Favorite Polishes for 2019

Hey, hey, hey!! It is New Year’s Eve already — can you believe it?  I mean, seriously. What the heck? I feel like this year has gone by at light speed. Or something even faster than that. Time Speed, maybe? (By the by … WordPress will say I have posted this on Jan. 1. But don’t believe it! It is still New Year’s Eve. I swear it!)

And so, boring person that I am, I am sitting here enjoying a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. I am binge watching The Witcher on Netflix, and I wanted to wrap up 2019 with my favorite polishes from the year. Some of these are new releases for 2019. Some of them are older releases, but were new to me this year. And others are old favorites that keep winning my heart, over and over again.

I usually try to match my number of favorites to the outgoing year, so that would mean I should post 19 polishes for the year 2019. Alas, I am breaking my own rule, because I have 20 favorites to share in this post. I am such a rebel, I tell ‘ya. Rawr!

I usually go in alphabetical order in my posts, but I am going to list these (roughly) in the order in which they landed on my favorites list. Which means it will all seem rather random.


Quixotic Polish, Sleigh My Name.


I purchased this polish at the end of 2018. And I was pretty much obsessed with this one when I received it — and beyond! I love the tone of green, and I love, love, love those flakies!! Flakies always get my little, glass, polish-loving heart thumping in happiness.


Bees Knees Lacquer, Mushy Snugglebites’ Badonkadonk.


This was a PPU polish. I can’t remember what month it was for, but I have in my notes that I also purchased it at the end of 2018. I didn’t wear it until 2019 had already rung into existence. It is such a perfect and perfectly lovely turquoise base color. I love this particular shade of blue, so I tend to purchase it over and over again. Some polishes are better at “turquoise” than others, and I think this is one of the best in my stash.


Quixotic Polish, Prototype 5. (Such a catchy name, huh? Yep. I came up with it aaaaall on my own. Bow to my greatness. Ha, ha!)


This is another polish I purchased at the end of 2018. I hesitated for a moment or two before including it on my favorites list, because it’s a prototype. It kind of felt like cheating, in a way. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m sure it makes no sense at all, but that’s my thought process. It’s a scary thing.

Anyhow! I ended up including this one on my list because I loved wearing it so, so much. The darkness of the base is fantastic. You guys know how I adore dark polishes. It has a murky and slightly swampy look to it. The holographic micro glitters in here are gorgeous. I love how they sparkle all across the nail and all through every layer of the manicure. I also love the way the flakes contrast against the base. The blues and indigos in here are especially fabulous.


NeVerMind Polish, LeFay.


This was my first NeVerMind Polish, and it was a PPU purchase. I couldn’t help but adore it at first sight. I mean, just look at the color combination! Just look at those flakes!! I think it is pretty obvious this one is right up my alley in every way possible. I love this one so much that I wore it for two manicures in a row. Now that’s a LOT of polish addict/hoarder lovin’!


Quixotic Polish, Treat Yo Self 2019.


I bet you guys are a little surprised to see a pink show up on my list. After all, I’m kind of always talking about how pinks are not my thing. And you guys know I am a sucker for all things blue … and many things purple … and some things green. So,  yeah.

But (!!) this pink absolutely had to be on my list. Because it is amazing and incredible and all the lovely things. It is strong and in-your-face. And it is gorgeous in every type of lighting. I love seeing this one on my nails.


Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Those Who Were Neither.


This is another PPU purchase. I don’t consider this one a “pink”. I think of it as more of a rose gold. No matter what color family it falls into, this polish is nothing short of magical. I adore everything about it, from the base color to the holographic to the color shifting flakes. It makes me feel like I am wearing a sunset on my nails every time I manicure with it.


Quixotic Polish, Chartreuse Swizzle.


This polish is from 2018. But I think it is going to be on my favorites list for life. I kid you not. I freaking LOVE this polish. It is the perfect tone of bright and vibrant green. I love how tart and tangy it is. And those gold undertones are perfection.


Colores de Carol, Superstar.


Another PPU purchase! Am I sounding like a broken record yet? I predict there are going to be quite a few PPU polishes on this list. This one is so, so special. I love the silvery base. The small red glitters reflect back the prettiest tones of pink-red. The black shreds are the icing on top of an extremely lovely cake. I wore this polish for two manicures in a row right after I got it. As I’ve already said, that’s a whole lotta love!


Quixotic Polish, Chained to the Sky.


