Saturday Swatch-a-Palooza: Quixotic Polish Greens & Blues #1

Hey, y’all! I am coming into the blog today to share some more amazing and amazingly gorgeous Quixotic Polish polishes. Today, I have the first part of my greens and blues to share. I’m sure it’s no huge surprise that these colors make up the bulk of my Quixotic Polish stash. And I suspect that most of these are going to be blue. Y’all know Mama LOVES her blues. Like … love, love, love, loooooove. We are talking happy cat rolling on a catnip mouse kind of love here, folks!

I have a total of 51 greens and blues in my Quixotic Polish stash, and I will share around 25 or 26 of them in this post. Y’all know what this means: Buckle up and grab a snack, because this will be a long haul. Let’s go!

Admiral was part of the 2019 OG UP Trio.

This is another polish from that lovely OG Unicorn Pee trio. It is a beautifully bright and bold blue base that is packed to the brim with UP, as well as scattered shifting flakies. This polish is just so, so, sooooo darn pretty. I can’t even.

Aaaand, just for funnsies, I’m including an extra photo to show the UP shift for this polish. You can see that it has a strong green shift due to the blue base color. This polish is super pretty at every angle.

Aegean Waters was part of the 2016 Green Beaches Trio. I purchased my bottle as part of a re-release, not as part of the original trio.

This is suuuuch a perfect ocean blue. I guess most folks would think of it as a turquoise, but it doesn’t really read as “turquoise” to me. I really do think of this one as a true “ocean” blue sort of color. This mix of greens and blues reminds me of photos I’ve seen of deep ocean water. There are scattered flakies in this polish, which shift through beautiful oranges, reds, and golds as light hits them.

All Souls Day was part of the 2018 Halloween Trio.

I’m sure you are not shocked to hear that this was my absolute favorite out of the trio. I mean … just look at that blue! I can’t even. And then, you see those bright and fiery color shifts from the flakes — so, so, sooo good!

Ambrosia was part of the 2020 Flakie Bombs collection.

I was in absolute lovey-lust with this polish from the first moment. I remember I could NOT get this polish onto my nails fast enough. I also wore the absolute heck out of it. I could not get enough of this polish on my nails. I love the base color and the holographic and the shifting shimmer.

Ancient Lizard was part of the 2018 Illumi-Naughty collection.

Could any polish be a more “Pish” type of polish? Ummmm … I’m not sure. Because this beauty is all blue at all times. I loooove the deep darkness of the base. It’s dark and deep but also has a beautiful sapphire-like glow. And I also looooove the lighter, brighter iciness of the magnetic shift.

Aquamarine was part of the 2020 Flakie Bombs collection.

This polish is a true flakie BOMB!! I love how the flakies float beautifully through every single layer of manicure. It’s like looking down through endless depths, and I feel like it gives a full manicure so much interest and fun. I love polishes like this because I often don’t have time for nail art — especially now, with my busy job. But, with a polish like this, you don’t even need nail art. This is a polish that looks different from every angle and in every type of lighting.

Aquinas was a 2020 Black Friday limited edition release.

This is another “all the blues” type of polish. I love how you can see this vibrant, almost icy, green-blue shift around the edges of each nail. And the holographic glitters also have an icy sort of blue look to them, until they catch the light. You can also see some pinks throughout this polish when you look closely — like a delicate shimmer, which bumps up the eye-catching factor of this blue.

Arctic Glow was part of the 2021 The Overdue Winter Collection.

Oh man. Can you even with this polish? Because I can’t. I. Can’t. EVEN! It is so light and so icy and so gorgeously perfect. I have tons (figuratively, of course, although it often feels quite literal — ha, ha) of untrieds sitting on my extra desk in my nail room. But I’m sitting here looking at this gorgeously ethereal beauty and thinking: “Self, we need to do another snowflake mani with this polish. NOW!”

Beyond the Sea was part of the 2020 The Comeback Collection.

This polish is such an ethereal, magical beauty. It could have ended up being an icy beauty like Arctic Glow, but look at how the pink shimmer warms up and softens the base color so well. There are some beautiful golds in here, too. This polish reminds me of a soft and gentle Winter sunset.

Blue Fir was part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front collection.

Y’all!! This green. OMG … Just … this green. I can’t even. I can see quite a bit of blue undertone in this polish, but it is all the green all the time. This is beautifully eye-catching at every angle, and, for me, it is all about this strong, deep, glowing green.

Borealis was part of the 2021 The Overdue Winter Collection.

This is a lovely, shifty (in all the best ways!) green-blue beauty. I love the mix of greens and blues in here. It is a perfect balance, and I love seeing that shift on my nails when I wear this one. There is a nice amount of scattered holographic in this polish, too, which gives it a nice “oomph” in the right lighting.

Bug Day was part of the October 2018 Polish Pickup Sale.

Y’all!! OMG. Seriously. I was head-over-heels for this polish from the first moment I saw it online in teaser pictures. And then, when I saw it for the first time in person, that feeling just doubled down. I was crazy for this polish when I first received it. I love the greenish glow that runs throughout this one. It is swampy and murky but just has this beautiful glow at every angle. I love the gentle golds that float through this polish, as well as the colors from the flakies, which you can also see through every layer of manicure. It is So Darn Gooood.

Burnout was part of the 2018 ’90s Duo.

This is a green that is soooo right up my alley. It’s definitely an “ugly pretty” type of polish, and I love those. We all know that Mama adores her olive greens, and this one is super swampy, mossy, and murky. I love the shimmer that layers through this polish and shifts through pinks, reds, and coppery-oranges. And, as if that is not enough, there is gorgeous holographic. This polish is just so darn good.

