Nail Mail Monday: Cameo Colours Lacquer and Nine Zero

For today’s Nail Mail Monday, I have five beauties to share. I’m super excited about all of these! But who am I kidding? I’m always super excited about any polish that lands in my hot little hands. Still, I think these are extra fun. One is the remaining polish from my October Polish Pickup order, and the others are from a brand I’ve wanted to build up in my collection for a while.



Cameo Colours Lacquer, An Evil That Devours is the last polish from my October Polish Pickup order. This little beauty, somehow, got left out of my package when everything else shipped. I have to put in a plug for Polish Pickup’s fabulous customer service. I contacted them about my missing polish, and they had this bottle on the way to me within a day or two. I was really impressed with their kindness and the fast turnaround.


And this polish — wow! The formula is fabulous. It is opaque in 2 easy coats. With the amount of glitter in here, I expected it to be textured or bumpy on the nail. But it wasn’t. I was surprised to find the glitters laid down nicely on the nail.

This is so, so, so pretty. I think this is one of the prettiest polishes from my entire order, and that is saying a lot! I think it’s also one of the prettiest greens in my stash, which is also saying a lot. I love the deep, rich, lush green of the base. And the gorgeous glitter mix only adds to it. This polish was like wearing sparkling jewels on my nails. There was so much interest and depth and dimension to it. I didn’t want to take it off. I only got to wear it for one day. I probably wouldn’t have taken it off then, but my peel-off base coat decided to give up the fight. I was so bummed.


I was a giddy, excited, polish-lovin’ fool when these Nine Zero beauties arrived in my mail box. I might have giggled all the way up the stairs as I retreated to my office lair for the unpackaging. I might have continued giggling as I unwrapped bubblewrap and admired each little darling. I love me some Nine Zero, y’all! I only have a few, but I treasure them. I have wanted to add more from this brand to my stash for a while. But I keep on spending my limited budget on other things. Well … no more! I finally picked up a few more from this brand. And I am so so so glad I did! I need to make this a regular thing, because every Nine Zero polish I have is fantabulous!


Armos is from the Fall 2017 Enemies of Hyrule Collection. It’s a beautiful, navy blue jelly base with strong gold shimmer running throughout. In spite of the jelly consistency, it is nicely opaque in 2 coats. It has a fabulous formula — so easy to work, and easy to apply over the nail.

I love this. It is GORGEOUS! It’s pretty much a given that I would adore it. It is blue, after all. I like this shade of navy, which is beautifully dark and moody. It almost tends toward indigo, which seems to peek out around the edges of the nail. And the gold shimmer makes for a sparkly, glitzy combination.


Octorok is another recent release from the Enemies of Hyrule Collection. It’s a purple, almost eggplant, base packed with scads of gold holographic glitter. The formula for this polish is fabulous. It was nearly opaque in 1 coat, although 2 coats deepened the color beautifully.


This polish is beyond stunning. This is the polish that completely pushed every button in my little, polish-hoarding heart and convinced me that I needed to order more from this brand right now!! It is magnificent and magical on the nail. I love the depth of the base color. And the holographic glitter is so beautiful. I love how it twinkles out at me with different colors, but you can also see the gold. I love this one.


Cauldron Fire is a black jelly base with orange holographic glitter. It has a fantastic formula: easily opaque in 2 coats.


This is the perfect Halloween polish! I think it’s also perfect for Fall, in general. I love the contrast of orangey-coppery glitters with the sleek blackness of the base. It reminds me of embers floating up from a fire and into a dark night sky. I love how sleek and dark the base is, too. I have other polishes that are similar to this one, but I think this one is the most opaque.


Swamp Thing is a yellow green with gold flakes. The formula is fabulous. It is opaque in 2 coats, and easy to apply.


This is such an ugly-pretty color, and I love it! The gold in here is strong, and I love how the green base is both swampy and bright. It’s a perfect Halloween polish. It reminds me a lot of Zombie Zest, which is awesome! I think this polish would be beautiful in the Spring or Summer. It is just such a fabulous green.

And that’s it for my little Nail Mail Monday. I’m oh-so happy to have added these lovelies to my ever-growing stash. I can’t see my Polish Pickup obsession diminishing any time soon. And I hope my little Nine Zero hoard continues to grow. These polishes are just too, too wonderful!




6 thoughts on “Nail Mail Monday: Cameo Colours Lacquer and Nine Zero

  1. As I read this, I can’t fathom how I haven’t worn Armos or Octorok yet. I actually loved Cauldron Fire much more when I wore it this year. The surprise for me here is how beautiful I think Swamp Thing is!! You make it look gorgeous!


    1. Yeah, I didn’t manage to wear Cauldron Fire during Halloween/Thanksgiving/”Fall”. And now, I’m not feeling it all that much, even though it’s such a stunning polish! It’s not that I don’t love it. I think I just feel like the season for it has kinda passed or something … ??? does that even make any sense at all? Swamp Thing is truly gorgeous! I think it would look amazing on you!


      1. I think you actually bought Cauldron Fire after halloween, right? Eh, it’s fine. Save it till next year. It really is a once a year kind of polish (even if you don’t have as much as us!!!)


      2. Yes! I did buy it after Halloween. I was just thinking about that. I originally thought I might wear it in November. Because, you know … it’s still “fall-ish”. But it does feel more like a Halloween/October type polish to me.


  2. I like all the five nail polishes because they all have some special quality and charm. Two nails polishes which i like the most are Cameo Colours Lacquer, An Evil That Devours Armos and Nine Zero armos. I think they both are good for this year specially for first 3 months. These nail polishes having nice jelly formula and perfect shine. Everyone is in love with these nail polish.

    Liked by 1 person

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