Friday Favorites: OPI Blues

Y’all!! The time has come. For my favorite blues. You should be extremely afraid right now. Because I have a lot of blues in my stash. Blue is easily my favorite color in all of its many gorgeous and amazing variations. I buy tons of blues. I almost never say no to a pretty blue. I have a total of 10 favorite blues for OPI.


Chills Are Multiplying! was part of the Spring/Summr 2018 Grease Collection.

I didn’t purchase the entire Grease Collection, but I could NOT resist this gorgeous blue. It is a stunner. I love how deep, dark, and mysterious it is. And the sparkle is super pretty. It is really delicate, so it doesn’t show as much sparkle factor as an indie polish would. But it’s pretty great for a mainstream brand.


Eurso Euro was part of the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection.

Ugh!! Just look at this loveliness. This one always makes me happy when I see it on my nails. It is a delicious tone of blue. I like how it is bright and strong without being super dark. I feel like it falls between a cobalt and a navy in color. This polish also water marbles! I’ve used it before in a purple-themed marble, and it really brought out the purple undertone in this pretty polish.


Keeping Suzi at Bay was part of the Fall 2013 San Francisco Collection.

This has a similar color tone and opacity to Eurso Euro, but it is more muted and dusty. It has such a great formula, too. I love this one on my nails. I also love it in a pedicure. This polish water marbles nicely, too!


My Car Has Navygation was part of the 2015 Brights Collection.

It seems weird to say about a navy-toned polish, but this one is kind of bright on the nail. It makes for a really nice, crisp manicure, and I like this one against my skin tone. It makes for a fabulous pedicure.


Nessie Plays Hide and Sea-K was part of the Fall 2019 Scotland Collection.

This one is newer to my stash, but it was an instant favorite. I love the color of blue in the base of this polish. But even more than that, I adore all that shimmer. This one has shimmer for days. I was super excited to see a mainstream brand release something like this in a collection.


Ogre the Top Blue was part of the 2010 Shrek Ever After Collection.

I had to search for this polish a little bit because I was not following collections or collecting polish (or even buying very much polish) at the time it was released. And I am so glad I was able to scare up a bottle of it. It is vibrant, bright, and amazingly beautiful. I love this polish in the Spring and Summer. There is something super refreshing about it, both in a manicure and a pedicure. But I also love this one in the Fall or Winter, when I am stuck in the dark and cloudy days and need a little color pick-me-up.


OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn was part of the Fall 2019 Scotland Collection.

This is another bright and cheerful blue that I just LOVE. I adore seeing this one on my nails, and I love it in pedicures, too. It is similar to Ogre, but I feel it is slightly more muted in color tone, which is perfect for a Fall polish. This one is fantastic for Spring, too.


Rich Girls & Po Boys was from the Spring/Summer 2016 New Orleans Collection.

Yet another lovely, bright, and cheerful blue that is a favorite for me. I have at least one backup bottle of this polish because I love seeing it on my nails so much. Also, I have a backup because I saw this polish in the store … forgot I already had a bottle … and bought it again! D’oh! I know, I know. Totally goofy of me. But it shows how much I enjoy this one. This blue water marbles well, too.


Road House Blues was part of the Fall 2011 Touring America Collection.

From light and bright to dark and moody. Oh, yeah, baby!!! This is a blue that really gets my little, glass, fangirl heart pumping with joy. I think this one probably qualifies as an “indigo”. You can see the purple undertones in certain types of lighting, and this polish has a rich and pretty look on my nails.


Yo-Ga-Ta Get This Blue was from the Spring/Summer 2008 India Collection.

I love the hint of purple shimmer in this polish. But, truly, it is only a hint. It doesn’t show easily on the nail, even though you can see it in the bottle. I love the depth of color in this polish, and it seems to have a mysterious glow down deep inside. It reminds me of dark and glistening sapphires. Super pretty.


Heee!! I’m so happy right now, because that was a lot of fantastic and fabulous blue polish. Just looking at these pictures gives me such joy.

What about you guys? What are your favorite OPI blues? I would love to hear all about them!






2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: OPI Blues

    1. Thanks! I am such a sucker for blues. Every time I see a pretty blue, I think: “I bet I have something similar to that. I don’t need to buy it.” And then I buy it, anyhow. Ha, ha!


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