My (Two) Week(s) in Nails

It’s another “toss everything in” sort of post for me. Now that we are, hopefully, done traveling for the next little while, I might be able to get back on track with my weekly manicure posts. It will make me feel much less guilty to have only 1 week at a time in each post, even though it’s silly of me to think this way. I am pretty darn silly, though, so …

Anyhoot! I have two weeks of manicures to share in today’s post, as you have probably already guessed from the title. You guys are so darn clever!



Nine Zero Lacquer, Decay … topped with Quixotic Polish, Sprinkling. I am starting off this post with this manicure, even though I ended the last mani wrap-up post with it. That’s because I wore it for quite a while. We traveled starting on the 21 of December, and this was my travel manicure. So, see? It belongs in both weeks! Makes perfect sense, right? Right!


Colores de Carol, Candy Cane Dust. This was my Christmas Day manicure! I changed out my polish on the 24th. I was in the mood for this gorgeous red from the holiday collection. And it really hit the spot for me. It is bright and vibrant, and I love all the holographic and flakes in here. I shall not say much more, as I hope to get a post up for the whole collection soon.


And, now, we shall finish out one year and start another. Woo Hoo! How exciting!! Okay, so it’s not really all that great. I mean, the manicures are great. But I have never been a fan of the New Year holiday. I am similarly not a fan of January. But we must slog on, into the future.  Rawr!


Black Heart Beauty, Muted Lime Green … topped with Colores de Carol, Let’s Get Lit. I decided to start the week with this extravaganza of a manicure. And I use the term “extravaganza” loosely. I am not sure how I feel about this manicure. I love the base polish and the topper separately. I am not sure I love them together. But I wanted to try something new … and I did! So I am marking that down as a win.


A. England, Goth … stamped with China Glaze, Best Ponies Forever and What’s Up Nails plate A012, This was my New Year’s Eve manicure. I’m an incredibly boring person, so, of course, I didn’t do anything exciting for New Year’s Eve. It was fun, but my own brand of fun. I rang in the new year while doing my nails and watching The Witcher on Netflix.


I’ve wanted to do a scattered snowflake manicure for a while. I originally planned on using a dark blue with silver stamping. But this black and gold combination felt more appropriate for New Year. Kind of glitzy. I also love the heck out of this black. It is gorgeous, and the holographic lights up beautifully in the sunshine.


And this is my manicure today! This is Quixotic Polish, Snowcap … stamped with China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me and What’s Up Nails plate B035.

I didn’t get much chance to do nail art around the Christmas holidays. Everything was much too busy. So I am trying to get some fun winter stamping and nail art designs into the mix now, while our cold weather holds.


I think this might be my first time using this little bird design. It is so sweet and cute. I like how the bird is all chubby and looks sort of “fluffed up”. I was thinking this design might work for Spring, too. It might be fun to make a decal with it or use it in reverse stamping. Hmmm …


And I decided I would add some pinecones to go with my little wintery birds. This was my first time using this design, too, but I was happy with how well it stamped.

I am so, so, so happy with this manicure. I love the base polish. It is from the Quixotic winter/holiday collection from this year, and it is super pretty. It’s one of those that works well over other colors, but I think it looks amazing on its own. I didn’t have ideal lighting for it, but there are so many golds and pinks from the flakes — even in indoor lighting!


So there you guys have it! Two weeks of nails, although not a ton of manicures, overall. I wonder if life will ever settle down enough that I have more mani time on my hands. “On my hands” … See what I did there? I’m so punny. Har, Har, Har!

What about you guys? What have you been wearing and loving in the past couple of weeks? I would love to hear all about it!

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