My Week in Nails

It has been a busy and long week for me. I am trying to get into the swing of working. I’m so lucky, because I have a great gig. I can work from home, and it’s part-time and flexible. I can still be available for my daughter when she needs me. And I’m getting some great experience. But … It’s exhausting!! I hope I will be up to speed soon. In the meantime, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on, as the saying goes.

So, my week in nails was a little sparse. I hope I will be able to find a balance with everything, but this week didn’t leave much nail time or much blogging time. I also wore one manicure that I freaking LOVED. If it hadn’t chipped, I would probably still be wearing it. So there’s that …


Quixotic Polish, Treat Yo Self 2019 … stamped with Funky Fingers, Dark Knight and Born Pretty BPL-029.


This was the manicure I LOVED this week. And guess what? I LOVED IT!! Did I say that already?

My plan for February was to step out of my color comfort zone to wear more reds and pinks. And this pink is fantabulous. It never fails to make my heart skip a beat with happiness. I’ve wanted to use this particular floral design for a while, but I hadn’t yet found a background color for it that felt “just right”. Enter Treat Yo Self 2019! And the rest is fabulous history. I wore this manicure for most of the week. In fact, I would still be wearing it now, except it chipped.


My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Vixen’s Blush.

This was part of the 2019 Polish Advent Calendar. In fact, it was Day 1. As soon as I opened it, I was like, “Favorite!!” And it did end up being one of my faves from the calendar. It’s funny that I haven’t worn it in a manicure until now. In a way, I’m so glad I waited. Because I was absolutely in the mood for this polish this week. It was beautiful in the sunlight, and I enjoy the peachy-orange undertones to this pink.


This was my last manicure for the week: Colores de Carol, It Was Always You.

I may try to get a new swatch photo of this next week, if I have time. This is part of the 2019 Valentine’s Day Trio. Given that I have so little free time lately, my plan was to wear each polish from the trio and grab a swatch photo that way. Great plan, right? Right! Except, I didn’t get ideal lighting for this one today. Womp-womp.

This polish is so pretty, I like it very much. It is bold and kind of rides the line between a pink and red. And I love the holographic in here. It’s so delicate and fairy-like. I was hoping it would show more in my sunny photo, but it didn’t. (Except in the bottle. It looks great in there!)


So that’s a “wrap” for this week’s manicures. As I said, it was a crazy week of being busy and tired. But I enjoyed the heck out of the polish that made it onto my nails!

What about you guys? what wee you wearing this past week? I would love to hear all about it.

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