December Mani Favorites

Look at me! I’m nearly on time with my December favorites post. Woo Hoo! I feel that I am, ever-so-slooooowly, catching up on the mental “to do” list I have for this blog. Now, if I could get my other blog in order, I would completely feel as if I were winning at life.

But none of that! We are here to talk about fun and pretty polish, right? Right! So let’s do that right now. I warn you, though. This post might be a tad boring at times, because I’ve talked at length about at least a couple of these. I don’t have as many December favorites as I normally have at the end of a month. Life was so busy that I didn’t wear as many polishes during December, and I tended to wear my manicures for a little longer. I have four favorites to share in today’s post.


My first favorite for the month is Quixotic Polish, Float Away.

I’m sure seeing it in this post comes as no surprise. It was big on my list of favorites for the year, too. I am still quite in love with this polish. In fact, I find myself looking at this photo and kind of wanting to wear it again soon — even though I have many polishes I haven’t yet worn at all! Argh. The guilt of the polish hoarder!


My next favorite for the month is Quixotic Polish, Soirée.

I’m a little shocked with myself that I didn’t include this one on my year-end favorites list. I really did adore it. But the flakie and glittery goodness of some of the others won out over this one. It is a bit “plain”, I guess, since it’s just a regular creme. And yet, it is STUNNING! I love this shade of blue. It is bold, bright, and rich. Also, this polish is going to be a spectacular base for nail art of all kinds. I have a feeling it is going to continue to be a favorite of mine for some time to come. It might just appear on my year-end list for 2020. We shall see!


Colores de Carol, Merry Grinch-mas is the next on my December list.

This polish also appeared as one of my 2019 favorites. I love, love, LOVE it. The bright and vibrant neon green base color is fun and perfect. The holographic lends such a pretty and delicate sparkle across each nail, and those black glitters are a gorgeously bold contrast. I’ve said it a few times already, but I think it every time I look at this polish: It is GENIUS!


And my last favorite is a base and topper combination. This is Nine Zero Lacquer, Decay … topped with Quixotic Polish, Sprinkling.

This manicure was such a happy surprise for me. I was in the worst mood when I did this manicure. I had a serious case of the grouchy-grumps. Decay fit my mood perfectly, both in terms of the name and the swampy green coloring. But then, I started wondering how my newest Quixotic topper would look over it. I decided to give it a try … “just to see”. And I was super happy with the result! This was a fun manicure, and I loved the way all the colors jumped out of the topper over the base color. At some angles, it looked like the perfect bronze. At others, I could see so many golds and pinks. It was kind of magical.


December felt like such a busy month! But it was fun. I love the Christmas holidays and decorating and all of that stuff. And I had some fun nail polish loves for the month, too! That’s a win-win-win. Still, I am hoping my January slows down at least a little bit.

What about you guys? What were your favorite manicures for the month? I would love to hear all about them.

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