My September in Nails

I just realized today (as I was getting ready to write my October in Nails post) that I never posted my manicures from September. What??!! I keep telling y’all: Life “must-do” things and Work are both getting in the way of my fun times. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going lately!

For September, I didn’t have a ton of manicures. My work life leaves very little energy at the end of each day, and I find myself wearing manicures for longer and longer periods of time. I keep telling myself I am going to try and get back to manicuring at least every three days or so, because it truly brings me so much joy. But, when I get to the end of the day and feel so totally worn out, I don’t feel like I have the energy even for something that makes me happy. I’m on the struggle bus, y’all!

Anyhow, enough of my whining and complaining. Let’s look at some manicures. I had a total of 7 for the month of September.

My first manicure for September was with Colores de Carol, Cupid’s Delight.

It seems like I never posted about this polish on the blog, and I’m not sure how that happened. I think I got this as part of a mystery bag order. I know September is not a “valentine’s day” month or a “Christmas/holiday/winter” month. It’s really basically still Summer; or, at least, it was in my part of the universe. But I could not resist wearing this adorable red, white, and pink crelly. I feel like this color combo is so clean and fresh and fun for any time of the year. I enjoyed this one.

My next manicure was with China Glaze, Blue Raspberry Ice.

Sadly, this polish stained the heck out of my nails, so I destashed it. It actually made me really sad because I think this blue is so, so beautiful. But I have so much polish. No matter how lovely something is, there is no point in me keeping it if it stains my nails and makes me unhappy upon removal. The whole time I wear it, I will just be thinking about how it is staining my nails with every moment. Yikes!

Next, I wore Cupcake Polish, Oh Ship!

This is such a lovely silver, but my favorite thing is how the color shifting glitters show all these lovely pastels under each layer. Super pretty!

Moon Shine Mani, It’s Not Perfect, But It’s Beautiful.

This purple!! Y’all — I freaking loved this purple. It is so, so pretty, and I love how I can see so many delicate colors from the iridescent elements in here. The blues are my favorites. I am such a fan of blue and purple together.

My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Deadly Pumpkin.

I was so ready for All Things Pumpkin going into the month of September. In particular, one of my favorite Fall things is pumpkin pancakes. It was still a bit too early in September for them, but I was totally ready to get into the spirit with this wonderful polish. This was a favorite for me for the month because of how bright and fun it is. I love the mix of greens in here, as well as the different glitter sizes.

Next up was Colores de Carol, Back to Nature.

Carolina makes wonderful creme finishes. It’s actually more of a “crelly” consistency, and I am here for it. I loved this gorgeously, slightly tart, yellow-toned green. It’s kind of an olive, but, to me, it’s a little bit more “fresh” looking than a true olive green.

Last but not least, I wore Colores de Carol, Brick Dust.

This is another fabulous crelly-ish creme finish from Carolina. I love that this “brick” red has a hint of vibrancy to it. It is not your typical dusty-looking maroon for Fall. I am totally here for this one, too!


So … not a lot of manicures for the month of September. And that’s okay. I did my nails when I could manage to do it and when I had the energy for it. The thing about this hobby is that I still love nail polish so, so much. I still love looking at the bottles, and I love looking at the colors on my nails, too. I have to be careful that I continue to get joy from it and do not get myself bogged down in feeling like I “have” to wear a certain number of colors each month or whatever. I can fall prey to guilt very easily, and guilt will ruin every bit of joy I have from this hobby.

What about all of you? What were you wearing and loving in September? Were you still rocking Summery brights? Were you ready for all things Fall? I would love to hear all about it!


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