Sunday Swatch-a-Palooza: Quixotic Polish Greens & Blues #2

Hey, y’all! I am bopping into the blog in real time today to share the rest of my Quixotic Polish greens and blues. I thought about not posting a “double whammy” swatch post this week, but I am so excited to look at these beauties and to share them with you. And I’m super excited that we are nearly at the end of this edition of what is always a very loooong- running blog series. As my daughter used to say when she was younger, “We’ve gotta push through — like a bulldozer!”

Today is going to be another somewhat massive post, as I was determined to split my greens and blues into just two posts. I will have around 25 or so polishes to share in this post. I have my coffee close by to fuel my typing fingers … so, let’s get going!

Lazurite was part of the Gems Uncovered collection.

BAM!! We are starting out so great in this post with this deep, slightly dark, and glistening beauty. This polish is just stunning in every way. I love the tone of blue in the base color, which is a color that I could wear at any time of the year. And the flakes in here are so pretty and color-shifty. Magnificent!

Libelulle was part of the 2019 Second Anniversary Duo.

Y’all know Mama is not always about the magnetic polishes. I know most folks in the polish world go crazy for them, but I tend to shy away from those feelings. For the most part, I find magnetics can be too finicky and a little too difficult to work with in terms of getting them to shift. And I don’t like that they make my manicure take quite a bit longer, especially when Work and Life don’t give me a lot of free time for nails.

BUT — I really like this magnetic. I remember it shifted easily and well for me, and I did not have to work at it much at all. I also loooove the contrast of the color shift on the magnetic line. It’s such a pretty color combo. With that said, this polish is also super pretty if you don’t use a magnet to make it shift colors.

Luciole was part of the 2019 Second Anniversary Duo.

This is another beautiful magnetic. For me, the magnetic shift was more of a scattered effect as opposed to a harder line. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be this way, or if I just failed at getting the shift to work. either way, I liked it! I also like this color combination of the deep and dark blurple with the icier shift to it. There are some beautiful shimmers and holographics running throughout this polish, too.

Matterhorn Vibes was part of the 2018 Vibes collection.

Oh, HELLO, beautiful green polish! I love how fresh and beautifully lush this color tone is. And it has the prettiest golden glow scattered across each nail. I also love how juicy and “jelly” it looks on each nail. It makes for such a fresh and fun manicure.

Mischief Night was part of the 2018 Halloween Trio.

Oh man. This little pretty is so lovely and juicy and just … *sigh*. I find the base color on this polish to be unusual and unexpected. It’s a nice mix of green and blue. I want to call it a “turquoise” sort of color, but it has this silvery sort of sheen to it that makes me pause every time. There is a ton of shimmer and color-shifting flakies in here, too. So pretty!

Mmomm & Mmomm was part of the June 2020 Polish Pickup sale.

Compared to many of the polishes in my Quixotic stash, this polish is pretty simple. I love the crelly feel to the base, as well as the fact that this blue is both bright but slightly dusty. The flakes show beautifully coral, coppery-gold, and green against it. It’s almost like wearing a sunset on my nails.

Nightshade was part of the 2020 Flakie Bombs collection.

This polish is a delight. It is so dark and murky in the base. The flakes look ethereal and a little bit eerie floating through each layer of manicure. And there is just the right scattering of sparkly holographic across each and every nail. Such a beauty!

This is Pawty in the House. I somehow did not write down collection or release information for this in any of my notes. So … fail!

Y’all!! Somehow, this little pretty never got posted on my blog before now. Shame on me! This is a nicely balanced teal base color. I find it not too green and not too blue, but “just right”. I loooove how the flakes pop bright purple-pinks and coppery golds against it. This is a pretty and fun polish, for sure!

Poison Ivy was part of the 2019 Goodbye Summer collection.

This polish is such a strong, light, and almost eye-searing green. I say “eye-searing” because it is a really bright and dazzling green. It has a beautiful blue shift to it at certain angles, and you can pretty much always see that shift around the edges of the nails — no matter what angle you are seeing!

Here is an extra photo showing the blue shift. There is also a shimmer that looks purple-pink, and it is pretty and delicate.

This is a prototype polish that I call “Prototype 1“. It doesn’t actually have a name — poor little polish.

Ugh. This polish is DELICIOUS!! I’m not sure if it ever got released into a full collection, but it should have. This is a beautiful blackened green that reminds me of crushed emeralds. I love how it seems to glow mysteriously in every type of lighting.

This is another prototype polish that I call “Prototype 4“.

This is another prototype that really should have been released into the wild as part of a collection. I freaking LOVE this pretty. It has the perfect bright, dark blue base. It has the prettiest little color-shifty glitters. It has delicate scattered holographic. I love wearing this one.

