So Many Manicures!!! (Lots of “Weeks in Nails”)

Have I mentioned how Life has, more or less, grabbed me by the throat and given me a good, hard shake over the past month or so? Actually, it’s been this way ever since our move in the Summer. I kept telling myself things would settle down once WE settled down. And once we settled into our house and all that. But, really, it has not. I feel like we are busier than ever — and not necessarily in productive ways!

At any rate, one of the things I’ve been slacking on in this blog is keeping track of my weekly manicure wrap-up posts. I just did a peek back, and the last one I posted was at the end of November. Crazy!! I have been doing manicures. But I have been slow in getting photos taken and edited and in posting about them.

So!! I am coming into the blog tonight (on the eve of our Christmas travel) to do a massive sort of manicure “catch up” post. This is for the last couple of weeks of November and all of December (so far). It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t going to be as much as you might expect. I used to do my nails every other day, but I don’t have the time for that any longer. I have a total of 10 manicures to share in this post.



I started off this week with Quixotic Polish, Flying Past the Stars. I wore this polish for several days. It is incredibly shifty, and it shifts through an unusual range of colors. I loved it in every type of lighting, and it never made me feel bored or hum-drum. Basically, I didn’t want to take it off. And so, I didn’t — at least for a while. I have a post from a few days back talking about my November PPU purchases. This polish is in there, and you can see even more photos of the different color shifts.


My second (and last!) manicure for this week was another Quixotic Polish: Float Away. Ugh. Seriously, you guys. I freaking LOVE this blue. LOVE IT!! It is so beautiful and perfect in its blue tones. I love the jelly-squishy look of it. And the flakes are like little bits of magic dancing across my nails. I wore this polish for quite a long time, too. Just wait. You will see.



Quixotic Polish, Float Away. Remember how I said I wore this one for a long time? Well, here you go! We traveled for Thanksgiving during the previous week. This was my travel manicure and Thanksgiving manicure. I wore it all during our trip and then continued to wear it for most of the rest of the week after we got home. Did I mention how much I love this polish? Yep. LOVE IT!!


My next (and last!) manicure for this week was with Cameo Colours Lacquers, Not All Tales Have an Ever After. It’s a polish with a super long name and oh so much sparkle. I love this one. The base color is really pretty, and the glitters and flakes are magical. It is perfect!


So, basically, my December has been a blur. My daughter did flute choir with her band, which meant driving to extra practices and performances. We still had flute lessons and a couple of standing appointments every week. Plus, I was trying to go through boxes and find Christmas decorations. And I was busy decorating our house for the holidays. Seriously, this business of Christmas being only a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving is for the birds!! Rawr.


Quixotic Polish, Soirée. I started out the beginning(ish) of December with yet another amazing, amazing blue. This is part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front Collection, which I reviewed in here a few days ago. And it is beyond fabulous. It is bright and vibrant and beyond perfect. This polish definitely captured my heart!


Quixotic Polish, Garland. This was my next manicure, and it is also from the Winter 2019 Cold Front Collection. This is one of the prettiest, softest golds. I love it. It reminds me exactly of the color of unplated white gold.

In case you aren’t familiar with jewelry, “white” gold is made by mixing regular gold (which is yellow) with a white metal. Some jewelers use nickel. Some use platinum. Some use palladium. Then, the setting is plated over with rhodium to give it a slick, silvery, shiny appearance. But, if you don’t plate with rhodium, you are left with a metal that is somewhere in between pale yellow and silvery/white. It is ethereal and vintage-looking, and extremely lovely. Anyhow, that’s a long explanation to say that I thought all those same things when looking at this polish. From some angles it looks more silvery-white. From others, more gold. It is soft and really, really lovely.

From here on out, I will be sporting Shorty McShorties in a few of my photos. While wearing Soirée, I had a freak accident and suffered a massive break on my left hand middle nail. The nail broke diagonally from the free edge to the middle of my finger, and all the way down into the quick. Y’all … I was a sad panda. It’s not like my nails were super long, but I had just started getting comfortable with a little bit of length after having to keep them short all during the Summer and most of the Fall due to our move and unpacking.


My next manicure was Colores de Carol, Merry Grinch-mas. This was part of the 2019 Advent Calendar. It was the Day 11 polish, and a favorite of mine. I love the combination of the bright, bright base color and all those black glitters. There is a lot of depth because the glitters are different sizes, and there is even a sparkling of holographic in here for good measure. So much love!!


Colores de Carol, Warm Winter Wishes. This is another polish from the 2019 Advent Calendar. I thought the calendar this year was pretty spectacular. And this polish really took me by surprise. I like how it is an unusual tone of red. It is kind of rusty or like a “tomato” red, which isn’t something you see every day. The flakes are surprisingly pretty against the base color, and I love the formula on this one, too.


My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Holo-Day. This was the special Black Friday polish, and it is delicious!! I love the deep and dark base color, which is moody and kind of mysterious. And the holographic in this polish is off the charts. It is so pretty and full of rainbow goodness. I haven’t blogged this one yet, but it has a pretty great formula, too!


And, finally (!!) here is my manicure for today. This is Nine Zero Lacquer, Decay … topped with Quixotic Polish, Sprinkling. I was in an awful mood last night, and Decay seemed to fit right into my grumpiness, both for the color and for the name. But then, I got curious as to how it would look with this topper over it. I have to confess I was not impressed when I first looked at it in my office last night. It was dark, and the lighting is not great in here at night. But it was late, and I didn’t want to start all over with my manicure. I figured I could live with it for a day, at least.

Today, I saw it out in the daylight and the sunlight. And I was really glad I hadn’t taken it off last night. It is odd looking and kind of “ugly pretty”, but in al the best ways. I really like this combination a lot! We are traveling tomorrow, so I will wear this at least for the start of our trip. I am not sure if it will make the entire trip or not. I love the Nine Zero polishes I own, but they tend to chip on me after a few days. I will probably pack at least one polish so I don’t have to go “naked nails” (the horror!) if this manicure gets damaged.


Whew! I’m exhausted with typing all this stuff! I am not sure how much, if any, time I will get to spend in the blog over the coming week. We are traveling to Texas to visit family and to empty out our storage unit at long last. When we first moved to Virginia, we put some things in storage because our plan was that we would only be away from Texas for five years, at the most. Almost 20 years later … D’oh! Huge FAIL.

At any rate, I am going to preload some photos in here. And I’m going to take my notes along with me on the trip, as well as my computer. Maybe I will manage to hop in here once or twice while I am on the road.

I would love to hear about what you guys have been wearing and loving over the past couple of weeks!

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