Colores de Carol: Casino Night Collection

Hidey Ho, Campers!! It’s been a hot minute and a half, hasn’t it? This week has been little for me, with all the last-minute things I need to do for our move. We will be heading to our new state on the 26th, which means next week will probably be silent in both of my blogs. It’s funny how you think you have everything done. But then, when you get right up against it, you realize you still have a crap-ton of things left to do. And all of them are last-minute things. And all of them seem perfectly poised to drive you batty. Or … battier. Or … something.

Anyhow, today is all about fabulous nail polish. I am so, so excited to have the Casino Night Collection to share in here. Carolina did a give-away for the collection in her FaceBook group, and I was lucky enough to win! I still can’t believe it. I almost never win anything. So this totally made my month. And then some!

As always, I will try to list the polishes in alphabetical order. And the descriptions come from the Colores de Carol website.


All In is a “bright coral-y red with UCC flakes and iridescent flakes”. It has a great formula that is easy to apply and builds up quickly on the nail. I liked the opacity in 2-3 easy coats.


This is so, so, sooooo bright!! I freaking love it. This is the one from the collection that had to go onto my nails in a full manicure right away. It is just on the verge of neon in brightness (at least for me), and I love the punch of colors you can see in the flakes. In particular, there are a lot of golden coppers, which are gorgeous against this eye-searing coral base. At some angles, this one had hints of pink in with the red. At others, there were touches of orange. But it is fabulously bright and fun at every angle.


High Rollers is a “deep green base with Aurora shimmer and magnetic UCC flakes (red/green/gold)”. This has a fantastic formula. It is easy to apply and nicely opaque in 2 easy coats.


Okay, so All In might have been the first polish I had to wear on my nails in a manicure, but I think High Rollers is the show-stopper from this collection. It is MAGNIFICENT. Seriously. There are no other words for it.

It is a luxurious and rich green that makes me think of mysterious, shadowed woods and gorgeous emeralds. And the magnetic shift is oh-so pretty. The shift happens quickly, with almost no effort with the magnet. For me, it pulled out all of these little streaks of gold with hints of pinky-red and brighter greens. As I swatched this one, I literally found myself saying “Wow” out loud, over and over again. I can’t even with this polish.


Queen of Hearts is a “white crelly base with micro red holo glitter, small red dots, hot pink matte glitter, UCC flakes, and red mini hearts”. This has a fabulous formula, and it is super easy to apply. I found the red hearts came out with just a little effort. I think, had my polish shaker not been packed away, I would have had no trouble with the hearts at all. I like the opacity on this one at 2-3 coats.


Oh. My. Goodness!! How fun is this polish?!? It is so, so, so stinking cute on the nail. I always love a white-based crelly. I love the bold contrast of the blacks and reds against this base, and the little red hearts add just the right touch of whimsy and fun. This is a crelly that has depth and dimension, and it is endlessly interesting on the nail. So much love!!


Roll the Dice is a “turquoise shade with shimmer and UCC flakes”. This has a great formula. It is easy to apply and builds to opacity in 2-3 coats.


This polish is sooooo yummy! I love everything about it. The blue base color is perfection, and I love the pops of color from the flakes. In particular, I was able to see a lot of pinky-purple tones, which make a beautiful contrast with the soft turquoise of the base color. I love the shimmer, which gives a beautifully delicate look to the whole manicure.


Spin the Wheel is a “black base with purple to pink shimmer and iridescent purple flakes”. This has a great formula that is opaque in 2-3 coats. Truthfully, I think it could be opaque in 2, but I went a little thin with my first coat on some nails, which required a third coat for photos.


This is DELICIOUS. I love how dark and inky and murky and moody this polish is. It really has a high dose of drama and glam to it. I feel like I can see some punches of icy blue from the flakes, which I also love. This is definitely one of those polishes I will wear again and again. You guys know how I love a dark, moody, and dramatic polish!


That’s the whole collection! What do you guys think?

Overall, I love this collection. And I’m not just saying that because I won it in a give-away. I would have purchased this one, no matter what. I love the mix of whimsical playfulness and drama in this collection. I also love the mix of lighter and darker colors. Each polish has something special about it, and I think Carolina really outdid herself with this beautiful and fun collection!

An easy favorite for me would be Roll the Dice. Because … blue! At the same time, I find I love every polish in here, and it really becomes hard to pick a favorite. If you can only buy one from this collection, I would say go for High Rollers. That one is so fabulous. It’s one of those polishes I think everyone should have!

This collection is currently available on the Colores de Carol website. You can purchase the whole collection for $50 USD. You can purchase each individual polish for $11.50 USD.

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