Friday Favorites: Quixotic Polish Pinks

It’s Friday, yay! It’s Friday, yay! It actually is Friday as I am typing this (at 10:46 PM CST), but it may not be Friday any longer by the time it posts. Still!! I got to sing the Friday song for another week. This has been a tough week for my self esteem, so I am not singing with my usual gusto. But I’m still trying!

I think this is my last installment of Pink for the Friday Favorites. I have my Quixotic Polish pinks to share in today’s post. This brand, as I have mentioned in the past, became a favorite for me pretty much from the first moment I bought my first polish from it through a PPU sale. It did not take long for my stash to grow like crazy! As y’all know, I’m not much of a pink gal, so I don’t have a ton of pinks to share. I have 4 for this post.


Draw Me a Sheep was part of the Little Prince Collection.


Oh my gosh! This polish. Seriously. I loved the look of the entire collection, but I wasn’t sure I would be totally sold on this particular one when I purchased it. It turns out I am head over heels for it. I love how delicate and soft it is on the nail. And those flakes! They are iridescent perfection against this pink base. I kind of want to do a manicure with this one with some kind of Spring-themed stamping or something. Hmmm …


Optimism was part of the 2020 Vision Collection.


This is another muted, slightly dusty, and softly serene pink. It’s more of a peachy-pink in most lights. I love the warmth it has. And I love how this polish is all about the shimmer. It shifts in every lighting and at every angle. I particularly like the golds. So, so pretty!!


The Whole Parade was part of the Hairspray Collection.


So we are moving from soft and serene and revving it up to hot and feisty! And talk about feisty! Just look at this beauty. I love the blue undertones in this polish, as well as all the holographic flakie goodness. It sizzles right off the nails, too!


Treat Yo Self 2019! was part of the January 2019 Hella Handmade Creations sale.


And, of course, I’m wrapping things up with even more eye-searing sizzle. This polish is amazingly fantastic, and I wish I had purchased two bottles of it. I really love it. It’s probably one of my top favorite pinks from my entire collection. And by “entire collection”, I mean across every single brand in my stash. Now, that’s saying something!! I have worn this one several times, both on its own and in nail art. I love it each and every way.


So … The color Pink is a wrap! It took a little longer to get through favorite pinks than I expected. I was surprised that I had more than I thought I would from each brand.

Next week, I am going to start in on favorite oranges. It’s a color I love, polish-wise, but that I don’t purchase very often. It might be a short run to get through that color family, but we shall see.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay at least 6 feet apart at all times!

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