Nail Mail Monday: February PPU

Woo Hoo! Look at me, Beautiful People! I am here with Nail Mail Monday, and it’s actually Monday! What???? I know! It’s crazy talk. My contract work has slowed down a little bit, so I thought I would jump in with this post, since I have the time.

For today’s post, I have my February Polish Pickup goodies to share. February’s theme was  Flora & Fauna. I wasn’t too thrilled with the theme when it was announced, and I thought February was going to be a slow month for me in terms of purchases from the sale. Wrong!! As often happens when I think it will be a slow month or when I am not crazy about the theme, I dropped into the sale for one specific polish and ended up with several in my cart. For February, I actually had to make some hard choices and pare down my cart from around 10 polishes to the 4 I ended up purchasing. These were hard choices, y’all!!

So let’s jump right to all the pretty. That’s why we’re here, anyhow, right? Right! As per usual, I will list these in alphabetical order by maker. Polish descriptions come from the PPU site.


Colores de Carol, Double Trouble is a “soft dove grey crelly with copper shimmer and Aurora shimmer, matte orange glitter, neon red dots, and crystal red glitter”. This polish has a great formula. I found it easy to apply and build on my nails, and I liked the opacity in 3 coats.


The inspiration behind this polish is a gray and red cardinal, which is a bird that is half male and half female.

This polish is LOVE. Seriously. This is the one that brought me to the February sale, and I love it even more in person than I did in the teaser pics. Isn’t it grand when that happens? This polish is delicate and super pretty on the nail. I love the gray base color. It has a beautifully serene softness to it, and the shimmers give it a delicate sparkle across the nail It has an almost pearlescent sheen, but not in a frosty way. And, of course, those glitters!! They make a perfect contrast.


Cupcake Polish, Bluebonnet is a “medium blue jelly base packed with iridescent shimmer that shifts from pink to gold to green”. This polish has a great formula that is easy to apply and build. I liked the opacity at 3 coats.

I somehow managed to skip taking a macro shot of this polish. D’oh! Hopefully I will remember to remedy that the next time I wear it. And there will be a next time! Mwuahahahahahaha!

The inspiration behind this polish was a field of Texas bluebonnets glowing at dusk. And, of course, y’all know this one had me at “Texas”. I am a sucker for anything Texas-themed. This polish really does my beloved bluebonnets proud, too. It has the prettiest blue base color, and the shifty shimmer is crazy good. This is one of those polishes you have to see in person, because photos really can not do it justice. You can see all the color shifts across every nail all the time. I particularly love the golden-tinged pinks that pop at certain angles.


Polished for Days, Sea-ing is Believing is a “bright berry pink to red jelly packed with pink to orange to yellow iridescent shifting flakes”. This polish has a great formula. It builds beautifully on the nail, and I liked the opacity at 3 coats. It is opaque in 2, but I like how that third coat deepens the color and piles on the flakes.


Seahorses were the inspiration behind this polish. And, seriously, I think every seahorse should look like this. This polish is magical. It was a total impulse purchase for me, but I could not leave this one behind during the February sale. I kept coming back to stare at it, and, finally, I knew I had to put it in my cart. I have no regrets, people!! The base color is vibrant and beautiful. But most of the story for this polish is in the flakes. I love, love, LOVE the golds and oranges that pop out against the pinky-red of the base color. This polish has a lot of depth and dimension on the nail.


Noodles Nail Polish, Feathered Flight is a “charcoal crelly base with rainbow iridescent flakes, violet to red to purple to orange color shifting flakes, copper holo glitters, and a touch of scattered holo.” It has a fabulous formula that was opaque for me in 2-3 coats. It was opaque in 2, but I like the depth of color I get from the third.


Hummingbirds were the inspiration behind this polish, and I think the maker hit it right on the mark here. When I was a kid growing up in the TX Hill Country, our house was on a migratory path for hummingbirds moving from Mexico into the United States. We had these big, sliding glass doors all across the front of our house, overlooking the valley where we lived. Every year, when the first birds showed up, hovering in front of our doors, my mom would pull out her feeders and start making food for them. I’m not talking one or two birds here. We literally had hundreds of them clustering around the feeders and darting through our flower beds. I still remember the buzzing hum from their wings. It’s such a great childhood memory for me, which tells me this is destined to be a sentimental polish.

I have to admit, though, I was a little disappointed when I first saw this one in person. From the teaser pictures, I was expecting a darker base color. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the colors from the glitters would show against the softer charcoal of the base. But you know what? After I wore this in a manicure, I realized the softer base color is perfect. This polish is a rainbow of colors, all across every single nail. I am not sure that would have shown as well with a darker, harder base. The way the flakes flash through their color changes reminds me of how the sunlight would glint off of the feathers on those little birds as they darted at our feeders.


So, there you have it! My “precioussssssssses” from the February PPU sale. I’m sure everyone knows what PPU is by now, but, just in case, I will stick some information about the sale down below. I haven’t done that in a while.

Overall, I think February was a great month. It was hard narrowing my choices down to just these four polishes, and I am thrilled with what I purchased. What about you guys? Did you buy anything in the February sale? I would love to hear all about it!


Polish Pickup is a monthly storefront that offers products from different makers. There is a theme each month, and makers offer products based on that theme. I only shop the nail polish part of the sale, but PPU offers many different products. The sale runs from the first Friday through the first Monday of each month. All the products are purchased as pre-orders, so it takes around 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive in your mailbox.

April’s theme is “Aquatic Wonder”, and the sale will be April 3-6. You can find all the products at The store front opens for wish listing a few days before the sale actually begins.

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