My Week in Nails

I’m wrapping up my manicure week on a Saturday this week. It has been a lovely day, overall. We took a much-needed break from showing our house, and my husband is visiting for the weekend. It’s been a great day of quiet family time, which sounds pretty corny. But when you don’t have that every day, it really is something special.


I started my week with a gradient using Morgan Taylor, Glow like a Star (yellow) … Essie, Soles on Fire (orange) … and Essie, Strike a Rose (pink). I haven’t been doing much nail art because most of my supplies are packed away at the moment. But I still have makeup sponges, which means gradients are fair game. Huzzah! I love gradients. I wanted to do a sunrise or sunset sort of color combination, and I loved these three colors together when I stood the bottles side by side.

I was super pleased with how this turned out. It was warm and bright. It felt very Summery to me when I had it on my nails. I think it would have been pretty with some white stamping over it, too. Perhaps I will try that later!


My next manicure was with Nine Zero Lacquer, Let It Rain. I shopped my stash for this one, and I am so happy I did! I always forget about this polish. And, really, I don’t know why. I love it. It is delicate and so, so pretty. It has scads of holographic, and it looks amazing in any type of lighting.


My next manicure was with Rise & Shine Lacquer, Skyline Drive. This is another shop my stash manicure. I love this beautifully soft sky blue. It is delicate and super pretty. And the flakes are gorgeous. I love the contrast between the base color and the flakes.


Next up was OPI, Chopstix & Stones. I got my OPI Tokyo Collection in the mail this past week. Amid the swatching mania, which I always love, this polish particularly caught my eye. I knew it would be the first one I would manicure with from the collection. It is so beautiful. I love the rich color and the lovely glow.


And I ended the week where I began, coming full circle with another gradient. This one is with OPI, Another Ramen-tic Evening (light rose/pink) and Hurry-juku Get This Color (berry pink). I don’t often wear pink, although I have been coming around to loving this color more and more. I have a particular soft spot for the dusty roses, and I decided I wanted to try an all pink gradient. I was happy with how this turned out. It was fun to wear, and I like the contrast between the darker berry and the lighter, dusty rose.


So, that’s it! Overall, I would say it was a pretty good manicure week. I was able to do several manicures, and I loved everything I wore this week. Plus, I slipped a little bit of nail art into the mix. That’s always a “win” for me!

What about you guys? What did you wear and love this week? I would love to hear all about it!


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