Remember how I’ve said, over and over again, that blues are my Kryptonite? Yep!! And this one fits that bill quite nicely. I love the scattering of fiery shimmer that runs throughout this polish. The blue is rich and gorgeous, and I adore the glitters. I especially love the little squares. They are so cute and unexpected.


China Glaze, Send Hues.


Can we take a moment to mourn the loss of my almond shape? Sigh. I really do miss both the shape and the length. My nails have not been the same since we moved in the Summer. I hope they will recover eventually.

But never mind all that. Let’s talk about this polish. Because it is so freaking GOOD! And from a mainstream brand, too. I have a thing for brown polishes. This one is such a perfect, deep, and dark shade. And then, there are those sparks of gold. So darn YUMMY.


Quixotic Polish, Lei It On Me.


I was so. freaking. OBSESSED with this topper. Actually, I think I may still be obsessed with it. I can’t even. The flakes are amazing. The color shift is beautiful. This looks gorgeous over pretty much every color. And believe me, I have tried many base colors underneath it!


Cirque Colors, REM.


This delicious blue was a gift from my nail bestie. And I love it beyond words. It is so slick and gorgeous on the nail. I love the mix of blue and green tones in here. The holographic is rather sparse, but it gives a beautiful, gentle sparkle across each nail. I wore this one for quite a while when I received it. And I still think about it. It is still sitting out on my desk, even!


Fair Maiden, Mindfreak.


Another PPU polish on the list! And oh my goodness!! I think this might be the most perfect orange. I love how fiery it is. There are so many sparks and flashes from the flakes. I like how juicy the orange jelly base is on this one, and I adore those flashes of orange-gold.


Quixotic Polish, Poolside Luau.


Wowza, wowza, wowza!! I’m sure you guys can guess why this little lovely landed on my list. Yep. It’s the flakies. Well, the flakies and the gorgeously perfect periwinkle base color. I love how they play together.


Quixotic Polish, Float Away.


And yet another gorgeously perfect blue hops onto my list! I can’t say enough good things about this one. I adore the base color. I love the shimmer. And those flakies get my motor humming like crazy! I’ve worn this one a few times since receiving it. And I even wore it for a week while I was traveling not that long ago.


Quixotic Polish, By the Lake.


Ugh. Such a gorgeously beautiful light blue! I could not get enough of this one on my nails. I love it. The pinks from the shimmer are so pretty. And I love how the light plays across the flakes for soft and shimmering golds and greens. It reminds me of light sparkling from the surface of a lake, which is fitting for the name.


NeVerMind Polish, Hellequin.


Guess what? This is another PPU polish! I know you guys are shocked, right?

What’s not to love about this polish. The black and red color combination is classic, bold, and one of my favorites. I love how moody and vampy this polish is. The reds are gorgeous on their own, but there are also pops of other colors from the scattered holographic. It is stunning and so much fun to wear.


Colores de Carol, Wicked Blood.


This is another dark and vampy polish that captured my heart right away. It’s not a black and red combo, though. It looks it, but this is actually a deep oxblood red with brighter red flakes. I also like how the flakes can shift to golds, depending on the light. I wore this polish when traveling, too! It lasted for almost a week with no chips or tip wear, and I loved it the entire time I had it on. Winner!!


Nine Zero Lacquer, B+.


This polish was released in 2018, but it came back for Halloween in 2019. And it was new to me this year. I could not make up my mind last year over whether or not I should buy it. This year, I decided I really did need it. And I’m so happy with that choice! This polish is unusual and so much fun. And that black and red combo always grabs me by the feels!


Colores de Carol, Merry Grinch-mas. 


I’m rounding out my list of 2019 favorites with this “bonus”. This polish was part of the Colores de Carol Polish Advent Calendar this year. I loved everything about the calendar this year, and I thought every polish was amazing and a total winner. But this one was one of my favorites. It is genius! I love the contrast of the neon green with those black glitters. And I love how the glitters have different shapes. So much fun!


Whew! That was a lot of polish loving for one post! It is now 11:10 PM in my corner of the universe, so that means I made it just under the wire with this post — no matter what WordPress says about the matter. There were a lot of changes in my life during 2019. Some were okay, and others were not. Most of them were unexpected. But one thing that didn’t change was how a lot of lovely and fantastic polish came into my stash. I feel like one lucky polish addict, for sure!

What about you guys? What were your favorites from 2019? Do we have any in common? I would love to hear all about it! I hope each and every one of you finds a lot of joy, happiness, and peace in the coming year. Happy New Year!!

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