My Week in Nails

I was a couple of days late with last week’s manicure post. If memory serves, I posted it last Sunday. This means I had a relatively short manicure week for this week’s post. But there were still nail polish shenanigans to be had. Huzzah!!


I started out my week with Colores de Carol, Peach Eggnog.

This is a polish that came into my stash as part of the Advent Calendar for the 2018 holiday season. When I first opened it, I remember thinking how bright and lovely it was. And I thought I would save it for Spring or Summer. Not that I’m a big seasonal nail polish person. I am not. It’s mostly that I didn’t get around to wearing it right away, and I consoled myself by thinking it would work even better in the warmer months.

Okay. So we are now in the tail end of Spring and quickly heading into Summer. The weather in my corner of the universe has seen some hot and humid days. And, of course, my mind came back to this particular polish as I was browsing my now-limited stash in search of my next nail adventure. Eureka!!

But here’s the funny thing. In the warm light of Summery weather, this polish has a very Fall look to me. It wasn’t nearly as bright as I remembered. It looks like more of a toned down peach or burnt orange. At any rate, it doesn’t matter a bit. In fact, it makes me like this one even more, since it will easily cross seasons into Fall and, maybe, even Winter. But it’s funny how a polish can look different depending on our perspective at the time we first see it or swatch it. No matter the time of year, this is a fantastic polish. The color is rich and lovely, and it has an amazing formula.


I did some nail art for my next manicure. This gradient is with OPI: Kanpai OPIHurry-juku Get This Color … and Another Ramen-tic Evening. I used white acrylic paint for some simple flowers, and the yellow centers are with Morgan Taylor, Glow Like a Star.

I have been in a gradient sort of mood lately. I think it might be because I want to do nail art, but most of my supplies are packed away for our move. Sad panda!! But I always have my latex make-up sponges available, which means gradients are going to be a nail art go-to for me until we get settled in our new house. I had these three colors sitting on my desk and liked how they looked together. But, once I had the gradient done, I decided it needed a little something more. You guys know how that goes … ha, ha!

Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out. I like the gradient colors a lot, and I may use them in another nail art soon. I wouldn’t mind trying a water marble with them, if I can find an appropriately-sized container to hold my water. I like the little touch of “Spring” from the flowers, although I wish I had had my paintbrush available. It is packed away, of course. So I had to use a toothpick. It worked, but it’s not an ideal solution. I only got to wear this for a day. I would have worn it longer, but it ended up chipping off the ends on a couple of nails. Bummer!


And, finally, here is Essie, Take the Lead.

After the soft tones of my gradient, I wanted something with a bit more punch or kick for the hot and humid weather. But I wasn’t in the mood for a pink or yellow. (As I am sitting here typing, though, yellow feels like a very good idea. Hmmm.) Enter this vibrant and slightly eye-searing sky blue from the Essie Summer 2019 collection!

It fits my mood perfectly. I like the big and bright punch of color combined with the cooler undertones. Also, there is no way I can be unhappy when wearing this gorgeous blue on my nails. Win!!


So it was a pretty short and sweet manicure week for me this week. Life continues to be stressful and busy. I know this will pass. The final stage of our move is quickly approaching, along with the end of the school year for my daughter. I am looking forward to settling into our new home and figuring out our new town. In the meantime, I shall polish away to my heart’s content. It is a small and easy way to relieve stress!

What about you guys? What were you wearing this week? Did you have any particular favorites? I would love to hear all about it!

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