OPI Fall 2019 Scotland Collection: Some Comparisons

I mentioned, in my Scotland review post last week, that I wanted to make a separate post with comparisons for some of the polishes in the collection. I feel like OPI collections are always fertile ground for comparisons. I love doing comparisons. It’s one of the main reasons I buy entire OPI collections. I know, I know … I am weird. A total nail polish nerd. And I have no regrets! Not even one.

For this post, I am showing all the polishes at 2 coats. I used base coat (my go-to, American Classics Gelous). I did NOT use top coat. I normally use glossy topcoat when I swatch, but I had a lot of comparisons for this post. I wanted to knock them out in one day, so I fell back on a “down and dirty” swatching technique.

I am only showing comparisons within OPI’s line. And, of course, these are just the polishes I have in my stash. I don’t own every OPI ever made. I kind of wish I did, but I don’t think I would have enough room to store them! There may be other comparisons out there that don’t appear in this post. Also, there may be polishes from other brands that compare to the Scotland polishes. Even with limiting this post to my own OPI stash, this is going to be long and photo-heavy. So grab a snack and a favorite beverage. And … away we go!!



A Little Guilt Under the Kilt vs. I’m Not Really a Waitress.

This comparison came to mind immediately when I swatched Kilt.  I thought, for sure, these two polishes would be exactly the same. Surprisingly, they are not! Waitress is slightly darker and deeper in color tone. To my eye, it has more of a sultry glow on the nail. In comparison, Kilt is brighter, and I think it has more of a shimmer than a glow. I feel like you can see the differences in my photo, but they are more pronounced in real life.

These two are so, so close to each other, though! I think they are both beautiful, but Waitress is definitely an iconic polish. If you have that one in your stash, you might feel comfortable skipping Kilt. I don’t feel like I can call them dupes, but perhaps they are sisters.


A Little Guilt Under the Kilt vs. Let Your Love Shine.

I swear these two looked much more similar in the bottle than they do on the nail. Really!! I promise!

Clearly, these two are nothing alike, other than the fact they are both gorgeously shimmery reds. Kilt is brighter and more of a “red” red. Love is deeper and darker. To my eye, it is more of a wine color on the nail.


A Little Guilt Under the Kilt vs. Ro-Man-Ce on the Moon.

I think these two are the closest in color out of all the comparisons on this polish. Kilt is ever so slightly darker than Ro-Man-Ce. But the difference was very, very, VERY slight to my eye, even in real life. In my photo, I feel like they look nearly identical. Both have the same type of shimmery glow, although I feel like Kilt has a little more of a “metallic” look on the nail.

I feel like I could almost call these two dupes for each other.



Boys Be Thistle-ing At Me vs. Black Cherry Chutney.

This is another comparison that happened because the two polishes looked similar to me when I looked at them side-by-side in their bottles. Chutney has a shimmer that shows in the bottle, but, clearly, disappears on the nail.

So … yeah. I think it’s obvious to see, even from my photo, that these are not even close to each other. They are third cousins five times removed, at the best!


Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me vs. Lincoln Park at Midnight.

When I swatched Thistle, I immediately thought of Lincoln Park at Midnight. I thought, for sure, these polishes would be exactly alike. But I think you can see in my photo they are not.

There are definite similarities. Midnight has the same type of shimmer, and it is a similar plum color tone. But the shimmer in Thistle looks stronger on the nail, giving it a stronger “liquid metal” look. It is also lighter in color tone than Midnight.

I still think these polishes are similar enough to call them first cousins. But I don’t think they are dupes.


Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me vs. Rich & Brazilian.

This is another “they look the same in the bottle” comparison. Because I feel like these two are nothing alike on the nail. Well … not NOTHING. There are a few similarities. But I think they are still pretty different from each other.

Thistle has a strong shimmer that gives it a metallic look on the nail. Brazilian has scattered glitter, which gives the polish a scattered sparkle or glow. Additionally, Brazilian is a deeper and darker tone of plum, with more red undertones in it.

I think these guys are second cousins, at best. (Also … I had completely forgotten how gorgeous Rich & Brazilian is. I really NEED to get that polish onto my nails this Fall and Winter.)



Edinburgh-er & Tatties vs. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains.

These two polishes are similar. I feel like both fall somewhere within a pinky-brown tone of neutral. In looking at them side-by-side, Edinburgh has more brown to it and a darker color tone. In contrast, Rainbow Mountains has more pink in the mix, and it is lighter in color.

