Topic Tuesday! Favorite Fall Glitters

It’s Tuesday!! Huzzah!! Normally, that would not be a cause for celebration, as Tuesday is just Monday, once-removed. But today, I am a Happy Tuesday Camper. It’s Topic Tuesday time, and this week’s topic is one I can sink my teeth into.

Today’s topic is: FAVORITE FALL GLITTERS. I love Fall. And I love glitter. So this topic is right up my alley!!

I have a short list of 5 to share today, although I’m sure I will think of more to add to this list as soon as I hit “publish”. Because that’s the way it always seems to go, isn’t it? Ha!


First up on my list is Moon Shine Mani, Be Giving.

I have to say this one breaks my heart. It was my absolute favorite Fall glitter, and one of my absolute favorite glitters, period. I say “was” because I lost this polish during my move from Virginia to Illinois. It was so thick and gummed-up due to the temperature changes from the move that I had to say good-bye to it. There wasn’t enough thinner in the world to bring it back from the brink.


I loved everything about this glitter. The color combination of brown, bronze, and gold … the mix of shapes and sizes in the glitter … and, especially, the almost vintage look it had on the nail. It looked great as a topper, but I particularly loved it on its own. I know it’s silly, but I feel like crying every time I think about losing this polish. *unhappy panda sigh*


Poetry  Cowgirl, Take Me Home.

I’m cheating a little bit on this one, because it’s kind of a crelly and not totally a glitter or glitter topper. But it is so lovely, and always makes me think “Fall”. So it had to be on this list.


I love the neutral base on this polish. And I love the different glitter colors. In particular, the bright pops of pink combined with the smaller black or gray glitters draw me right in. It’s a lovely, lovely polish that is glittery and neutral and oh-so “Fall” all at the same time.


Colores de Carol, Stories Around the Fire.

Now this is a perfect Fall glitter in my book! I love the golds and orange-reds in here. And the dash of green-blue shimmer tops everything off perfectly. I like how there is a mix of flakes and glitters, as well as the teeny specks of black running throughout.


The one thing I don’t like about this one is that I can’t really get it opaque on its own. I can come close when my nails are super short, as they were in my swatch photo, but there is too much VNL for my taste when my nails are longer.


Crows Toes Lacquer, Buck  Yoooouuu!!!

Yet another Fall favorite for me. In a way, it’s kind of a cheat for this post, because it’s a full-coverage glitter and not a topper. Even so, this glowing gold makes me think of Fall every time I look at it.


This polish is like a mass of molten gold on the nail. I love the color of it, as well as the little rainbow flashes from the holographic glitters. It is rich, luxurious, and so delicious on the nail. And it is oh, so, very, very, very FALL!!


Zombie Claw, Circus of the Damned.

This is a very new polish in my stash, but it occurred to me this morning that it had to go on my list of Fall glitters. This might be yet another cheat on my list. It seems that is a theme for me today. It’s not strictly a glitter, and it’s not strictly a topper. It’s more of a crelly with flakie goodness included.


But this combination of gray base and red and green shifting flakes really makes me think of Fall. It’s a great color combo, and I love how the delicate holographic tops it all off.


I am already sitting here thinking I must have missed a fabulous Fall glitter or two from my stash. But I guess that’s the curse of being a nail polish hoarder … er, I mean “collector”. *ahem*

I was excited about this topic, because I am so, so, so ready for Fall! I am beyond done with the hot Summer temperatures and looking forward to cooler weather, changing leaves, and beautiful Fall sunshine.

So what about you guys? What are your favorite Fall glitters? I would love to hear all about them!


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