Friday Favorites: All the Indie Oranges …

Well, not ALL the indies. Because I don’t own all the indies. I wish I did. I mean, a gal can dream, right? Right!

In keeping with my recent choice to try and shop my entire stash (including brands where I might only have one or two polishes) for favorites in each color, I am doing a hodgepodge indie post today. I have oranges to share from Colores de Carol, Fair Maiden, Moon Shine Mani, and Quixotic Polish. Y’all!! It’s gonna be fun. I’m already super excited. Yay!!


I’m sticking with my usual alphabetical order and starting out with my beloved Colores de Carol. I have a LOT of polish from this brand. It was one of the first indie brands I purchased, and it remains a favorite for me. Carolina has created some amazing, amazing oranges! I have four to share today.

cdc-chimera2-sm copy

Chimera was part of the Halloween 2016 release.


Oh my goodness! This orange is a STUNNER!! I love how juicy and rich it looks on the nail. The little gold flecks and glitters running throughout give this one such a nice touch. I like how they make it seem even warmer and richer on the nail. Overall, I think of this one as a sunny and cheerful polish, and it is everything an orange should be (in my opinion, of course!). This is also one of the earliest Colores polishes I purchased.


Clarice released for Halloween 2019.


I mean … BAZAAM!!! Was I right when I said Carolina creates some spectacular oranges? Or was I right? Man! This polish is mouth-watering. I can’t think of any other way to describe it better. I love everything about it. The base color is juicy and tangy on the nail. I love the richness and depth it has. And I freaking ADORE all the glitter colors. It is an unusual mix, and it makes me beyond happy seeing it on my nails.


Elf Magic was part of the 2018 Polish Advent Calendar.


I was in love with this polish the moment I first saw it on my nails. I haven’t worn it a lot, but I think about this polish often. I realize that makes me sound more than a little bit crazy, but … there ‘ya go. This is more of a spicy, cinnamon orange. I love the gold tones and the warmth in this polish. It is perfect for Fall, but it also feels really festive and “holiday” to me. This polish is a great pedicure color, too!


Peach Eggnog was part of the 2018 Polish Advent Calendar.

When I first saw this polish in the bottle, I was not sure I would like it. But then, I swatched it and realized I freaking LOVE it. There is something so lovely about this one on the nails. I like how it is more of an orange-toned peach and how it manages to be warm and kind of sunny in color tone. But it also has a hint of spiciness. It doesn’t hurt that the formula is amazing!


The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight was part of the Goosebumps Collection, which released for Halloween 2017. This polish is part of the core line at Colores de Carol, so you can still get it!


This polish blows my mind. Seriously! It is one of the most amazing oranges in my stash and one of the most amazing I have ever seen. It is rich and deep and aggressive on the nail. Like, when you wear this polish, people WILL notice! I love it for Halloween, but it’s also amazing in the Summer. I love how this one manages to be bright and dark, all at the same time. I have no idea how it does this, other than Magic.



Mind Freak was from a PPU sale. I neglected to put the correct month in my notes for this post, but I know this polish is elsewhere on the blog.


This is the only polish I own from Fair Maiden, and it is the main reason I decided to go through my entire collection for these “Friday Favorites”, instead of sticking to the brands that make up the bulk of my stash. Because, when I got to orange, I thought, “Wait! What about Mind Freak? It HAS to be on the list!”

And so, here it is. I think you can probably tell, just from looking at the picture, why this one is on my favorites list. It is amaze-balls. I love the depth of color in the jelly base. But the orange and gold glitters in this polish are the entire story for me. They give so much interest and movement through every layer of the manicure. This is a beautiful, beautiful polish.



Magni Bronzebeard was part of the 2018 Looking for Group Collection.


I dithered over whether I should include this polish in my oranges. Because it’s kind of golden, which would seem to fit it with yellows. But it’s also kind of orange. In the end, I decided to stick it here because I love how the orange tones give it a fiery depth.

And I have just given away why I love this one so much. It is warm and kind of glows off the nail, just with the base color alone. But, when you add in the shifting flakies, something truly magical happens. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous polish!


Photosphere was part of the 2017 Solar Eclipse Duo.


I love this one because it is like wearing the sun on your fingertips. Seriously! The orange is bright and vibrant, and the golds punch up the warmth to a crazy degree. I haven’t worn this polish a lot, but I have loved on it hard every time I wore it. Each time I think about favorite oranges, this is a polish that immediately comes to mind for me.



Fire Walk was part of the 2019 Goodbye Summer Collection.


I have a lot of Quixotic Polish at this point in my hoarding life. It is the second largest brand in my indie stash, right after Colores de Carol. But I think this is the only orange I have from the brand. Actually … I may have one other, now that I think about it. Anyhow, the point is that Mary doesn’t put out that many oranges. So … when she does create one, you KNOW it’s gonna be fabulous!

And this polish really is fabulous. It is so pretty and shifty. I love how it can look orange but also kind of pink. And the shimmers in here are strong and beyond amazing. I love seeing this one on my nails.


Man! I’m exhausted from all the pretty of these amazing orange polishes! It’s funny how I went into this part of my Friday Favorites thinking I wouldn’t have many oranges at all. I don’t necessarily set out to buy orange polish that often. But it seems like quite a few have made their way into my stash over the years. This is a good thing!

So, what about you guys? Do you have any favorite indie oranges? I would love to hear all about it!


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