Friday Favorites: Indie Greens … Glam Polish, Moon Shine Mani, & Nine Zero Lacquer

It’s Friday … yay! It’s Friday … yay! Y’all know how the Friday Song goes by now. And I was singing it today. Well … sort of. I didn’t have the best Friday of my life. There was a lost credit card, unexpected doggie pee in the upstairs hallway, and lots of laundry. On top of all that, I am pretty certain this post will date itself for Saturday, but rest assured it really is Friday right now as I am typing it. I have no idea why this matters to me. But it does. Ha!

I missed my Friday Favorites last week because I’ve been working on a re-swatch project for my stash. Luckily, I finished up the last of it (as far as I can tell) last night. So I was on schedule to share some favorite green polishes today. Yahoo!! I have a total of 7 polishes to share in today’s post.


I quite love this brand, although I don’t own a ton of them. I often feel overwhelmed when looking at their collections because they come out with So Much New Polish. I sometimes buy trios when they are released, but I seldom buy entire collections. Not never … because I sometimes do. But not often.


Big Damn Heroes, Sir was part of the 2020 Firefly Trio.


This is the kind of green I love to bits. Because it has a gorgeous yellow undertone. Because it is swampy and murky and amazing. And because it is downright FUNKY. I realize most would call this one an “ugly pretty”. Or, maybe they would just call it an “ugly”. But I don’t care a bit. Because it is all pretty, pretty, pretty to me!


Oz the Great and Powerful originally released as part of the 2016 Wizardly Ways Collection.


This is such a rich and beautiful green. I love the depth and darkness to this, as well as the blue undertones in the base color. It is such a squishy-jelly beauty on the nail, and I loooove how I can see glitter and flashes of color all the way through every layer of the manicure. Absolutely gorgeous!


Something Sensational released as part of the recent The Greatest Showman Collection.


I am not exaggerating when I say this was the polish that pushed me over the edge for this collection. I fell hard for this one right away when I saw the online pictures. It is so light, bright, and playful. And I love how cheerful it is. The pinks against this green base are fun. And the black glitters are pure genius. I think they tie everything together perfectly.


This is another brand I really enjoy but do not purchase often. I have a very slowly growing collection from it, although I haven’t purchased from this brand in a while.


Pools of Aggonar originally released with the 2018 Looking for Group Collection.


Y’all already know how I love gold and green together. And this polish has lots and lots of both! This green is bright, vibrant, and lush. It looks mysterious and rich on the nail to me, reminding me of crushed up emeralds. And those little flakes of gold running all throughout each layer of manicure are perfect in every way.


Aaaand same song second verse: Another brand I like quite a lot, but that I don’t purchase from as often as I would like. Or as I should. Or … something. The point is that I don’t have nearly as many Nine Zero polishes in my stash as I should. Must change that!


Decay was originally part of the 2019 Halloween Collection.


I absolutely HAD to have this polish when I saw it on the Nine Zero site. It is my kind of green in every way. I love the olive tones. I love the gold flakes. I love the way the light plays across this polish on the nail. And I looooove the golden undertones. This is one of those polishes that always makes me think: YUM!


Singer Auto Salvage originally released as part of the Fall 2016 Men of Letters Collection. I might be wrong, but I think this collection is part of Nine Zero’s core line. I didn’t purchase it when it first released. I think I was at least a year late in buying this collection. I also just now checked the Nine Zero site, and this collection is still available for sale.


Just look at this green! Isn’t it magnificent and magical and All The Things? Ugh. I totally think so. I love how the base color hovers between an olive and a deeper forest green. And the holographic in here is beautiful. It is delicate but has a nice scatter across every nail. In particular, I love how some of the holo glitters flash delicate gold sprinkles across every nail. You know how I love green and gold!


Swamp Thing originally released as part of the 2015 Halloween Trio.


I feel like there should be a choir singing in the background of this post, because this is probably my absolute favorite green out of my entire stash. I know! That is really saying something. I love everything about this green. The base color is on the bright side, but it is also murky and swampy, as is fitting for the name. And the golds in here are magnificent. I love this polish with nail art. I love it on its own. I love it in a manicure. I love it with a pedicure. I just freaking LOVE it. I also bought a back-up for this one when it came back. Because I NEEDED it. Yep. (Mwuahahahahaha!)


Oh my goodness! I think I’m feeling the tingle all the way down to my toes from these amazing, amazing greens. I kind of want to run off and manicure with one of these right now. I won’t, though. Because some new untrieds are calling my name, and I’ve been shopping my stash all week.

What about you guys? What are your favorite Glam Polish, Moon Shine Mani, or Nine Zero Lacquer greens? Do you have any of the ones in this post? If so, do you love them as much as I do? I would love to hear all about it!




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