My Week in Nails

I’m popping in on a Sunday with my weekly manicure wrap-up. (This will probably show a post date for Monday. But anyhoo …) It’s been a pretty good and busy life week. We got some work done down in the basement. We figured out a potential solution for the giant second story foyer window that lets all the sunlight and heat in the universe into my house every evening. We bought a new planter for in front of our house. I have yet to fill it with anything, but hopefully that will come soon. So yeah. Some good stuff happening at the casa.

Nail-wise, it was also a pretty good week! I would call it about average in terms of “busy”. I had four manicures for the week, although two of them were gradients. That was fun! So let’s stop jabbering and look at some pretty polish! (I know, I know. I’m the only one who was jabbering around here. LOL)


I have been in a gradient sort of mood lately, which works out great with the Zoya cremes I purchased at the end of April. I started off my week with this gradient using Zoya, Eleni and Rie. I stamped over it with OPI, Boys Be Thistle-ing At Me and a design from What’s Up Nails plate B017.

Y’all!! I freaking LOVED this manicure. I have fallen hard for Eleni. It has landed on my list of favorites for 2020. And I love these two colors together. They are both bright and so much fun! My daughter picked this color combination, by the way. So I can’t take credit for it. I enjoyed the stamping, too, although I messed up a little bit on my ring finger. Bummer!


My next manicure was a gradient with Zoya, Bee and Vee. (How funny is that? It’s like a rhyming gradient — ha!) I stamped over it with OPI, Boys Be Thistle-ing At Me and a design from Born Pretty plate BP-L003.

I loved the idea of this gradient in my mind. Buuuuut … once it was on my nails, I felt a little bit “meh” about it. I didn’t like these two colors together as much as I thought I would. The little burst design is a fun one, though.


My next manicure was with Quixotic Polish, Aquamarine.

I’ve had this one sitting out on my desk for a few weeks now. Basically, it’s been sitting there ever since I received the Flakie Bombs Collection in the mail. I was waiting for “just the right time” to wear it. You know how it goes: You’ve gotta be in the mood for it. And this week I was absolutely in the mood for it. This polish is amazing!! It’s beautiful in every type of lighting. And I love the mix of green and blue in here.


My last manicure of the week was with Quixotic Polish, Evening Drawing Nigh 2.0.

This is another polish that has been sitting on my desk for a while, just waiting its chance to jump onto my nails for some mani fun. It was perfect for this week. This is beautiful. I’m not always a fan of multi chrome polishes, but I love the color shift in this one. I like it even more than the holographic. I know — that’s crazy talk!


So there you go. It was a fun week of nail polish shenanigans. I had so much fun with each of these polishes and with each manicure. To me, that is worth everything, because I need all the fun and happiness I can get these days. We all do!

What were you guys wearing and loving over the past week? I would love to hear all about it!

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