Friday Favorites: OPI & Orly Pinks

Y’all!! I started my first day of my new contract work gig yesterday. Let me tell you: It was a looooong day! I hope it will get easier and the days will get shorter (in terms of work hours) as I get back into the swing of everything. If not, I fear I am going to end up working non-stop. Argh.

All work and no play makes for an unhappy nail polish addict. So I’m grabbing a little bit of time for a Friday Favorites post. I’m heading into my favorite pinks. As you can imagine, I have fewer in this color family than I did in the reds. I’m always saying I’m not a red kinda gal. It goes doubly so for pink. Buuuuut … I found a few here and there, among the brands that make up the majority of my stash. I have OPI and Orly to share today.


Shockingly, my favorite OPI pinks are recent additions to my stash, as well as recent releases. I know this is kind of “crazy talk” because OPI has So Many Pinks. And there are a few pinks in their line that are considered iconic, like Mod About You. What can I say? I like what I like. And it is often not the same thing others like — ha, ha!


Another Ramen-tic Evening originally released with the Spring/Summer 2019 Tokyo Collection.

This is definitely the type of pink I gravitate toward. For me, it falls within the realm of a bubblegum shade, albeit a dusty and pale one. And I think that’s precisely what I like about it: that it is rather muted in quality. It sounds strange to say that about a pink, but … Well, there ‘ya go. I feel like I can see a touch of purple in here, too. I’m not mad about this!

On a side note … Can we talk about how much I miss my almonds? I was surprised at how much I enjoyed rocking that shape. Now that Life has forced me back to more squared-off shorties, I miss those almonds more than ever.


Lima Tell You About This Color originally released as part of the Fall 2018 Peru Collection.

I’m not usually one for bright pinks that are also pastel. I like a deep magenta quite a lot. But the brighter pastels tend not to be my thing. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what it is I love so much about this one. And yet, I really do love it. This is one of those pinks I think about often. I’ve used it on its own and in nail art, and it’s gorgeous no matter what. I like it against my skin tone, and I love how it is neutral but still has that bit of “pop”.


Spice of Peruvian Life originally released as part of the Fall 2018 Peru Collection.

I love this one because it has such a pretty orange undertone to it. It’s a beautiful coral, but on the pink side of that color family, as opposed to the red side. And I love how this one looks against my skin tone. I particularly enjoy it when my nails are slightly longer, but it is beautiful on shorties, too.



Desert Rose originally released as part of the Summer 2018 Neon Earth Collection.

So I go back and forth on this particular pink. I am not usually one for neons. And not usually one for pinks. And this polish is both of those things. When I look at it in pictures, I like it about half the time. And yet, I LOVE the heck out of it when it is actually on my nails. It is so pretty stamped with black, too. This is another pink I think about often.


Pink Chocolate. I did some quick research on the Interwebs, but I didn’t find the release date or collection information for this polish.

This is pretty much my favorite Orly pink. It’s one of the reasons I only have a couple of pinks from Orly: because I stopped buying them after I purchased this one. Whenever this type of pink comes out in a collection, I compare it to Pink Chocolate. If they are at all similar, I’m always like, “I don’t need that. I already have one I love.”  And that’s the truth! I love this polish. I love the rosy tone it has. I love the hint of brown in the undertone. And I love wearing it!


Talk about a short and sweet post! I told y’all I didn’t have many favorite pinks. But, for what I lack in quantity, I make up for in LOVE factor. Ha, ha!

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite pinks from OPI or Orly? I would love to hear all about them.

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