Birthstones 2021: November Topazes (Indie Polishes)

Woo Hoo!! I have a lovely day off from work today. I got my hair done this morning, so my bright colors are all bright and refreshed and All The Things. It’s funny how I can feel more like “myself” when sporting blue and purple hair, but I have found this to be true. Somehow, these crazy hair colors just feel more like “me”. Now I am back at home with a favorite true crime YouTuber playing in the background, and it feels like a perfect time to finish out my November birthstones.

For this post, I have my indie Topaz polishes to share with y’all. As with my mainstream post, I am sticking to colors that make me think of London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz. With indies, of course, it is easier to find lots of glisten and sparkle, which makes everything look more “gem like” to me.

Colores de Carol, Argon Festival.

This is suuuuch a Swiss Blue Topaz polish to my eye. It has little flecks of pinky-purple, which you wouldn’t find in a Swiss Blue stone. But this blue color is spot-on to me because of how light and bright it is. And it has gorgeous linear holographic for that rainbow sparkle!

Colores de Carol, Borealis.

This is a London Blue polish for me. I think it is actually a bit darker and more moody than I would expect from a London Blue stone. But this rather teal color makes me think of the loose London Blue Topazes in my small little collection.

Colores de Carol, Infinity.

Swiss Blue Topaz, baby!! Yes, yes, YAAAAS! This might be the most “Swiss Blue” polish out of this whole post. The color is light, bright, airy, and (to me) spot-on for this gemstone. I love the holographic, which gives this polish a beautiful rainbow sort of sparkle. And it is just lots and lots of this beautifully light and airy blue, without extra flakes or glitters. This is such a good polish, y’all.

Colores de Carol, Mila.

This is one of the older Colores de Carol polishes in my stash. It is a creamier polish, as opposed to a holographic or glittery polish that would have a lot more sparkle. But I think this color represents Swiss Blue Topaz really well.

Colores de Carol, Sleepy Hollow.

This is another London Blue Topaz choice. In looking at my photo as I type this, I feel this may be a bit of a reach because I see more green than blue in this polish. I often find that London Blues have an elusive sort of “teal” quality, which I can see in this polish. The depth of color also reminds me of London Blue.

Colores de Carol, Snow Boots.

This one falls into the London Blues category. This one is not an exact match to the London Blue color for me. It is a little more “blue”, but the darkness and depth of color remind me of a London Blue Topaz.

Colores de Carol, Summer Memories.

This is a creamy Swiss Blue Topaz color to me. It is light, bright, and oh-so-pretty. This one reminds me of a beautiful blue sky.

Cupcake Polish, Blue Lagoon.

This is another Swiss Blue Topaz polish to me. It has a slight bit of purple shift, which you can particularly see in the bottle in my photo, as well as around the edges of some of my nails. This is such a light and bright blue.

Cupcake Polish, Mystic Topaz.

So I am breaking my general rule of sticking to London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz for this polish. This is the only polish in my stash that has “Topaz” in the name, so it HAD to go into this post. I do find this polish resembles Mystic Topaz really well, with the purple-toned color shifts, as well as the mix of purple and blue.

Quixotic Polish, Arctic Glow.

Does this one look like a Swiss Blue Topaz to you? I feel like it can fall into that category for how light and bright the blue color is, as well as for the shimmery sparkle. I think this tone of blue may not be exactly right for Swiss Blue, but I feel like it can be close enough.

Quixotic Polish, By the Lake.

This is yet another Swiss Blue Topaz polish for me. I feel this one gets the blue color tone just right. It is both bright and airy, and very “blue sky”. The soft shifts from the iridescent flakes give a nice sparkle, although I don’t think it’s quite the same as the sparkle you would get from a gemstone. I haven’t worn this one in a while, and seeing this picture makes me remember just how much I love it!


I’m surprised that I had fewer indie Topazes than mainstream ones! That is usually not the case, since you find more sparkly, glittery, or shifty details in indie polishes. Overall, I found the color tones of the stones hard to match in my indie stash, particularly because I stuck to the brands that make up the majority of my stash. There may be hidden gems (har, har … see what I did there?) in some of the smaller brands within my stash.

What about all of you? Do you have any of the polishes in this post? If so, what do you think about them? Do you have any favorite “topaz” polishes in your stash? I would love to hear all about it!


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