My October in Nails

It was a pretty good October for nails. I didn’t wear a ton of polish because work has not left much energy at the end of each day to play with polish and make my nails pretty. But I loved everything I wore during the month.

I started out October with Colores de Carol, Wicked Cat. This was part of her Mystery Boos box, and it is pretty fabulous. I love how deeply purple it is. It is bright and fun.

My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Caramel Apple Cider. This polish has a fun shift from an orange-toned brown to a very tangy lime green. I had such a hard time getting a photo of the shift because my hands were running totally warm or totally cold when I wore this.

Next up was Cadillacquer, Toxic. I enjoyed this polish, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think I might not have been in the mood for it at the time I wore it. I love the strong reds in this one, though. They are really pretty.

My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Vampire Drool. This red is Everything. It is strong but also a little bit sweet. I feel like this has a lot of pink in the undertone, but you also get some oranges and golds and deeper pinks from the flakes. So this is a great combination of warm and cool tones.

Next up was Colores de Carol, Maple Pecan Latte. This was a nice polish in both the cold and the warm shifts. I love all the glitters in here, too. This polish is just a fall festival on my nails.

My next manicure was with Polished for Days, Into the Light. This polish really took me by surprise when I wore it. The combination of purple in the base and golds, greens, and oranges in the flakes is just stunning.

My last manicure for the month was with Colores de Carol, Sneaky Monster. This is just a little Halloween carnival on every nail. It has the perfect combination of Halloween colors, and I love how teeny and how bright the glitters are.


Like I said: October was a slow month in terms of the number of manicures. But it was a good month in terms of how fabulous everything was. I had a lot of fun with my nails during this month.

What about all of you? What were you wearing and loving in October? I would love to hear all about it!


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