Sacred Peacock was part of the March 2020 Polish Pickup sale.

This polish is such a lovely, delicate, shimmery thing. I love the light, dusty blue of the base. And the shimmers are incredibly delicate and so, so lovely.

Sapphire Dreams was part of the January 2021 Polish Pickup sale.

I mean … just look at this gorgeousness. I can’t even with this polish, y’all. Can’t. Even! I love that it is this blurple extravaganza. It is so bright and eye-catching. The shimmers are delicate and so, so beautiful. I particularly love that this is not a straight-up blue polish. I think most folks think of blues when they think “sapphire”, but these gemstones can come in every color!

Shamrock Shimmy was the March 2019 Color of the Month.

I was mad — absolutely MAD — for this polish when it released. It is So Much Green Gorgeousness on each and every nail. This is one of those flakie polishes that is absolutely magical in every type of lighting.

Skies of Blue was part of the 2019 Goodbye Summer collection.

This polish is such a delicate beauty. It is just baaaaarely blue — like, the barest hint of a dusty baby blue. Because of my light skin tone, I feel like this polish tends to look like more of a blue-toned gray on me. The flakes catch the light beautifully, and I love the pinks and golds that I can see from them. This is such an airy and pretty polish.

Sleigh My Name was a limited edition Fandom Flakies polish.

This polish, y’all!! It should be called SLAY instead of “sleigh”. Because that’s exactly what it does. There is such a magical, lovely combination of colors and elements. The base color is a perfect and perfectly cool-toned green with the nicest, squishy-jelly finish. It has so much shimmer, which catches the light to perfection. And you can see colors galore from the flakes. I love it.

Soiree was part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front collection.

This polish is SUCH a gorgeous creme. Like … just … wowza. It is bold and bright and fabulous in every way.

Summer Blues was the June 2018 Color of the Month.

This blue is so bright and airy, and it feels like the perfect Spring or Summer color tone. I love the delicate wash of pink shimmer that floats across every nail.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These was part of the February 2018 Polish Pickup sale.

This was my very first Quixotic Polish polish, y’all!! And I still adore it. It is light and airy but also a little bit dusty. And I love all the teeny, glistening rainbows from the holographic and the shimmer. I remember seeing this polish in online photos and feeling blown away by how delicate and magical it looked.

Timeless to Me was part of the 2019 Hairspray collection.

I really need to get better photos of this polish. It is lovely, both in the blue base color, which is a nicely balanced and strong blue, and in the soft pink shimmers.

Uncut Gems was part of the 2020 The Comeback Collection.

Ugh. This green is so beautifully soft. But my favorite thing about this polish is how all of the flakes float through every layer of manicure, as well as how you can see so many golds and golden-oranges. Absolutely stunning!

Volatile was part of the 2020 The Comeback Collection.

Aaaaaaagh!! Y’all!!! OMG. I can’t even with this polish. It is so magical and shifty and … I dunno … just “Everything”. It’s so light and icy that you almost can’t tell what color it really is. Then, the light shifts “just right”, and you are able to see that it is the iciest of icy blues with this gorgeously cool-toned blue-purple-pink sort of shift.

Wicca was an October 2018 Indie Shop limited edition polish.

I was mad, mad, MAAAAD for this pretty polish when I first received it. I wore it on its own and as a base for nail art. It is so murky and deeply blue, but you can see these purples and even some reds from the flakes and shimmers. Stunning!

Winter’s Eve was part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front collection.

I really need a better photo of this polish, too. It is a beautifully icy, light blue with these delicate pink-purple shimmers. It is a perfect and delicate Winter polish, for sure. I’ve worn this on its own, and I have also used it in nail art. I used it in a gradient with a beautiful pink and stamped over it. It was magical!

Zaffre was part of the 2019 OG UP Trio.

Ugh. I can’t even with this polish. I think that a lot with the Quixotics I own because these are all so pretty that words tend to escape me. This is not a great thing for a gal who wants to write a blog. This polish is such a pretty, almost “blurple”, dusty blue base. And the shimmer is OFF THE HOOK.

Aaaaand … one extra photo of Zaffre so you can see how the UP pigment shifts to a strong green. It’s eerie, unexpected, and completely amazing.


Y’all! That’s a “wrap” for all of my Quixotic Polish greens and blues. I’m sure it is no huge surprise to anyone that I freaking LOVE all of these polishes. I’m so, so happy to have them in my stash, but I am equally sad that this wonderful brand is no longer releasing gorgeously delicate creations.

What about all of you? Do you have any of the greens or blues I have shown in this post? Do you have different Quixotic favorites in these color tones? I would love to hear all about it!


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