August Mani Favorites

As I was looking back over my blog recently, I realized I never did a favorites post for August. I never did one for July, either … but that ship has sailed. July flew by in a huge blur of activity and annoyance due to our move. I didn’t even keep track of my manicures for the month. Fail!!

In the interest of getting back to what passes for “normal” in my own life, I decided I would hop in and do an August Favorites post. It’s a little bit late, but better late than never. Ha!

I have 6 favorites to share for the month of August. They are all regular manicures, with no nail art. It’s been ages since I did any fun nail art, due to the move. I think that is going to be the status quo for a bit longer, too. I don’t have the time to put into doing fun designs. Hopefully one day soon, though!!

I am listing these in the order that I wore them.


My first favorite for August is this manicure with Orly, Blazing Sunset and Colores de Carol, Don’t Look Behind You.

I have talked at length about my love for Don’t Look. It is, without a doubt, my favorite thermal out of my entire stash. I love it on its own. And I loooooooove it layered over pretty much any base color. When I wore this manicure, we had sizzling hot temperatures. So Don’t Look didn’t shift much. But I love how it added a hint of subtle dustiness to this neon rosy coral. And the glitters are so fun. I love the stark black and the different shapes.


Favorite number 2 is Cirque Colors, REM. This was a late Christmas gift from my sweet nail bestie.

You guys!! Oh. My. Good-googley-gosh!! I freaking LOVE this polish. There is something magical about it on the nail. It is slick and gorgeous. I love the blue-green shifts. I wish the holographic was a little more apparent, but that is the only very tiny complaint I have about this polish. I could not stop staring at it when I wore it. And, yes, it has gone on my running list of 2019 favorites!


Favorite number 3 was Colores de Carol, The Wolfman’s Fur. This was part of the Halloween Collection from last year (I think).

This polish is one of the prettiest browns in my entire stash. And that is saying something, as I love a brown polish. This one comes together so flawlessly and beautifully on the nail. I love how all the components work together, from the little pops of green in the flakes to the pink-red shimmer to the hints of golden undertone. Wearing this polish never fails to make me a happy little polish addict!


Next up is Quixotic Polish, Chartreuse Swizzle.

Need I say anything about this polish? I mean … really? Yeah. Probably not. Because you guys already know I am beyond OBSESSED with this tart and tangy yellow-green. It is such perfection.


Favorite number 5 was Quixotic Polish, Sunset Swinging. This was a Polish Pickup acquisition for (I think) the month of August. I hope it was August, but my memory fails me at the moment.

This polish surprised me. It was the one thing I wanted most from that month’s PPU sale. But it’s not the type of color I usually fall for. There is just something about this one, though. I love how it is red and orange and gold, all together. And it has beautiful shimmer and shift. It is gorgeous in every lighting, too!


Favorite number 6 (last but not least!!) is China Glaze, Private Side-Eye.

This is another polish that surprised me. Truthfully, there isn’t much to it. It is a deep and dark, almost-black, purple with scattered holographic. The holographic is VERY scattered and delicate on the nail. In comparison with a lot of the indies I purchase, this one isn’t much to write home about.

And yet, I could not get enough of this polish when I wore it in a full manicure. I loved seeing it on my nails, especially because I was still in super short nubbin-nail territory when I manicured with this. I loved the stark contrast between the dark base and my lighter skin. I loved how moody and “vampy” this looked on my nails. Basically, I just really love this polish. And I don’t know exactly why!!


So there you have it! A very belated list of August favorites. Even though I was busy with unpacking and getting settled into a new routine in our new town and state, I felt like August was a good manicure month. For one thing, I had finally managed to get my nail polish unpacked. You have no idea what a relief it was to have my pretties around me once again after months of them being packed in boxes.

What about you guys? Did you have any August favorites? I would love to hear all about them!

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