Topic Tuesday! A Question of Collaboration

It’s Topic Tuesday time! Woo Hoo! It has been a long time since I did a Topic Tuesday post. Today’s topic is …


As soon as I saw this topic, two indie brands jumped right into my head.

The first is my beloved Colores de Carol. This brand has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I think I have been collecting from this brand for at least two years. Maybe three? I don’t know. Time blurs, I tell ‘ya!


I love so many things about Colores de Carol. Carolina always does creative and unique color combinations. I love how she isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit in terms of color and different glitter combos. She also does amazing thermals and beautifully strong, jewel-toned holographic polishes. I am a super fan of both of these types of polishes. In particular, I love her thermals that go from color when cold to clear when warm. They are gorgeous and versatile!


I think Carolina would be a lot of fun to work with. Not that we are personal friends or anything like that, but she has always been extremely kind to me in any type of online social interaction. Her fan page on FaceBook is fun and full of supportive comments from everyone in the group. I feel like that kind of atmosphere doesn’t happen unless the creative genius behind it is also kind and supportive. And, as I have mentioned before, I feel like all the polishes I have from Colores de Carol show  a lot of creativity and talent! They really are little works of art for our nails.


The second brand I would love to collab with is Quixotic Polish. Quixotic Polish has quickly become a favorite indie brand for me. It’s the only brand that comes close to rivaling Colores de Carol for space in my helmers. I remember buying my very first Quixotic in a Polish Pickup sale, and I knew, the moment I saw it in person, that I had to have more in my stash. I love how this brand uses a lot of glitter and flakie mixtures. In particular, Mary (the genius behind the brand!) uses a lot of iridescent flakies. These are my favorite! In addition to delicate and ethereal glitter and flakie polishes, Mary also creates beautifully jewel-toned multi chromes and amazing magnetics!


I think Mary, the maker behind this lovely brand, would be super fun in a collab situation. I love the energy and creativity she shows online in places like her brand’s fan page and Instagram. The Quixotic fan page is also a supportive and fun place to hang out, which, as I’ve said, is a rare thing to find in the wilds of the InterWebs.


So … that’s me, and my collaboration dreams … all in a little nutshell. Because I am a nut! Not for nothing, but my dream collaboration collection would be themed after Starsky & Hutch. I’ve been saying this for years — to anyone who will listen! I may actually be the only person alive and wearing nail polish who remembers this show, however. Ha! Another dream collaboration would be a collection based on Howl’s Moving Castle. Or a holiday collection based on Arthur Christmas, which is the best Christmas movie ever made (in my humble opinion, of course!).

Not that I will ever collaborate with anyone. And not that anyone even particularly knows I exist out here in the InterWebs. But it’s fun to dream, right? So what about you guys? If you could collab with any brand, which brand would it be? I would love to hear all about it!



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