Topic Tuesday: Favorite Polishes for Halloween

It’s a two-fer today in my blog. Even though I was running late with my Nail Mail Monday post, I still wanted to be timely for Topic Tuesday. Go me! *waves flag & cheers*

As the title suggests, today’s Topic is:


At first, I thought I wouldn’t have anything to share for this post. My first thought always tends to be this. After I stop and think for a bit longer, I often come up with something to post, and this time was no exception. I don’t tend to wear polishes seasonally, and I think that’s why my first, gut, reaction is “Ugh. I don’t have any of these.” (I know. My brain works in weird ways.) But, there are some polishes I particularly love to wear around Halloween. I wear them at other times of the year, too, but I try to make extra effort to get them onto my nails during the spooky season. I have 6 polishes to share today.


First up is China Glaze, It’s Alive! I apologize for the old swatch photo. I took this one with my phone, before I figured out what type of lens and lighting set-up I wanted to use for my DSLR.

I love this polish. It’s a favorite for me for Halloween. But I also really love this one in both the Summer and the Fall. It has a beautiful, deep green color to the base. And I love the mix of glitter sizes in here, as well as that touch of gold. It’s beautiful! Unfortunately, this one tends to chip on me quickly. That’s a bummer, but it doesn’t dull my love for it.


China Glaze, Zombie Zest is the next polish on my list. Again, I have an older swatch photo for this one — apologies. I will get around to re-swatching everything one of these days.

This is another polish I love for the tone of green and the gold that is mixed into it. The shimmers or glitters or glass fleck or magical fairy dust or whatever it is that is in here is gorgeous. It has a subtle and very pretty blue shimmer laying on top of everything else. I like this one at Halloween because it is murky and mossy and kind of eerie.


Colores de Carol, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight is the next polish on my list ‘o’ Halloween hits.


I don’t think any Halloween list could be complete for me without this polish. It is the prettiest, juiciest, tangiest orange. It is a linear holographic bomb of orange goodness. And it is perfect in every way for Halloween. It works on its own. It works under nail art. It just … works!!

cdc-vampirenightmare2-sm copy

Colores de Carol, Vampire Nightmare is next up on my list.


Ugh. I love this one. It is a perfect, rusty-iron shade. I know this is gross, but this is the shade I think of when I think of a “dried blood” color. What could be more perfect for Halloween? I love the scattered gold and holographic glitters in here. This one is also fabulous for Fall manicures, because it is such a great autumnal color.


NeVerMind Polish, Hellequin is new to my stash and new to my list for Halloween polish fun.


This one came to me from a fairly recent PPU sale. Even though it is new to my stash, it had to go onto this list. I love, love, love this color combination. And it seems particularly fitting for Halloween. This polish is mysterious and a little bit spooky. What’s not to love?


Quixotic Polish, Hallow’s Eve rounds out my list for this post.


This is the perfect shade of Halloween purple to me. I love the darkness and depth to it. But the flakes in this polish make the whole thing for me. I love how they look down in the purple base color. They look like bonfire sparks on a deep and dark and cold Halloween night. It’s so beautiful; photos can’t do it justice.


I’m sure I have forgotten things that should be on this list. But that’s the way of having a large stash. For now, though, this is my list and I’m sticking to it!

What about you guys? Do you have any Halloween favorites? I would love to hear all about them!

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