Friday Favorites: Indie Greens … A. England & Cameo Colours Lacquer

Hello, hello, Hellllloooooo!!! It’s Friday, y’all! And you know I am singing the Friday song in my heart today. I’m singing even more than usual because I got some amazing news on Wednesday, which was that I was invited back to work. I was kind of on “furlough” due to the COVID-19 pandemic because my employer had to cut way, way back on expenses. This is the pain of being an independent contractor. But it looks like I will slowly be able to get back to work. I’m super happy about it because I love getting the experience and enjoy the work I’m doing. But also, I really, really like the people I work with.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about my nails! (See how well I shifted topics there? Ha, ha!) For today’s Friday Favorites, I have the last of my favorite greens. This will be a shorter post, as I only have four polishes to share today.


I love this brand. I don’t have a ton from them, but I have never gotten a dud. I love every single polish I have purchased from them. With that said, I don’t think this brand is strictly an “indie” brand. I think of it more as a boutique brand. I usually include it with my indies because it is not a brand that is easily or readily available to me in the United States. (As in, I can’t go into stores in my area to purchase A. England polishes. I have to order online from a couple of different sites.)


Catherine Howard was part of the Tudoresque Collection.


This is a blue-leaning green, for sure! I am pretty sure the official description for this polish calls it a “teal”. For me, I feel like it looks more green on my skin tone, so it is here in my green favorites. I love this one because of how bright it is. I feel like the blues in here give it a brightness, but they also sort of mute the GREEN of it. Does this even make sense? Probably not. Am I nuts for thinking of it this way? Probably yes.


Dragon originally released as part of The Legend Collection.


This is an absolutely delightful green. I love how deep and rich it is. It’s not a “crushed emerald” look on the nail, although the holographic is super pretty in this polish. I think of this one as more of a forest green. And it is probably the most perfect forest green in my entire stash. This is a big statement, I know!


Fotheringhay Castle was part of the Elizabeth and Mary Collection.


This is one of my absolute favorite greens from my whole stash. This is another bold statement, I know! Y’all know how I adore the heck out of a green that has yellow or golden undertones. This one has fabulously fantastic golden undertones, and it makes the holographic come alive. I love how there is some olive in here, as well as some brown. It’s just an amazing, gorgeous green!


I only have one green from this brand. I first discovered Cameo Colours Lacquer through Polish Pickup. I love this brand, although I don’t have a huge stash from it. I have ordered from the website one or two times so far, and I love every polish I have from them.


An Evil That Devours was from the October 2017 PPU.


I really need to do a new swatch photo for this polish. This is suuuuuuuch a pretty, pretty green. It is lush and rich on the nails, and I love how I can see flakes and glitters and shards all the way through every single layer of my manicure. This was one of those polishes that made me literally gasp out loud when I first saw it. And I still love it.


So, that’s it for my favorite greens! What about you guys? Do you have any A. England or Cameo Colour Lacquer favorites that happen to be green?

Next week, this series will move into the blues. And I am warning you now that blue is going to take a while. Y’all know how much I love my blues — ha, ha!!


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