By the Lake was part of the 2019 Goodbye Summer collection.

This is such a delicate and bright beauty. I love that the blue base has just a hint of green to it. But it is light and airy. It has an icy sort of look to it and a slight dustiness, both of which make it perfect for an end of Summer and into Fall and Winter type of polish. But it is also bright and beautifully pastel, with just a hint of pink in the shimmer and gold in the flakes to warm everything up a bit. For me, this makes it also perfect for Spring or Summer.

Chained to the Sky was a 2019 Holo-Maniacs Group Custom.

I love, love, loooove this blue beauty. It has a fabulous glitter mix, as well as a gorgeously jelly-looking blue base color. Just look at those little white squares! I have to admit I found them a little bit off-putting at first because they looked so big to me when I saw this polish on my nails. But, after a while, those squares ended up being one of my favorite things in this polish. I love how it is fiery and has a lot of motion and depth to it. I also really love the name of this polish, which I find poetic and particularly lovely.

And a bonus photo of this one, so you can see how the shimmer also has a slight green shift to it at certain angles.

Chartreuse Swizzle was part of the 2018 Fall into Autumn collection.

I freaking LOVE this polish. I mean FREAKING LOVE IT. It is the perfect shade of tangy, sassy light green. It has so much yellow in the undertone. It has beautiful golden shimmers running throughout. This polish ticks all my “happy heart” boxes. I have worn the heck out of this polish since buying it. I have worn it alone. I have worn it as a base for nail art. I have used it in gradients. It was on my end-of-the-year favorites list for a couple of years. I even have a back-up bottle of this polish. It’s definitely a favorite for me out of my Quixotic stash, and it’s a favorite green out of my entire stash.

Deciduous was the September 2018 Color of the Month.

I have not worn this polish very much. I’m looking at these photos right now and wondering why that is the case. This polish really is lovely. I’m not usually a fan of teals, which may be why I did not wear the heck out of this polish when I received it. But this teal has a really nice, dusty quality to it. The flakes, which have lovely tones of red and coppery-orange, are beautiful against it.

Denali Vibes was part of the Vibes collection.

This is suuuuch a beautiful green. I love how it is light and bright with just a touch of blue in the undertone. And I love the shimmer in this polish. It is delicate and shifts through golds and pinks and even some brighter greens. I feel like I pretty much always see VNL with this polish because it is such a wonderfully squishy jelly finish. But you know what? I can’t be mad about it!

Enlighten was part of the 2018 Illumi-Naughty collection.

This little pretty is such a breath of fresh air on every nail. I love the light, baby blue (sky blue?) base color for this polish. And the delicate shimmer is so, so pretty. I mostly see pinks with this one, and they are beautiful against the softness of the base color.

This is Eye of the Ocean. Unfortunately, I did not write down release information for this one in my notes. I also did not get a macro shot of it, apparently. Bummer!

But this polish is NOT a bummer. Look how lovely it is. I love the blurple base, which I would even call a bright indigo. And it is packed to the brim with shifting flakies. You get tons of them across each nail with every swipe of the brush. This is such a beauty!

Float Away was part of the October 2019 Hella Handmade Creations sale.

Ugh. I can’t even with this gorgeously bright and deep blue. The base color alone would win my heart with this one, but just look at all of those flakies that float through every layer of manicure. You can see bright pinks, oranges, golds, and even greens from those flakes. As if that is not enough, there is a delicate shimmer running throughout this polish, which gives you a reddish shift at some angles and greenish at others.

Frostbite was part of the 2021 The Overdue Winter Collection.

This is a relatively simple polish, but it is oh-so-eyecatching. I love the deep, dark, gothic, and moody base color. The little white hexes and smaller circles scatter nicely across each nail, and I love how they look like lighter, icy blues or deeper, mysterious blues through each layer of manicure.

Funny Creature was part of the 2019 The Little Prince collection.

Could anything be more lovely than this simple, blurple beauty? Uh … I don’t think so! I love how this has a lovely glass fleck look to it, and the mix of purple and blue is perfection.

Highness was part of the 2020 Third Anniversary Trio.

This polish is All The Colors. Well … not all the colors in the universe … but all the colors in this post. It is a shifty multi chrome beauty that has deep greens and deep blues. And the magnetic shift is a beautiful gold. It’s so, so pretty on its own, but it’s also stunning when you use the magnet to make that beautiful shift pop right out on every nail.

Hoohiwahiwa was part of the 2019 Island Flakies collection.

This polish is such a lovely turquoise. It’s like a sunset over the ocean, all in one polish. I love how delicate the flakes are and how they scatter so well across each nail. And I looove the pastel, delicate color shifts from these little beauties.

This is I Was a Bride. I did not write down release information for this polish in my notes.

This is the last (but definitely not least) polish in this post. It is a gorgeous combination of blue and purple, and it shifts like a shifty shifter. I love how you can also see pink tones in the purple shift, and the purples and pinks all complement the blues perfectly.


Y’all!! That is a “wrap” for the first half of my Quixotic Polish greens and blues. I know this has been a heckuva long post, so thank you for sticking it out if you made it all the way here to the end. I’m a little bit sad to see this post come to an end because I love looking at these beautiful blues and greens so, so much.

What about all of you? Do you have any of the polishes listed in this post? Do you have any different favorite blues or greens from Quixotic Polish? I would love to hear all about it!


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