Sunday Swatch-a-Palooza: OPI Blues #3

It’s been a wonderful weekend and an absolutely perfect Sunday filled with lots and lots of family time. I know that doesn’t sound like anything special, particularly considering most of the US is continuing to isolate at home. But, when you have an almost 17-year old in the house, Family Time becomes an incredibly valuable commodity, indeed! Now, it’s Sunday evening (even though I’m pretty sure my post will be dated for Monday), and I am bopping in here with another edition of swatching my stash.

When we last left off, I was in the midst of my OPI Blues. Today, I have the third installment to share. I have 10 polishes on today’s post, and I should have one more post with the last few next week. If time permits, that is!

Nice Set of Pipes was part of the Fall 2019 Scotland Collection. I feel like this could live with my purples as easily as it fits here with the blues. My first impulse was to put it with the blues, so here it is. Either way, this is a delightful color. I love the depth it has, as well as the rather dusty or muted look. It’s so pretty in a full manicure, but it works well under glitters or as a base for nail art. I also like wearing this polish in a pedicure.

No Room for the Blues was part of the Summer 2009 Bright Pair Collection. This is suuuuuch a bright and pretty blue! I want to call it a sky blue, but it might be a little too dark for that. This is another polish that I love in every way: as a base for nail art, on its own, in a pedicure. It makes me happy to see this one on my nails.

Ogre the Top Blue was originally part of the 2010 Shrek Forever After Collection. I randomly stumbled across this polish several years after that collection was released and no longer available. From the photos I’ve seen, I really wish I had been collecting/hoarding polish back in 2010. I would have loved to have the entire collection. But oh well. At least I have this bold and bright beauty! I absolutely LOVE the color tone of this polish. It is incredibly bright and cheerful. And you guessed it: I love this one as a pedicure color, too! It would probably be great as a base for nail art, but I never wear it that way. I can never bring myself to cover it up with designs.

OPI Grabs the Unicorn By the Horn was part of the Fall 2019 Scotland Collection. Needless to say, this was a favorite for me out of the collection. It is bright but kind of muted or dusty at the same time. I have no idea how this works, but it’s what I always think when I see it on my nails. It doesn’t hurt that this one has a great formula, too.

Rich Girls & Po’Boys was part of the Spring 2016 New Orleans Collection. So, I suppose y’all have guessed by now that I have a fondness and a weakness for these bright blue creme polishes. Yep! Guilty as charged! This one is delightful. It is bright and bold. I love how cheerful it is. And it even water marbles like a champ. I have a back up bottle of this color just for that purpose.

Road House Blues was originally part of the Fall 2011 Touring America Collection. I have moved from bright and cheerful into deep, dark, and moody. But I love “deep, dark, and moody” just as much, which I’m sure y’all already know. This polish is perfection. It has a beautiful balance of blue and purple in it for a fabulous indigo color. It’s so pretty and perfect to me any time of the year.

Russian Navy was originally part of the 2007 Russia Collection. Talk about a perfect combination of blue and purple! This polish has all that and a bag of chips! I love the delicate, gentle shimmer. It isn’t readily apparent on the nails, but you can see it when you look for it. This is one of those polishes I don’t think about often, but then, when I wear it, I remember how much I love it.

Show Us Your Tips was originally part of the Spring 2016 New Orleans Collection. This is another polish that could easily fall within the purples. In fact, I included it with my purples the last time I swatched through my stash. It’s a delightful shade of periwinkle. This time, I feel like it leans slightly more blue, but that might be my personal bias toward my favorite color. I’ve toyed off and on with destashing this polish. I ended up re-swatching it for new photos for this post, and I liked it better than I remembered. So, it will be staying with me at least for a little longer.

Super-tropi-cali-fiji-istic was part of the Spring/Summer 2017 Fiji Collection. I pretty much hate the name of this polish. It is so hard to type, although it is easy to remember. I think I remember it so easily because I hate it so much! But I love this color. It is deep and really lovely. I like the slight hint of depth or dustiness to it, which makes it pretty for Fall as well as Summer. It also looks pretty darn great in a pedicure.

Suzi Says Feng Shui was originally part of the 2010 Hong Kong Collection. Y’all!! This is yet another blue I truly love. It has a nice hint of green in it, although I feel it leans more toward blue. It has beautiful depth, and it looks amazing on its own in a manicure. Like many of my OPI blues, I love to wear this one in a pedicure, too.


That brings my third installment of OPI blues to a close. Yahoo!! You know how much I love talking about pretty polish. And that love increases a hundred-fold when it comes to different shades of blue. I can’t ever get enough of blue polish of any kind, from cremes to shimmers to flakey beauties. Of course, OPI mainly does cremes. Being a mainstream brand, they have to do their best to appeal to everyone, not just polish hoarders like me. But that’s okay! They still manage to put out some amazing and memorable blues.

I should have one more post to wrap up my OPI blues. I have more blues in my OPI stash than any other color, although you will see that the purples give them a run for their money.

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