I would say these two are sisters, but

not twins. If you don’t love these types of pinky-brown neutrals, you might not want both of these in your stash.


Edinburgh-er & Tatties vs. Machu Peach-u.

I don’t think these two are anything alike. Even in my photo, they look quite different from each other. Edinburgh is a deeper color, and it is more brown. In contrast, Machu is lighter and more peach. I’m not sure these guys are even related to each other!



Good Girls Gone Plaid vs. Viking in a Vinter Vonderland:

Viking is one of the first polishes that came to mind for me when I swatched Good Girls. It’s funny how Viking comes to mind for me a LOT. Basically, whenever I look at a deep and dark purple or plum, I think about Viking in a Vinter Vonderland.

So … these two polishes. I don’t think they are dupes. Good Girls is darker.  When these two are next to each other, Good Girls looks black on the nail, whereas Viking looks like a dark purple. I think this shows, even on my photo. It is more obvious when you look at them in real life. Still, I think these guys are sisters. If you don’t love super dark purples, you might not want both of these in your stash.


Good Girls Gone Plaid vs. Vesper.

Clearly, these polishes are not dupes because Vesper is textured. In contrast, Good Girls is a lovely creme formula. But … if they were both cremes, I think they would be almost the same. I was surprised at how close these two were in color tone. If you want Vesper’s color in a creme formula, Good Girls might be just the ticket for you!


Good Girls Gone Plaid vs. Lincoln Park After Dark.

This is the comparison I immediately wanted to do when I swatched Good Girls. And here it is! What do you guys think??

In person, Good Girls is slightly, slightly lighter in color than Lincoln Park. It is a tiny difference, but I could see it when I looked at these side-by-side on my nails. In my photo, I feel like these two look exactly alike. Are they dupes? Maybe …? But they are sisters, for sure!



Nice Set of Pipes vs. Less is Norse.

I think you can easily see from this photo that these polishes are similar to each other, but they are not alike. Pipes is a darker and brighter blue. It looks navy when sitting next to Norse. In contrast, Norse has a dusty quality that is missing from Pipes, and it is a lighter and more muted blue.

At the same time, there is something about them that gives them a similar look on the nail — at least to my eye. I think these guys are first or second cousins, for sure. But they are not twins.


Nice Set of Pipes vs. Road House Blues.

Again, these polishes are quite different on the nail. Road House is darker than Pipes. And I think the purple in Pipes comes out more when these two are side-by-side. In this instance, I feel like Road House looks like the navy blue of the two.


Nice Set of Pipes vs. Suzi & the Arctic Fox.

And yet another comparison where the polishes are visibly different on the nail. Pipes looks more of a blue-toned blurple next to Arctic Fox. And Arctic Fox is darker.



OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn vs. Rich Girls & Po Boys.

You guys might laugh at me for comparing these two polishes to each other. Like some of the others in this post, this is a “they looked similar in the bottle” comparison. Once I got these two onto my nails, they didn’t look anything alike. Unicorn is darker and has a muted tone to it. In contrast, Rich Girls is brighter and more vibrant. Other than both being blue, I don’t think these two have much in common.


OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn vs. Super-Tropi-Cali-Fiji-Istic.

Again, these two are not alike. I think they are closer in color tone than the previous comparison. Both Unicorn and Super-tropi have a similar amount of depth to their color tones. But Super-tropi is brighter and more vibrant than Unicorn. It is also more of a cobalt blue, whereas Unicorn has more gray in its undertone.


OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn vs. Suzi Says Feng Shui.

Okay!! Now THIS is a comparison!! In my photo, I think these polishes look nearly identical to each other. Feng Shui is ever so slightly darker than Unicorn. But they have a similar color depth, and they have similar dusty or gray undertones to them. I don’t know if I would call these two twins, but they are definitely sisters.



Red Heads Ahead vs. Tell Me About It, Stud!.

I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say OPI has a crap-ton of reds. Nearly every collection they put out contains at least one red. Often, there are multiples in a collection. Believe it or not, I don’t have many reds in my stash. This was the only OPI red creme in my stash that seemed at all similar.

And look at them together! They really are similar. In my photo, I would go so far as to say they look identical. In person, Stud is slightly more vibrant and brighter than Red Heads. And, maybe, I can see a bit more of an orange undertone to Red Heads, giving it a warmer look on the nail in comparison to Stud’s cooler undertones. Am I imagining this, though? I don’t know. Maybe.

At any rate, these two are so similar to me that I may not keep them both in my stash. I think they probably qualify as sisters and not twins. But they are twin enough for me — ha, ha!



