Topic Tuesday: Favorite Dark Polishes

Today’s Topic Tuesday is another that gets my polish lovin’ heart pumping, big-time. Because I love dark nail polish. I wear it all  year round, and I find dark polishes usually capture my love and attention more than their pastel or medium-toned cousins. So, of course, I have quite a few to share in today’s post.

Even so, I am pretty sure I have forgotten some. I will probably think of them the moment I hit “post”, and then I will feel annoyed with myself for leaving them out. Such is the curse of the polish hoarder, y’all!


A. England, Anne Boleyn. I think this one qualifies as a “dark polish” …?? Maybe?? It is dark and sultry in my book, anyhow. This is a favorite dark polish, as well as a favorite red for me. It looks rich and luxurious on the nail.


A. England, In Robe & Crown. Ugh. This polish!! It is deep, dark, and all kinds of delicious. I think the holographic in here is stunning, as is the richness of the color. It is so, so pretty, and I love looking at it on my nails.


China Glaze, Up All Night. This polish ends up on quite a few of my favorites lists. It is an all-around favorite polish for me, and it has been for quite some time now. I’m not sure I can explain exactly why this polish captures my heart the way it does. But it really, really does! It is dark and rich, and it has a velvety look on the nail.


China Glaze, Blue-Ya! This polish didn’t really grab me when I first purchased it. I’m not sure why that is, as it has lots of things I generally love in a polish. I finally wore it in a full manicure some time after purchasing it. It grabbed hold of me, hard and fast, at that time. I love, love, love it! It is dark and mysterious, and I think the glitters in here are beautiful.


Colores de Carol, Feronia. I love, love, love this murky and dark green. It is so pretty on the nail, which is a little unexpected from this type of color. I really like the combination of the dark polish and the gold glitters. It is a simple polish, but it packs a lovely visual punch!


Quixotic Polish, Bug Day. I am not sure any list of favorite dark polishes would be complete without this beauty. Is it black? Is it blue? Is it green? YES!! It is all of those and then some. I love how it glitters and glistens. It is a fun polish to wear, and even more fun to look at when it’s on my nails.


Quixotic Polish, Wicca. This is another deep and dark blue that has to go onto the list. It almost seems boring, at first glance at it in the bottle. But it is anything but!! It has glitter and sparkle and the prettiest color shifts. I love it.


Quixotic Polish, Rock Legend. Yet another polish that tends to find its way onto a lot of my favorites lists. This one has such beautiful shimmer to it. I love the way the reds and pinks show up against the base color. I also like how the base color looks black in certain lights and more of a bronze in others.


Sorry I was a little short in terms of words on today’s post. Although, that probably isn’t a bad thing. I think I tend to be a little too chatty and long-winded in my posts. Let’s be honest: We all came come here for the photos! Right? Right!

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite dark polishes? I would love to hear all about them!


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