Topic Tuesday: New Brands Tried in 2019

I came into the blog expecting to do a Topic Tuesday on favorite brown polishes. I was pretty excited about this, because I love me some brown nail polish, y’all! When I went to check the topics for this week — you know, just to make sure I was on track with my post and all –I realized I had the wrong topic! Whew! That was a close one. Next week, you can expect a post yammering on and on about my favorite brown polishes. But, for this week, the topic is …


I don’t keep the best records with regard to when I purchased things or when I first tried a brand and so on. So, I had to sit and think on this one for a while. It was funny, too, that some of the brands I thought were new-to-me during 2019 were not. It just proves that time flies! I generally try new brands through Polish Pickup. So I went through my blog posts (so far) for 2019 to see if any brands jumped out as new. I found four to share in today’s post.


Chirality Polish, Ragnarok You Like a Hurricane is my first polish from this brand. It came into my stash from the January 2019 Polish Pickup. I could not resist this lovely polish because of the color combination. I love black and red together. It’s a classic, classy, and oh-so-pretty combo. And it is also one of my favorites. The red glitters in this polish, in particular, are so darn pretty!


I confess I have not worn this polish often since I purchased it. I was wild about it when it arrived. I was happy with the formula. It has a jelly base, so it is slightly sheer. But it builds up well, and it looks fabulous when it is all done in a complete manicure. I like the opacity on this one in 3 coats.

I planned to add more from this brand to my stash after trying this polish. I liked it that much! So far, I have not been successful at that. But I still hope to show this brand some additional love.


NeVerMind Polish, Le Fay. This was my first polish from this brand, and it came into my stash from (you guessed it!) Polish Pickup. It was also part of the January 2019 sale. It grabbed my attention right away due to the color combination. Blue and purple is another weakness of mine, color-wise.


I did a much better job of showing this one some lovin’ after I purchased it. I have worn it two or three times so far. I was pretty obsessed with it when it first arrived. And, looking at these photos again, I realize I will probably remain obsessed with it once I pull it back out to wear again. Of course, that is going to happen soon, now that this post has got me thinking about it once more.

This one has a lovely formula. I use 2-3 coats for it, and it builds up well on my nails. I have since added one other NeVerMind to my stash. It also came to live with me from a Polish Pickup sale. It is also a wonderful polish, and I hope I will continue to add from this brand over time.


Night Owl Lacquer, Love Is Powerful Magic. Can you believe it took me this long to try Night Owl Lacquer? I know! It’s crazy!! This was my first polish from the brand, and it came into my stash through the February 2019 Polish Pickup sale.


Ugh. I absolutely adored this polish when it arrived in my stash. I have to confess that it hasn’t seen its fair share of love since then. I have only worn it in a full manicure once. This is the curse of a large stash. Stuff keeps coming in, and you tend to forget about the things that have lived with you for a while longer, no matter how much you love them. I need to make a point of pulling this one out again soon, though.

This polish is so stinkin’ pretty!! I love how dark it is, but it has beautiful glitter and shimmer. It is amazing in the sunlight, too. If I recall correctly, I like this one at 2-3 coats. It has a great formula, too.

I have had every intention of adding more Night Owl Lacquer to my stash. I even eyed two or three collections since I purchased this first polish. Unfortunately, my nail polish budget remains pretty fixed. And the brands I follow obsessively (I’m looking at you, Colores de Carol and Quixotic Polish!) have been releasing too much fabulous stuff. But (!!) I shall add more from this brand one of these days.


Rogue Lacquer, On the Border is my first polish from this brand. It came into my stash from the March 2019 Polish Pickup sale. I thought this one had a nice formula. It applied well and built up easily on my nails. I usually get a little streaking  with crellies. It’s probably due to my application technique. But I don’t recall having that much trouble with this one.


This polish is really pretty! I like the flakes in here quite a lot. They have a beautiful glow, and they shift colors easily as the light changes. I was slightly disappointed in the base color of this one. It was advertised as an “antique white”, so I wasn’t expecting a pristine or stark white. But I was hoping it would be a little more white-toned. In the alternative, I was hoping it would look gray on my nails. It had that look in many of the swatch photos. Unfortunately, my skin tone gives it more of a taupe or brown hue. While the base color is not my favorite, the flakes more than make up for that!


It’s funny, because I thought I had tried more brands during 2019. After looking through my blog, these were the only ones I found. It makes me feel like, maybe, I am forgetting something. At the same time, I didn’t shop PPU as often this year, and, when I did shop that sale, I tended to stick to brands that were already tried-and-true for me. The same is true for my monthly nail budget. I have been putting it toward brands I already love, instead of adding new ones to my ever-growing stash.

What about you guys? What brands did you try for the first time this  year? I would love to hear all about it!

2 thoughts on “Topic Tuesday: New Brands Tried in 2019

    1. Thanks! I haven’t tried any of those brands — yet. I love PPU for just this reason. It’s a fantastic way to try out a new brand and find new loves in the indie world. (Plus, it is so much fun just looking at all the pretty polish. LOL)

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