Rub-a-Pub-Pub vs. Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green.

When I swatched this collection, I was struck by how Rub-a-Pub-Pub and Aber-green looked so similar to each other in the bottle. I think they can also look similar on the nail, but it depends on the angle and how the light hits them. Aber-green has a lot of gray in its color mix. On my index and middle fingers, you can see how Aber-green looks darker due to the angle of my nail and the way the light falls across it. It looks almost identical to Rub-a-Pub-Pub at that angle. When you look at my ring finger and pinky, the differences in the two polishes are more apparent. At that angle, Aber-green looks green. It’s a gray-toned, mossy sort of green, but definitely green. In contrast, Rub-a-Pub still looks dark and gray.

I don’t think these two are dupes for each other. And I don’t even think they are similar enough that it is annoying to have both of them in the same collection. But it’s funny how they can resemble each other at just the right angle or in the right lighting.


Rub-a-Pub-Pub vs. Liv in the Gray.

I thought, for sure, these two would be twins. But they’re not! Color me happily surprised, because I can never get enough of gray polishes. As you can see in my photo, Rub-a-Pub is darker and deeper than Liv.



Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green vs. Rub-a-Pub-Pub.

We just compared these two in the above section. So I don’t feel a need to go back through the ins and outs of how they are alike and how they are different. I’m posting this photo again to be complete.


Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green vs. Liv in the Gray.

Aber-green is a swampy, mossy green. But it has gray in its undertone. Because of this, it seemed to compare more favorably with grays in my stash than with the other mossy, dusty greens. And that is how I ended up comparing it to Liv in the Gray. These two looked similar in the bottle. And I think they can look similar on the nail, depending on the angle and the type of lighting.

This comparison is similar to the one with Rub-a-Pub. On my ring finger and pinky, you can see the two polishes look more similar to each other due to the angle and the lighting. Even at its most gray, Aber-green looks darker than Liv. On my index finger, compared to my middle finger, you can see Aber-green looks like the green it is. And Liv looks both gray and darker.


Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green vs. Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow.

I thought these two would be nearly identical on the nail because Aber-green looks so dark in the bottle. On the nail, Aber-green is lighter than Aragon. I think Aragon looks nearly black, although you can see those green tones peering through around the edges of the nail. Next to Aragon, Aber-green looks more gray to me than green.



You’ve Got That Glas-Glow vs. Shangri-la-la Lilac.

I think these are obviously different on the nail. Glas-glow is dustier and more purple-toned, and Shangri-la is more of a pink-toned purple. Yes, it has purple in it, but it is heavy on the pink. Shangri-la is brighter and more vibrant on the nail, whereas Glasglow is more muted and dusty.


You’ve Got That Glas-Glow vs. You Crossed the Nazca Line.

When I looked at these two in their bottles, I thought, for sure, they would be twins. They really looked similar to me. On the nail, I think they are quite a bit different. Next to Nazca, Glas-glow has more of an earthy, purple tone. Both have a similar dusty or muted look to them, but Nazca definitely has more pink. These polishes are not sisters. I wouldn’t even call them first cousins.


You’ve Got That Glas-Glow vs. Seven Wonders of OPI.

I think these two are more similar. They both have the same dusty and muted tone to them. They both have a good mix of pink and purple in their color tones. And they both have the same level of saturation or brightness on the nail. Glas-glow looks more purple-toned next to Seven Wonders. And Seven Wonders looks a little more pink-toned. I feel like these two fall into first cousin territory.


You’ve Got That Glas-Glow vs. One Heck-la Of a Color.

So these two are nothing alike. In looking at this photo, I am not sure why I even compared them to each other. It seems silly now. When I first looked at Glas-glow, I thought it looked more purple than it is. And something about it made me think of Heck-la. Next to each other on the nail, I can see Heck-la is more of a grape-toned purple, whereas Glas-glow has more of a pink-purple mixture. They have the same level of dustiness on the nail.

Also, don’t they look pretty together? I’m thinking this would make a really nice gradient. Hmmm. Note to Self …


Whew!! That was one hella long post! I’m kind of exhausted after typing it all up. Hopefully you are not totally exhausted after reading it. I had a lot of fun looking at these similarities and the differences, too. I also loved rediscovering some things that had gotten a little bit lost in my stash.

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    1. Thanks! I’m happy you found it useful. Aber-green might be similar to Suzi The First Lady of Nails. It looks like it from pictures. But I don’t own First Lady, so I couldn’t compare them.


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