Polished for Days: On a Whim Polishes

A little while back, the talented maker behind Polished for Days released a trio of polishes that she called “On a Whim” polishes. They weren’t for any particular collection, but just because she felt like creating them. Each was a lovely and juicy yellow. And, of course, I could not pass them up! I ended up purchasing 2 of them, and I have them to share in today’s post.


Dandelion is a “bright yellow sheer jelly base packed with pink-green-yellow iridescent shifting flakes”. This polish has a great formula. It is easy to build and apply, and I like the opacity at 3-4 coats.


My goodness, but I adore this polish. It is bright and cheerful on the nail. And I love how much shift it has to it. You can see every color through every layer of manicure, and they are all gorgeously pastel. Of course, this one is sheer. I feel like it needs to be this way because of the jelly base and also so you can see all the flakes through each layer of the manicure. It means a little extra time and effort to get to my desired level of opacity, but it is absolutely worth it!


Because Dandelion is so sheer, I decided to try it out as a topper. I’m sure it would look amazing over a black or even a dark blue. But I happened to have a red on my nails when I swatched this one. So, I tried it over a red. (OPI, Tell Me About It, Stud!) I was floored by how gorgeous this polish looked over a red. It brought out so many orange and golden-pink tones in the flakes.


Sunflower is a “bright yellow jelly base packed with pink-green-yellow shifting iridescent micro flake shimmer”. This polish has a good formula. It was easy to apply and build on the nail. I liked the opacity in 3 coats.


I literally gasped out loud when I first saw this polish in person. It is beyond fabulously amazing on my nails. I can’t even. The yellow tones are strong and vibrant. And the color shifts are so freaking good. I love the pinky-oranges. This polish really makes me feel like I am wearing the sun on my nails. I love it so much!


A very quick and short post for today, y’all! I originally intended to post these as part of my Enchanted Woods Collection post. But then, I changed my mind. These are so fabulous that I felt they needed their own post, even if it was a short and sweet one.

What about you guys? How do you feel about yellow polish? I would love to hear all about it.

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