November Mani Favorites

So … I had the best intentions for blogging during my travel time. I took along my little book of notes, and I pre-loaded my swatch photos before we left. But I neglected to take along my little book of passwords. D’oh! When I went to blog, I couldn’t remember my password, and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of resetting it. So, I told myself to chill out and enjoy some extra family time. And that’s just what I did!

We had a good trip, although it felt like a quick one. It was full of dusty, heavy work, too. We FINALLY cleared out the remaining things from our storage unit in San Antonio. I’m embarrassed to admit how long we have had these things sitting there in storage. But let’s just say this: my teenage daughter had never been to the unit, and she has never seen most of this stuff. *ahem* I feel a little bittersweet about emptying out the unit. It will be nice to reacquaint myself with forgotten things, and it will be even nicer not to pay the unit rental every month. But it also feels like cutting all ties to our hometown — as if we are admitting we will never live there again. Perhaps this is just me being silly or waxing too nostalgic and maudlin during the holidays.

I am back home now, where my trusty desktop knows all my passwords! And, since we are quickly counting down to the end of the year, I have a few posts I want to get through. We shall see how well I do with it. I thought it would be fun to start off with my manicure favorites from the month of November. Hey, it’s only nearly the end of December, right? I’m barely late at all! (Ha, ha — not.)

I have five favorites to share from my November manicures.


Quixotic Polish, Float Away. I have to lead off my November list with this beauty, as it was likely my absolute favorite for the month. I wore this one two times in November, and I wore it for quite a while each time. It’s going to show up at the end of the year, too, on my list of 2019 favorites. (Spoiler Alert!! Rawr.)

I can’t even with this polish. I love it so, so, so much. Even among my treasured blues, which are all favorites for me, this one stands out as something special. I love the mix of beautiful pinks and purples from the flakes. And y’all know how I LOVE me some iridescent and color-changing flakie goodness! The shimmer is stunning, and I feel like I could happily drown in the color of this base. This polish makes me happy whenever I wear it.


Nine Zero Lacquer, B+. This polish took me by surprise and by storm! This is a polish I had looked at a few times, but I never could make up my mind about ordering it. Finally, I decided to give it a try this year. I ended up LOVING how this looked on my nails. The red base is perfection, and I adore the jelly-squishiness of it. The black shreds are stark and stand out perfectly, and the other glitters are the perfect amount of sparkly zing.


Colores de Carol, Wicked Blood. Ugh. Just kill me dead!! This beauty is dark and moody and vampy and all the things my little closet goth-emo heart adores. This base color is something that I think every lover of dark polish would immediately gravitate toward. And the glitters/shreds in here are spectacular. I love how they glimmer mysteriously through every layer of the manicure. I wore this polish for almost a week. That’s how much I loved it!!


Colores de Carol, Ceres … topped with Quixotic Polish, Lei It On Me. I have to include a macro for this one so that you can see how truly gorgeous these flakes are over this golden base color.


Oh my gosh!! Just look at that! I tried this combination out of curiosity, never expecting it to look even halfway decent. You know how it goes: one of those “what if?” moments that kind of takes you by surprise. It turned out that I loved this combination. I wore it for several days, until I couldn’t stand the tip wear any longer. I think the soft pinks, greens, and bolder golds are magical over this base color.


Colores de Carol, Hibernation Station … stamped with China Glaze, Magical and What’s Up Nails, plate B021. This manicure is another that I wore for several days. I love this thermal, both in its cold state and when it warms up. But, for this manicure, the bright green flakes against the deeper indigo of the cold base color sealed the deal for me. I loved how those colors looked with the soft rose gold of Magical.


So there you go! I feel like I didn’t have as many favorites for November as I usually would. I may realize I am wrong about that, if I go back to check the posts from previous months. At any rate, I feel like November was a pretty good month. I had some fun nail art, and I had a few manicures I liked enough to wear for several days. That’s always a win!

What about you guys? What were your favorites from November? I would love to hear all about them!

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