My Week in Nails

Another week is a wrap, you guys!! I swear every week seems to go by faster than the one before it. Is this because I am old? Or because I am too busy? Or because I am old and too busy? Wait … Don’t answer that. *ahem*

I had a fun week with my manicures, as always. I know I sound like I am running on repeat in each one of these posts. I always say I had a fun manicure week. But it’s always true!! Changing out my nail polish and seeing different colors on my nails throughout the week gives me so much joy. A lot of the time, it really is the “little things” that are most important.


So, remember how I ended last week’s post with Cirque Colors, REM? And I said I would probably start this week the same way?

Well … here I am!! Starting off my week with this amazingly gorgeous and perfect blue. I am obsessed with this polish. I managed to get one more day of wear out of it this week before it chipped. I wanted to manicure with it again, but I made myself wear other things. Still, I really believe I could have manicured with this polish over and over again for a whole week. It is rare for me to say that about a polish. This one is still sitting out on my desk, because I just love looking at it. So,  yeah … I am sure it will be showing up again. And again. And again. And … yeah …


My next manicure was with Essence, Midnight Sky. This is another polish from my nail bestie, and I love it. I’ve never had or worn Essence before, and I was hella impressed with this polish. It is so easy to apply, and it looks slick, glossy, and perfect on the nail. I wanted to get a better swatch picture of it, but I failed in that task. Still!! I loved wearing this one, and that’s all that matters.


My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Lace Up Your Skates. I topped it with Colores de Carol, Wizard Lizard.

You guys!! I freaking LOVED this manicure. I hate my swatch photo, because it does not do this manicure justice at all. Wizard Lizard is one of my favorite toppers. I love those iridescent and color shifting flakes over pretty much any base color. Over this purple, they caught tons of gold, red, and orange color shifts as the light played over my nails. Sadly, it happened to be a cloudy day when I took this picture. But I liked this combination so much that I wore it for 2 or 3 days.


And last, but not least, I finished out my week with Colores de Carol, The Wolfman’s Fur. I’m using my original swatch photo here because it was already uploaded and ready to go.

I was in the mood for a Fall-ish color, and this is an amazingly gorgeous brown. I had kind of forgotten about it within my stash. Shame on me!! As I was putting away the polishes from my previous manicure, I happened to pull this one out, and I immediately remembered how much I love it. So, it had to go on my nails!!

I am still loving hard on this one. I had a little bit of tip wear yesterday, but I repaired it and topped with additional glossy topcoat. The brown of this polish would grab me at “hello”, anyhow, because I am such a sucker for a nice brown. But I love the shimmer in here, which looks gold or coppery or slightly pink-toned (like a rose gold, almost), depending on the light. And the little flakes are beautiful. Sometimes, I catch a tiny glimpse of lime green in the flakes, and it makes my heart happy.


Ta-Da!!! Now that’s what I call a great week in nails. For myself, anyhow. What about you guys? Which polishes were part of your great week in nails? I would love to hear all about them!

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