Nail Mail Monday: Christmas in August from my Nail Bestie!

I have such a great Nail Mail Monday post to share with you guys today. I love, love, LOVE getting nail mail at my new house because we have an actual mailbox. At our home in Virginia, we had one of those community mailbox stands, where the boxes are all together and all about the size of a large Post Office Box. In our new neighborhood, we have an actual, old-fashioned mail box. There is something so fun and satisfying about going to that box and pulling out mail, especially when I find a box of nail goodies inside!

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet Nail Bestie (@jenniferwallenfels on IG) messaged me to ask for my new address, because she wanted to send a package to me. She is so, so, so much better at destashing than I am. And I am always happy to get nail mail. It’s a match made in nail polish heaven! She also had my Christmas gift, which she had been hanging onto all of this time while I was figuring out the move and all the mess that went with it.

So … let’s jump into these amazing polishes!! Jenn sent 9 wonderful polishes in this package, but I only have 8 of them to show today. I’m still getting used to the new lighting situation at my house, and I failed at getting a good swatch photo of one of the polishes (Deborah Lippmann, Across the Universe … which I am super excited about!!). So a photo of it will be coming sometime in the future.


Cirque Colors, REM. This is a “dark blue nail polish with glowing green shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle”. It has the most fabulous formula. I feel like, if I left this polish alone, it would jump onto my nails all by itself. That is how easy it was to mani with this beauty. It was opaque in 2 easy coats, and it could almost have been a 1-coater. But you guys know I always do 2.


This was my actual Christmas gift!! I love Christmas in August!! I especially love it because it brings joy into the dark mood caused by the never-ending unpacking I have to do.

And talk about JOY. This polish makes my soul sing. It is definitely a “me in a bottle” polish. I love it so much, which I already mentioned in my weekly manicure wrap-up post. And I still have it on my nails today. It looks so glassy and slick on the nail. I find the holographic extremely delicate, to the point where I don’t feel it shows that much once the polish dries. But, for me, this green shimmer is the whole story. I freaking LOVE it.


Next up is Essence, Midnight Sky. Is it purple? Is it blue? YES!!! With some beautiful and bright shimmer tossed in for good measure. I’m calling it an indigo blue with navy shimmer. Yep. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. This polish has a fantastic formula. It is basically opaque in 1 coat, although I did 2.


This polish is such a chameleon. In the bottle and in person, it looks like more of an inky blue with slight purple tones. I happened to have a lot of sun when I was taking the pictures of it, and it lit up purple as heck when the sun hit it. So, honestly, I’m not sure if this is a blue-toned purple or a purple-toned blue. But you know what?

I DON’T CARE!! Because it is spectacular, no matter which color jumps to the forefront. I love the look of this, and I love the formula. This is my first Essence polish, and the creamy richness of it blew my mind. I’m going to love wearing this one.


F.U.N. Lacquer, Diamond Flake Holographic Topcoat. This is a clear base with silver holographic flakes. It has a good formula. It is easy to apply, although the flakes clump together a little bit on a second or third coat. This might have been because I was trying to swatch it in a hurry, without letting each coat dry properly. It can be pretty much opaque on its own in 3 coats, but it tops beautifully in 1.


I had so much sun that the holographic kind of freaked out my camera and prevented me from getting a completely clear swatch photo. But you can see how holographic it is, which is fun!! To me, the flakes look like bar glitters at first glance. I’m not always a fan of that type of glitter. On closer inspection, I can see that the glitters are a variety of shards and shapes. It is a fun look on the nail, and it is packed full of rainbow goodness!


F.U.N. Lacquer, Diamond Holographic Topcoat. This has a clear base with scattered holographic glitter. It has a great formula that applies like a dream. It is opaque on its own in 3 coats, and it looks amazing as a topper at 1 coat.


Chase the rainbow!! Okay, okay … I know. It’s corny. But I had to say it. I couldn’t stop myself.

Of the two toppers, this one is definitely my favorite. I love the soft and delicate look it has on the nail. It is so pretty on its own, and I think it would be gorgeous as a base for black stamping. I want to try that out, if I ever find my stamping plates. This is packed to the brim with holographic and rainbows and all things amazing. Super pretty!


OPI, In a Holidaze is a bright red with a jelly finish on the nail. It is somewhat sheer due to the jelly-ness of it all, but I like the opacity in 2-3 coats. It really depends on how much nail line you want to show. For me, 3 coats of this one is perfect, because it gives me a peek of VNL here and there, depending on the lighting. But it doesn’t slap me in the face with it.

I’m using an older swatch photo for this one, because it is a polish I already had. I don’t love a ton of reds, but I love the stuffing out of this one. Because of that, Jenn decided to send her bottle along to me so I would have a back-up of it. How sweet is that? I love this polish, and I love the thought behind it.


Orly, Terra Mauve is a mauve-toned berry creme. This polish has a lovely formula (as expected from Orly). It is creamy and rich going onto the nail, and I liked the opacity at 2 coats. It was opaque in 1, but I always add that second.

I can’t believe I didn’t already have this polish. It is so luscious and beautiful, and it is the type of rosy, mauve-y, purple-y berry that I love. This polish has beautiful depth to it, and I love seeing it on my nails. I think it would also be a great pedicure color!


Sinful Colors, Deck Yaself was from the Vanessa Hudgins Collection. It is a gorgeously warm, coppery brown with golden shimmer and copper-toned flakes. This has a good formula, although it was less opaque than I expected from looking at it in the bottle. It was still opaque for me in 2 coats. If you use thinner coats, I could see this polish needing a third.


Just look at this beauty up close! I love it. I think it is warm and pretty. It has a lovely glow on the nail. I am such a sucker for brown and copper polish, anyhow. But this one is too fantastic. I am going to enjoy it a LOT!


Sinful Colors, Off the Vine. This is another polish from the Vanessa Hudgins Collection, and it is a yellow-toned green with gold shimmer. It has a great formula that is opaque in 2 easy coats.


So here is my story with this polish …

When this collection came out, I remember seeing it at my local Ulta. It was a HUGE collection, and it was so weird to see Sinful Colors on display at Ulta, so it caught my eye. I particularly loved this green. It jumped out at me right away. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry that day, so I didn’t buy it right away. I went back about three days later, and the entire collection was gone. No display, no polishes, nothing. It was like I had imagined the whole thing. And I never saw this collection in any of the stores where I normally find Sinful Colors. It was weird and annoying.

But now, I have this polish!! Thanks to Jenn. Yay!! I love a yellow-toned green. This color tone has become one of my favorite kinds of green to wear. I love how it crosses easily from Spring into Summer and even into Fall because of the yellow or gold tones to it. And I find it a vibrant, fun, and eye-catching polish to wear. I love seeing this color on my nails, and I know I am going to loooooove wearing this one.


Whew!! That was a LOT of nail mail goodness!! I am such a lucky gal. I really don’t know why, but the Universe has been kind to me. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter nail bestie, and I am grateful for her thoughtfulness and friendship.



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