Friday Favorites … Mainstream Greens: Black Heart Beauty, Island Girl, Orly, & Zoya

I am finishing up my mainstream greens today with a hodgepodge of brands. In my extensive internet wanderings, I’ve come to realize that most brands don’t put out a lot of greens. And I don’t buy a lot of this color. Combine those two facts, and you get exactly this: a mishmash of all different brands in one post.


I don’t own a lot from this brand. I sometimes pick up a few bottles when I visit Hot Topic. I think you can also order it online, but I only buy this one in person. And only if I find something that looks interesting to me.


This is Muted Lime Green. So far, I haven’t found much information online about this brand. I have no idea if they release their polishes in collections or not. If they do, I have no idea what collection might have included this polish. I found it on a random browse through the Black Heart bins during a visit to Hot Topic in a town near us. And y’all know I have a lot of trouble turning away from an “ugly pretty” green.

Needless to say, this had to come home with me. HAD TO. And I was quickly obsessed with it once I got it home and saw it on my nails. I wore it in several manicures. I wore it under glitter. I paired it with other polishes. I’m still thinking about this green! I freaking love it.


My Orly stash is not nearly as large as I would like it to be. It’s such a great brand. I love how you get a fairly giant bottle of beautiful color when you purchase from this brand, and I love, love, love the wide brushes. They are my favorite size and shape.


Sparkling Garbage was originally part of the Summer 2013 Mash Up Collection. This is another polish that quickly became an obsession with me. It works beautifully as a topper, but I love it on its own. It makes such a gorgeous manicure. I know this is going to sound totally bonkers, but I’m gonna type it, anyhow. This polish, in a manicure on its own, reminds me of 50s-style counters — you know, how they sparkle and had this watery sort of green color to them?

My stash has grown a lot since I first purchased this polish. So I don’t wear it as often now. But I wore the heck out of it when I first got it and when my stash was smaller. I still think about it often. When anyone mentions favorite greens, this is one of the first polishes that comes to mind.


I only have a very few polishes from this brand, and I don’t expect to get many (or any) more. These were my souvenirs from our trip to Maui. Some people buy shell jewelry … I buy nail polish!


Aloha Color is just the kind of bright, punchy green that gets my motor running. I was in love with this one immediately when I saw it in the store. I love how bright it is. For me, it feels just on the edge of being neon without quite crossing over. Perhaps I’m fooling myself on that one, and most people would call it a neon green. But I’m not a huge fan of neons. I love this on my nails. I love it in a pedicure. I love it with a topper. I love it every which way possible!!


Zoya, Zoya, Zoya … How do I love thee? This brand is a big part of my mainstream stash. I think it actually gives both China Glaze and OPI a run for their money. Eventually, Zoya will likely surpass both of those brands. I still purchase Zoya collections fairly regularly. I can’t say the same for China Glaze or OPI.


Merida was part of the Fall 2016 Urban Grunge Collection.

Is any post of favorite greens complete without this jewel-toned beauty? I say NOT! There is absolutely no way I could ever leave this sparkling lovely off of my favorites list. It is beyond magnificent. I love the emerald tones. Although I adore my yellow-toned greens, I love how this one is cool-toned. And, of course, the holographic is perfection.


Scout was part of the Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection.

Remember how I said I loved a yellow-toned green? And how I said I loved an “ugly pretty” green? This polish has all of that and a bag of chips. I adore the base color on this polish. And I love the shimmer, too. I find the shimmer subtle on the nail, but I don’t mind this all that much. I could forgive this little pretty almost anything.


Wednesday was part of the Summer 2012 Beach Collection.

I love this green for the way it tilts right between blue and green. It looks so pretty on the nails, and I love how it is bright and cheerful. This one is fun for Spring and Summer. It also looks pretty fantastic as a pedicure.


So that’s it for my mainstream green favorites. I feel like this color family is going by way too quickly. I still have some pretty great indie polish greens to come, though. So there is more fun to be had!

What about you guys? Do you have any of the polishes in this post? What are your favorite greens from these brands? I would love to hear all about them!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites … Mainstream Greens: Black Heart Beauty, Island Girl, Orly, & Zoya

    1. I don’t love neons in general, but I’m with you on loving a bold green. I am tempted by the Orly Summer collection, just to see if I can learn to love neons in the hot weather. And Night Owl Lacquer has a pretty great looking neon collection out, too. Hmmm …


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