Two Weeks of Nails!!

As per usual, I am running behind a bit due to the stresses and strains of Real Life. My job search continues. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my “work brain” working again with online classes in different subject matters. It’s kind of like going back to school all over again, but with no end in sight. Anyhow, it has left me feeling anxious, stressed, and sleepless on many nights. For the last couple of days, including today, I’m letting myself take some time off from all the thinking and planning. I am watching some Amazon Prime and heading to my Happy Place.

And y’all know my Happy Place is full ‘o’ nail polish. Woo Hoo! I love me some “pretty”.



Cupcake Polish, Eldhraun.

This gorgeous green kicked my week off on the right foot. I am not going to chat a lot about this one in here, because I have the whole collection to share in the near future. But I knew I had to manicure with this one the very moment I swatched it. It is spectacular. And I’m just going to leave things there … for now.


Cupcake Polish, Heart of Iceland.

Aaaaand, another polish that is from a brand-new collection. It was another that I had to wear right away, but I’m not going to chat it up too much in this post. Let me just say … GORGEOUS!! And oh-so-shifty. I love this one.


Glam Polish, Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Oh my gosh!! Talk about a cozy sweater for my nails. I love, love, love this polish. I love the holographic. I love the shifty shimmer. And I love the rosy-toned base color. It is the perfect “grandma” sort of color. If you haven’t hung around this blog long enough, let me tell you: That’s a good thing!!

My goal has been to wear more pinks and reds for the month of February, and it felt like this polish was a good lead-in toward that. It’s a beautiful blush of rose-mauve-pink tinted with a nice brown undertone for richness.


Quixotic Polish, Optimism. Stamped with Colores de Carol, Slappy’s Tie and Born Pretty BPL-024.

So I am considering this my first “official” Valentine’s Day manicure for the month. I prefer doing floral manicures for V-Day, as opposed to the typical hearts. For one thing, I love flowers. And roses are my favorite. For another, I don’t have many stamping plates with heart images. So … Yeah. This is me, making some lemonade out of a small life-lemon.

Anyhow, I freaking LOVED this manicure. I wore it for several days, until I got a chip on one nail. If I hadn’t gotten that chip, I would have kept it on much longer. Slappy’s Tie brought out the prettiest gold tones to the shimmer in Optimism. I also happen to think Optimism is stunning on its own. But I love how these two polishes look together. I know it’s kind of silly, but I miss this manicure a little bit.



OPI, A Little Guilt Under the Kilt. Stamped with Funky Fingers, Dark Knight and Born Pretty BP-28.

Remember how I said I love doing florals for Valentine’s Day? Also for Spring. And Summer. And whenever I feel like it … *ahem* But, in February, those flowers are for love, romance, and V-Day. Woo Hoo!

I loved this bold and audacious red when I swatched the OPI Scotland collection. I hadn’t worn it in a manicure yet. When I originally planned out this design, I had I’m Not Really a Waitress in mind for the red. But then … I remembered I had Guilt sitting on my desk, just waiting to jump onto my nails. And the rest is history.

I was super happy with this design. I don’t often use this particular floral. In the past, I have felt it was too large for my nails because I can really only fit one flower for each nail. But you know what? I realized with this manicure that one flower is plenty.


Quixotic Polish, Eye of the Ocean.

We interrupt our scheduled red and pink Valentine’s Day nail art festival for a sparkly and shimmery blue! And what a blue!! I’m going to have to toss this one into a nail mail post soon, so I can talk about it in more detail. But I will say right now that I freaking ADORE it. Y’all know I can not pass up a flakey, shimmery, sparkly blue. I’m so happy I did not pass on this one!


Quixotic Polish, Eye of the Ocean. Stamped with China Glaze, Best Ponies Forever and Born Pretty BPL-024.

Okay! Back to the V-Day-themed nail art! And back to my favorite, beloved roses. Because I can’t get enough of them. This was a great manicure to wear. I love the shimmer and sparkle of this deep blue. And the golds contrast with it well. I was super pleased with how this one turned out. I also got compliments on this one out in the real world. Talk about a happy rush!


Zoya, Agnes. Stamped with OPI, A Little Guilt Under the Kilt and What’s Up Nails B024.

I have been wanting to wear Agnes for a little while, ever since I ran across my swatch of it on my IG feed a few days ago. I love how it has a slight pinky-purple tone to it. It’s easy to paint all these neutral as being “the same”, and Zoya does a lot of polishes like this. But, when you start looking closely, you realize they are all slightly different from each other. Anyhow, I like the look of Agnes on my nails.

In keeping with my Valentine’s Day nail art plans, I decided to stamp a heart design over it. Guilt stamped fairly well for a “normal” polish. It left some streaking within the design here and there. I wasn’t upset about this, as it’s not a thick enough polish to truly fill a design. Overall, I didn’t love this manicure. I think I might have liked it better with a white or a more stark base. Or even with black. That would have been pretty, too.


Glam Polish, You Can’t Take the Sky from Me.

So I decided to do a post about the Glam Polish Firefly Trio. But then, I realized I had, somehow, missed swatching this particular polish. I swatched it. I loved it. It fit into my “wear more reds for February” plan, and I manicured with it. I manicured the heck out of this polish! It is delightful and delicious and All The Things. I love it. Rawr.


Whew! It was a busy couple of weeks for nails. As I mentioned, I’ve been busy during the days with learning and job search stuff. But my nights have been free — and a bit sleepless, due to all the stress and anxiety. Nothing helps take the edge off of that feeling better than manicuring with pretty polishes.

What about you guys? What have you been wearing and loving for the past couple of weeks?


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