Friday Favorites: Colores de Carol Reds

It’s Friday — yay! It’s Friday — yay! Well, actually, it’s Saturday. But it was Friday when I started typing this. On a side note: Why is this important? I have no idea. And, really, I suppose it is not. But I feel compelled to mention it.

Anyhoo …. Is it Friday? Is it Saturday? Who cares?!? Because I have some pretty, pretty Colores de Carol reds to share in this post. Given how I’m always saying reds are not my thing, it surprised me to discover I had 8 favorites for this list. Granted, I do have a pretty extensive Colores de Carol stash. It was my first indie brand, and it remains one of my dearest indie loves.

So, let’s look at some fantastic reds, y’all!


Beso, according to my quick Internet sleuthing, originally released as part of the 2016 Valentine’s Day Quartet. I believe this pretty is part of the Colores de Carol core line. It is still available for sale on the website.

This polish is a juicy, vibrant, fruity sort of red with holographic running throughout. It is gorgeous on the nails. It reminds me of hard candy. This is a characteristic I love in nail polish, particularly because I happen to be more than slightly addicted to glossy top coats. I’ve had this one in my stash for a while, and it always makes me happy to see it on my nails.


Camping Hair Don’t Care originally released as part of the Fall 2017 Into the Wild Collection. I pretty much loved that entire collection, but this red jumped out as an immediate surprise favorite for me.


It is a vibrant and bright red with holographic. I think of this color as a cherry red. Similar to Beso, there is something juicy and fruity about this one. It feels playful and youthful on the nail to me, and it always makes me happy. I particularly love wearing this one when my nails are short.


Daydream originally released as part of the Spring 2017 Pure Imagination Collection. It is a pinky-orangey-red with holographic. I think of this one as a coral, but I love it so much that I had to put it here on my reds list.


Just look at this gorgeousness!! It is so freaking fabulous. This is pretty much my perfect coral. In fact, before adding this one to my stash, I would have told you I couldn’t wear coral. But I love the way this one looks on my nails and against my skin tone. I haven’t worn it in a while, but I could not get enough of it when I first purchased it. I still think about it, too. A LOT.


Fruit Punch was part of the 2018 Polish Advent Calendar. As the name suggests, it is a fruity, tart kind of red. I feel I can see maroon or brown undertones in this polish, along with a lovely, pink-toned red. It has holographic, too.


This polish is so, so, so, so, so freaking GOOOOOOD!! It was a favorite for me from last year’s Advent Calendar. It is simple but stunning. I like how it mixes reds, pinks, and browns. I love how it looks against my skin tone. It is great as a base for nail art, on its own, and I even like it for pedicures. Yep! This pretty baby does it all!


Sayuri released as part of the March 2018 Polish Pickup. It is a clear (when warm) to red (when cold) thermal with gold, red, and holographic glitters. The red in this polish is light, bright, and (at least to my eye) a little on the pink side.


It is beautiful in its warm, clear state. The glitters are stunning. But, for me, this polish is a treat when it is cold. I really like the tone of red in here. I like how it manages to be vibrant and soft at the same time. And the glitters play off of this red in the most perfect way. This is another polish I think about often.


Slappy’s Tie originally released as part of the Halloween 2017 Goosebumps Collection. It is part of the core line now, though. So you can pick up this gem whenever the mood strikes you. This is a good thing, because I am sure I will need a back-up one of these days!


This red borders between an oxblood and a maroon. It has some tangy orange and brown undertones, which I feel give it a lot of richness and depth. The holographic in here is off the charts. It blazes to life in the sunlight, and it gives a beautiful and rich golden glow in low lights.

I love, love, love the depth in this polish. It is a Va-Va-Va-VOOM sort of red. It is strong and bold on its own. It is gorgeous as a base for nail art. I love looking at this one when I manicure with it. And, yes, I think about it a lot. Oh! I almost forgot! It stamps, too!! What?? I know! It’s crazy!


Warm Winter Wishes was part of the 2019 Polish Advent Calendar. It is a golden-orange toned red with color shifting flakes and shimmer.


This is sort of an unusual red. Whenever I look at it, I think “tomato sauce”. And I freaking LOVE it. The colors from the flakes are kind of  unexpected next to the base color. But, somehow, I love that, too. This is one of those colors I think I probably shouldn’t like … and yet, I do. Like I said, it’s an unusual combination of colors and components. But it works for me!


Wicked Blood was part of the 2019 Birthday Trio. It is a deep and dark oxblood red with chameleon flakes that shift red-bronze-copper.


This is a deep, dark, and vampy red. It’s so dark that it looks black on the nail, and you can see deep purple undertones at the edges of this one. And I adore it. I love this color combination. The flakes glisten and glow out of the depths of this polish. I love how they take on such rich red and coppery tones.  It is delicious. (Also, I make a little “guest appearance” in my macro photo. Fun! Ha, ha!!)


Argh!! These reds!! Seriously, they are so good. These are all polishes I think about often. And I love them all so much. I’m sitting here thinking about how I want to wear some of these amazing polishes right now! But I can’t. Because I am currently wearing a fierce and fun PINK!! Rawr.

What about you guys? Do you have any Colores de Carol favorite reds? What are they? I would love to hear all about it.


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