My August in Nails

It’s September, y’all! Just barely — which means I am nearly on time with my August manicure wrap-up post. August was not a great month for me in terms of life. It was way too hot for my liking in my corner of the universe. Work was way too busy. Or, I guess I should say that work remains way too busy. I had to rush to pack in all the remaining “Summer” time I had with my daughter. And, finally, I had to take her back to Michigan to start her second year of college. Let’s just say that there were FEELINGS in August, y’all. Just … lots and lots and lots of feelings.

But (!!) in the midst of all the life feelings and the work feelings, I had manicure feelings, too. And those were absolutely positive in every way. I can’t even begin to explain how something so small as what I’m wearing on my nails brings me such joy. But it does. It brings me joy on a daily basis. I’m sure lots of folks would say that I’m being ridiculous, but I’m also sure my fellow polish-loving peeps totally get what I am saying.

I started out August with Moon Shine Mani, The Miracle is You.

I loved this whole collection, which was based on the movie Encanto. But this polish was my absolute favorite from the whole collection. I mean, just look at this beauty! It has the perfect blue base color, which is light and airy and oh-so “Summer”. And it has an entire rainbow’s worth of reflections and sparkles from the flakes. I really loved wearing this one.

My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Seaside Serenity.

Oh my goodness. I freaking ADORE this polish. It is definitely right up my alley in terms of color. I love how soft and gentle this color is. I love how it has a very subtle, very delicate shimmer. I have been loving hard on all things “Spring” and “Summer” this year, and that definitely includes this beauty!

Next up was Cupcake Polish, All Washed Up.

You can kind of tell that I struggled in August, because my blues game came in very strong at the beginning of the month. This wasn’t planned or prepared. These are just the colors I gravitate toward when I am having a hard time in other parts of my life. Anyhow, this blue is spectacular. Again, it’s so wonderfully beachy and light and airy. And it feels perfect for Summer to me.

Next up was Morgan Taylor, Tailored for You.

Yet another blue for the month of August. This one is definitely more of a cadet or grayed-out blue. I feel like it leans heavily toward gray, but it still looks blue to my eyes. This is a really nice Fall sort of color, and really nice for a transition from Summer into Fall. I’m sure I will slowly start working more dark colors and autumnal shades into my rotation, although I don’t feel I am totally “done” with the brights of Summer just yet.

Next up was this beautiful pinky-purple from Colores de Carol: Beach Bum.

I finally forced myself to break out of the “blue zone” with this manicure. This one is so lovely and fun. It feels very bright and playful and perfect for Summer.

Next up was China Glaze, Orange You Fierce.

I freaking LOVE this polish. LOVE IT!! I actually wore this twice this month. Y’all know that is saying a LOT for me for any polish. I have so many and I have so many constantly coming in to my stash that I actually struggle to wear things even one time. (I probably should not admit that out loud — ha, ha!) But this polish captured my heart so much. I never got tired of seeing it on my nails. It’s so bright and shimmery and absolutely perfect.

My next manicure was with Nvr Enuff Polish, 12/7/21.

This was part of the Nvr Enuff Polish Advent/Holiday Box for 2021. Y’all, that was my first time purchasing this box from this brand, and it was fabulous! Anyhow, I kind of saved this polish back for the warmer months, and I have zero regrets for that. I really loved wearing this one. It even went onto my favorites list for 2022!

My next manicure was with China Glaze, Lemon Ice.

What could be more “Summer” than a bright, in-your-face, neon yellow? Not much! This polish was super fun to wear. It was even super fun to manicure with, which is a lot for a yellow! I enjoyed this one tremendously.


So that’s a “wrap” for my August manicures. Another thing that brought me joy during the month of August was that my nails were finally long enough to go back to the almond shape I love. But, after two pretty bad breaks and a semi-bad break … I may file everything back down to Shorty McShorty territory and start over again with growing them back out. I’m still debating over it.

So, what about all of you? What were you wearing and loving during the month of August? Was your heart wanting to rock the light, bright colors of Summer? Or were you gravitating toward all things dark and mysterious? I would love to hear all about it!

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