Sunday Swatch-a-Palooza: China Glaze Pinks #1

I am swinging into the new year by trying to get back on schedule with my weekly Swatch-a-Palooza posts. Today, I have the first half of my China Glaze pinks. I have a total of 18 pinks in my China Glaze stash, and I will share 9 of them in today’s post.

About Layin’ Out was part of the Spring 2016 House of Color Collection.

This is such a bright, cheerful pink. I think of it more as a coral, but it’s a very pink-toned coral. I love how youthful and fun this one is. I like it in a manicure and in a pedicure. I don’t wear this polish very often, although I love wearing it when my nails are shorter. Each time I manicure with it, it makes me very happy.

Ahoy was part of the Spring 2011 Anchors Away: Knotty Nauticals Collection.

My bottle of this polish is not from 2011, so I think this is probably part of the China Glaze core line. It is so fabulous. I love that this pink is so dark and red-toned. It is bright and deep all at the same time, and the flecks running throughout it are so, so, so pretty!

Be Bright Back was a Winter 2014 Ulta Exclusive.

I am not sure if my bottle is from 2014, or if I purchased it later. At any rate, it is a beautifully bright and cheerful polish. I don’t wear this polish a lot, but I enjoy it when I do. I think I am going to keep this one in my stash for now, but I may end up destashing it down the line, if it turns out I don’t wear it any more often than I currently do.

Don’t Be Sea Salty was part of the Summer 2018 Shades of Paradise Collection.

I freaking LOVE this polish. The funny thing is that I didn’t love it when I first got it and first swatched it. I almost destashed it, even. I had it in my stash for a year or so, and, then, I wore it again. Oh. My. GOODNESS!! I could not get enough of it. I’ve used it in manicures and pedicures. I’ve used it as a base for nail art. I’m so, so happy I didn’t destash this baby. It is never leaving me! (Well, at least … not until I use it all up. One day.)

Don’t Mesa With My Heart was part of the Summer 2015 Desert Escape Collection.

This is such a pretty pink. I like the blue undertones in it. It looks fresh and kind of delicate to me on my nails. This is another polish I don’t wear often. I have thought of destashing it in the past, and I even came close at one time. But then, I wore it and realized it truly makes me happy to see this on my nails, even if I don’t wear pinks that often.

Flying Dragon was originally part of the Summer 2008 Ink Collection.

So. This is kind of a “controversial” shade in the China Glaze universe. People either love this polish or they absolutely hate it. I tend to be on the “love it” side, although this particular version of Flying Dragon is not what I consider the “original”. I had a bottle of this polish from the 2008 release, and it was a darker purple with these lovely blue glitters. I freaking ADORED that polish. Sadly, it is no longer with me, as I used up most of the bottle. The last little bit dried out and was no longer wearable, no matter how much thinner I put into it. It was a sad day.

This shade is in China Glaze’s core line, though. So, I thought to myself, “Self, let’s just go get another bottle of it. Because we really do love it just that much.” Well. The new version of Flying Dragon, the one that is readily available today, is not purple at all. It is more of a dark pink. The blue glitters are still the same. And I do still like this polish. But I don’t like it quite as much as I liked the deeper purple original.

Giggling All the Way was part of the Holiday 2019 Sesame Street Collection.

So. This polish surprised me, because I actually enjoyed wearing it! First off, it’s a pink. And secondly, it is somewhat “frosty” in appearance. It’s a lovely metallic, though. There is something about this one that makes my heart happy. I enjoyed wearing it in a full manicure. And I have enjoyed it as a base for nail art. It’s super pretty and fun!

Lawless & Flawless was part of the Fall 2019 Gone West Collection.

I am going to say up front that this polish is a DESTASH for me. It makes me a little bid sad to say it, because I thought, for sure, I would adore this one on my nails. It has so many of the things I love. But when I wore it, I just did not like it against my skin tone at all. I even tried it as a base for nail art, and I still did not like it. Bummer.

Rainbow was part of the Spring/Summer 2001 China Rain Collection. I am pretty sure this is part of China Glaze’s core line, too. I know mine did not come from 2001, and I am pretty sure I have seen this one in my local brick and mortar stores.

This is another DESTASH for me. I’m kind of torn on calling this a pink, as it looks really very white in the bottle. Once it’s on my nails, I find it has such a pretty and light pink shift. It is very pretty in a manicure on its own. It’s also very pretty as a topper over a darker color. But this polish is thin and very difficult to apply. For me, it’s not at all worth the effort.


The last time I swatched through my China Glaze pinks was back in September 2017. At that time, I had a total of 17 pinks, and I destashed 8 of them. This time around, I have a total of 18 pinks in my stash. I destashed 2 of them today, and I will be destashing at least 2 of them (spoiler alert!) next week. Overall, I think that indicates my pinks are holding pretty steady.

What about all of you? Do you have any China glaze pinks in your stash? If so, what do you think of them? I would love to hear all about it!

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