Favorite Orange Polishes

This was a Topic Tuesday for October 1. I happened to be too busy with unpacking and sorting stuff out at our new house, so I didn’t have time to blog about this one when it came around. But I knew I wanted to post on this topic before the end of October. After all, it’s an orange polish topic. And orange polishes go with October like … Well, words fail me right now. The point is this: Orange polish really goes with the month of October.

And so, here I am. It’s nearly the end of the month. It is rainy, windy, and cold in my corner of the universe. I have a lovely cup of hot chocolate. And the time is perfect to talk about some fabulous oranges. Oh,  yeah!!

I have six polishes to show for this post. I love oranges, which is a strange thing for me to say. I don’t wear them all the time or anything. But there is something about a gorgeous orange that tends to catch my eye and capture my imagination.

cdc-chimera2-sm copy

Colores de Carol, Chimera.


This is a juicy, juicy orange. It is vibrant and lovely. I love the touch of holographic in this one, too. This is also one of the earlier Colores de Carols in my stash, which gives me sentimental vibes. I think this one is perfect for Halloween, but it is also beautiful for Fall or even late Summer. I like the depth to the color.


Colores de Carol, Elf Magic.


This polish was part of the Advent Calendar last year. It is fantastic for holidays, but it’s also amazing for Fall. This polish has a lot of coppery-gold in it, and that’s why I love it so much. Because of the gold in here, I don’t think of this one as a Halloween polish. It feels a little too “cinnamon-spice” for that, in a way. (Although, this is a silly thing to say, since cinnamon isn’t orange. But whatever. LOL) Even so, I think this one is beautiful, and I knew it had to be on this list.


Colores de Carol, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight.


No list of orange polish favorites would be complete without this beauty. I don’t care how many favorites lists I make in my lifetime for this color family, this polish will always be included. I think it is one of the best oranges in my stash. It might be one of the best oranges in existence. This polish is amazing. It is strong and spicy and in-your-face, but it also has an air of mystery about it. And the holographic in here is incredible!


Fair Maiden Polish, Mindfreak.


This is one of the newest polishes in my stash. Normally, I would hesitate to put it on a “favorites” list because it isn’t tried and true for me yet. But I felt it had to be on here. It is fiery and amazing and magical. I love the base color. I love the flakes. It is an amazing, amazing orange.


OPI, A Woman’s Prague-ative.


This is another coppery-gold orange. It is lovely and spicy and looks amazing on the nail. I love wearing this one. I can’t get enough of it, and I find myself staring at my nails all the time. So, so pretty!


Zoya, Jesy. zoya-jesy-macro-sm

This polish is so pretty, bright, and cheerful. I love the glitters and flakes in here. It has so many beautiful, pastel colors. And it has that hint of gold that I love in orange polishes. I don’t think of this one as a Fall or Halloween polish. It feels too bright and sunny to me. I love it in the Spring and Summer.


That’s a “wrap” for my favorite oranges. I am suddenly feeling the urge to manicure with some of these beauties. Is it the Fall feeling in the air? Or is it just that I love looking at all these oranges here in this post? Who knows!

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite oranges? I would love to hear all about them!


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