May Manicure Favorites

It’s Monday, y’all. And I am not all that happy about it. Not for any real reason, other than “Monday”. I’m sure you guys know that feeling all too well. Since I am feeling kind of “meh” today, I thought it would be fun to kick my week off with some nail polish shenanigans in the form of my May Mani Favorites. What better way to cheer myself up, I ask? And the answer would be: there is no better way. Huzzah!!

I have a pretty good mix of shop-my-stash oldies and brand-newbies in here. I was pretty excited when I realized that. Then again, I’m always excited about nail polish!


My first favorite for the month was Island Girl, Aloha Color.

I shopped my stash for this one, and I adore it. I love it every time I wear it. It’s such a fabulous and tart green. This one feels perfect for hot weather and our upcoming summer months. Not only that, but it brings back great memories of our fun family trip to Maui last Summer.


Quixotic Polish, To the West.

This one was new to my stash this month. But it was an instant favorite. I love how grungy and murky it is. It has such a strong and beautiful color to it.


Gradient with Morgan Taylor, Glow Like a StarEssie, Soles on FireEssie, Strike a Rose.

I haven’t been doing much nail art, since (as I have mentioned at least a dozen times) all of my supplies are packed away for our move. But I can still gradient! I loved the heck out of this sunset gradient when I wore it. I was super happy with how the orange and yellow balanced out against each other.


Nine Zero Lacquer, Let it Rain.

This was another oldie from my stash. I don’t know why I don’t think about this polish more. I believe I mentioned this in my wrap-up post for the week that I wore it. Whenever I put it on my nails, I LOVE it. It is so, so, so pretty and delicate. I love the slight color, and it is oh-so sparkly.


Quixotic Polish, Chained to the Sky.

Oh. My. GOODNESS!! I was in love with this polish from the moment it fell into my hot little hands. It is magnificent. I love the blues in here. I love the OG UP shimmer. I love the cute little glitters. I did not want to take this one off when I wore it. It even went onto my list of favorites for the whole year. What?? Madness!!


Quixotic Polish, The Whole Parade.

Speaking of “fabulous” … Wowza!! This coral is bright and in-your-face and beyond fabulous. I loved wearing this one.


Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Spirit of the Kohaku River.

This polish is an oldie but a goodie in my stash. It was a PPU purchase from either  2018 or 2017. I don’t remember. And I don’t care. All I care about is that it lives in my stash, and I looooove it so much. This one lands on my favorites list every darn time I wear it. It is perfection.


I didn’t realize it at the time, but May was a pretty great manicure month! I was locked into worrying over things and rushing around doing life stuff, so it makes me happy to see I was making time to do things that make me happy — like playing with nail polish!

What about you guys? What were your favorites for the month of May? I would love to hear all about them.

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