China Glaze Body & Sol (Summer 2019)

I have most of the China Glaze Body & Sol Collection to share today. I am surprisingly excited about this, particularly considering how long it took me to decide whether or not I wanted these polishes at all. But, once I decided to go for them, I jumped in with both feet. And with all of my heart and giddy happiness.


I am not sure if this collection is meant to be China Glaze’s Summer release, or if it is an “extra” sort of collection. It is an eight-piece collection China Glaze describes as “multi-dimensional nudes to suit every skin tone — and mood — this Summer”. I’m not going to lie; at first glance, I didn’t know what to make of this collection. It didn’t feel Summery to me at all, and it wasn’t at all what I would have expected for a Summertime release. It felt … weird, in a way. In the end, I realized that is what I liked about it. There was something really bold and out there about the brand coming out with a whole collection of browns for the hot and sizzling months of Summer.

I wanted to see these in person before deciding whether or not I would purchase them, so I got them at my local Sally’s. Unfortunately, one color was sold out, which means I have seven of the eight to share today. Having seen these in person, I have to say the whole bronzed-summer thing makes more sense to me now. But let’s jump into the colors! Or … lack of colors. *ahem* As always, I am going to list these in alphabetical order. The descriptions today are mine, and I hope I can do them justice. So. Much. Pressure!!


Beach Buff is a rosy or slightly pink-toned brown base with silver glitter. This polish has a good formula. It was surprisingly opaque for the light color tone, and I liked the opacity in 2 easy coats.


This is such a nice neutral. I like the pink tones I can see in here. This surprised me, as I am not always one for pinks. I know I say this all the time. The shimmer or glitter is delicate and very pretty. I loved how this looked on my nails. It made me feel all girly and dainty and feminine, which was fun.


Beaches & Toes is a taupe base with holographic glitter. This has a good formula. I found it easy to apply and build up on the nail. It was somewhat sheer, and I liked the opacity in 2-3 coats.


This is so, so shimmery and oh-so-pretty. The holographic shows nicely in the light, and it has a delicate appearance on the nail. I like how the small glitters twinkle and shimmer in a finished manicure. They make a nice contrast with the base color, which is softly neutral. Overall, I think this is a beautifully wearable polish.


Bronze Ambition is a milk chocolate-toned base with strong gold shimmer. This has a good formula. It is easy to apply, and it builds up well on the nail. I liked the opacity in 2 easy coats.


I unexpectedly fell HARD for this polish. Honestly, it doesn’t look like much to me in the bottle. But it is a little bit amazing and magical on the nail. I feel like the impact of the gold shimmers gets lost when looking at this one in the bottle. On the nail, you can see how delicate and lovely it is. I love the mix of the strong and luscious base color and the golden shimmer. It looks very “bronze” on the nail, which is so much fun. And so, so pretty.


Glow-Worthy is a brown-gold holographic glitter. I think it falls somewhere between an antique or old gold and a bronze in color tone. This has a good formula. I like the opacity in 2-3 coats.


Gasp!! Oh. My. Goodness! Just look at this. Look at how pretty it is! I love how this has an “old” metal sort of look on the nail while still managing to stay bright. I looooove the holographic in here. It feels slightly sparse, but it still packs a nice visual punch as light falls across the nail.


Send Hues is a dark brown base with purple and gray undertones and gold glitter. This has a good formula. It is nicely opaque and beautiful in 1-2 coats.


You guys!! Ugh. This polish has captured my heart absolutely and completely. If you only buy one polish from this collection, it should be this one. Will you be at all surprised, then, when I say this one is my favorite from the collection? Yeah … probably not. I freaking LOVE this polish. It is dark and bold. And I love, love, LOOOOOVE how these gold glitters glow off the nail. It is so darn pretty.


Skinny Tripping is an orange or peach-toned brown (terra cotta?) with pink shimmer. This has a good formula. I found it easy to apply and build on the nail, and it was opaque for me in 3 coats. It is mostly opaque at 2, but I had some VNL, which I didn’t enjoy with this one.


This is an unexpected combination to me. I would not have thought of putting these color tones together, and it kind of surprises me to find it in a mainstream collection. I think it is awesome. The color tones are lovely together, and I love the pink shimmer. It is pretty and delicate. I’ve already worn this one in a full manicure, and I enjoyed it.


Tan-Do Attitude is a tan base with a strong gold shimmer. It has a good formula. I found it slightly sheer but buildable. I like the opacity in 2-3 coats. I can see slight VNL at 2, so that makes me think I will always use 3 when I manicure with this one.


And I will definitely wear this one!! It is another polish that surprised me because it looks so different on the nail than in the bottle. It really seems to glow due to the gold shimmer. I like this color combination a lot.


So there you have it! This collection makes me think of hot and sweaty days in the sunshine … and self-tanner … and sunscreen … and all things Summer!

What do you guys think? Have you purchased anything from this collection? Do you have any favorites? I would love to hear all about it!


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