Friday Favorites: Indie Greens … Polished for Days & Quixotic Polish

Friday has come upon us once again. Funny how it happens this way every week. It’s also funny how I look forward to it every single week. Even though it means nothing to me because of the pandemic and staying at home and isolating and my work disappearing on me. Still, we have to keep up with our little routines, right? Right!

I believe this is the last bit of my favorite indie polish greens. I have two brands and seven fabulous polishes for today’s post.


I am relatively new to this brand. I think I purchased my first polish from it during PPU earlier this year. But I was quickly hooked! I have now made two orders from the brand’s website, and my PfD stash has grown from 2 polishes all the way to around 15. Oh yeah. I don’t go in halfway on obsession. Rawr.

I only have one green from this brand for today’s post. It’s a fairly recent purchase, but it had to land on the list.


And here it is! This is Ooogie Boogie. This was originally part of the Halloween 2019 Nightmare Collection.


This green, though!! I mean … just look at it. Looooooook. Ugh. It ticks all my green-loving boxes. Bright and sour base color: check! Yellow undertones: check! Fabulous flakies: check, check, CHECK!! I haven’t had this one in my stash for very long, but I freaking LOVE it.


Y’all know how much I adore Quixotic Polish. It has quickly become a favorite brand for me, and I am happy to say my Quixotic stash continues to grow. And grow. And grow. Not for nothing, but this brand has released some amazing greens. I have six pretty Quixotics for this post. Also, I realize I usually try to list everything in alphabetical order. But these are all loosey-goosey out of order. Because I’m feeling adventurous today!! No, not really. It’s because I had them out of order in my notes.


Bug Day originally released as part of the October 2018 PPU sale.


Y’all! I was hard-core OBSESSED with this polish when I first purchased it. It is so moody and murky in the base color. And there are so many greens and blues running throughout the flakes. You know what? I think I’m still obsessed with it!


Burn Out was one half of the Quixotic Polish and Never Enuff Polish 90s Duo that released in 2018.


This polish is so freaking FABULOUS. I suspect most people would qualify it as an “ugly pretty”, but it’s a PRETTY pretty for me. I love the olive base color. I love all the little holographic flakes. And I freaking adore the shimmer, which looks red at times and pink at other times. I really enjoy seeing this polish against my skin tone.


Chartreuse Swizzle originally released as part of the Fall 2018 Fall Into Autumn Trio.


No one is surprised to see this polish on my favorites list. Amiright??? Yeah. I’m right. Y’all know how I was beyond obsessed with this polish when it first released. I wore it alone. I wore it in gradients. I wore it under stamping. I wore it alone again. It was on my favorites list the first year I got it. And last year. And it’s already on my list for this year, too. My lovey-lust for this polish never dies. Never!! (I may have a couple of backup bottles of this polish, too. Just sayin’ …)

And why not? It is the perfect golden/yellow-toned green. It is bright and tart. It has gorgeous shimmer. It looks beautiful in every type of lighting. It just makes me freaking happy when I see it on my nails.


Shamrock Shimmy originally released as the Quixotic Polish color of the month for March 2019.


Hello, Gorgeous!!! Look at this amazing green-ness. It’s like crushed emeralds, with some flakies tossed in for extra fun. I love how dark the base color is on this one. It’s green, but so dark that it could almost be black in some lighting. And there are so many green tones as light flickers across the flakes. Plus, you get some beautiful and bold blues in the mix, too!


Aquamarine was part of the recent 2020 Flakie Bombs Collection.


This is such a beauty! I originally purchased it only because it was part of the Flakie Bomb Collection, and I wanted the whole collection. I was not prepared for how much I would adore this polish on my nails. It took my breath away, particularly when I saw it out in the sunlight. Such a gorgeous mix of blue and green, although I feel it leans mostly green on me. And, of course, you guys know how I love those flakies!!


Aegean Waters originally released as part of the 2016 Greek Beaches Trio.


I wish like heck I had been into Quixotic Polish when this trio originally released. Because I am sure I would have loved to have all of them. Luckily, I was able to grab this beauty. It is another polish that gives a perfect mix of blue and green, although I tend to think of it as a green. I feel it leans more to that color on my skin tone. The flakes in this polish are kind of sparse, but they are still beautiful. This one comes alive in the sunlight. Really beautiful!


Whew! My head is spinning from all these fabulous greens. This series is so much fun for me, because it gives me the chance to revisit my collection. Because I am frequently purchasing new polish and because my collection continues to grow, things can get a little bit lost in my Helmers. These posts remind me of things I love and need to remember to wear again and again!

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite greens from Polished for Days or Quixotic Polish? I would love to hear all about it!


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