Glaze, It’s Alive! I love, love, love this swampy green and gold glitter combination. I think I like this polish even more than Zombie Zest. I know — shocking! There is something about the chunky look of this one, paired with the differing green tones you can see throughout the manicure. I don’t know how else to explain it, other than to say it gets me right where I live. I wanted this to be my Halloween manicure, but it didn’t last more than a day. It’s Alive! usually wears well for me, but this was my first time putting it on over a peel-off base coat (I used Unt). It peeled right off my nails when I was showering, which is weird. I don’t usually have that problem with Unt. At any rate, it meant I had to change out my polish, since my manicure was in shreds — literally!


I ended up wearing Pretty Serious, HTF as my actual Halloween manicure. It was pretty darn perfect for this purpose, too! I love the smoky black base combined with all those red-orange shreds. I think I could catch some flashes of green and gold in there, too. But the shreds were mostly orange for me. My one complaint about this polish is that the base is incredibly, incredibly sheer. I need at least 3 coats to reach a decent level of opacity. For this manicure, I ended up doing 4 coats, which, admittedly, is a lot. I didn’t necessarily need 4 for opacity, but it deepened up the base color quite a lot. I loved that.


For my next manicure, I wore Cameo Colours Lacquer, An Evil That Devours. This was my AWOL polish from my October Polish Pickup Order. It arrived a couple of days after Halloween, and I could not wait to wear this in a manicure. It is really stunning. Sadly, my Unt base coat caused this one to peel off my nails right away, too. I wore it for a day, then looked down and realized one of my thumbnails was naked. Yikes! The horror! I was a little bummed, because I probably would have kept this polish on longer. I really loved it on my nails.


And, finally, this is the manicure I did today. It is Supernatural Lacquer, Como Se Llama-corn? This is another one of my October Polish Pickup acquisitions. It. Is. FABULOUS! I love the combination of blurple base with those flashes of red and pink. I knew I loved this polish in the bottle, but it looks even more spectacular on the nail. I’m happy to have it!



Crows Toes, Buck Yoooouu!


Pretty Serious, Petrichor


This gradient with China Glaze, Dawn of a New Reign and Orly, Rage.


Colores de Carol, Morning Latte stamped with OPI, I’m Not Really a Waitress.


OPI, I’m Not Really a Waitress stamped with black bats. This might be my absolute favorite manicure for the whole month. I did not want to take it off, but tip wear comes to us all. *dramatic sigh*



3 thoughts on “My Week in Nails + October Favorites

    1. LOL! I sometimes feel like I have to “explain” when my nails seem to change lengths drastically within the span of a week. I feel like anyone who sees the pictures all together will be like, “Whoa … weirdness.”

      I don’t remember if you asked about HTF over a darker color or not. When I posted in on IG, someone in the comments suggested wearing it over a dark brown, which I hadn’t thought of trying. I think that could be really pretty. I think it would also work great over a black (of course) or even over a dark gray like Liv in the Gray.


      1. I think the idea of it over a dark brown is fabulous!

        Today I was reading a Manigeek post and she filed her nails shorter in the middle of her swatching (quite subtly, really) and swatched a polish AGAIN to see if it looked better on slightly shorter nails!!! LOL!!!

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