Nail Mail Monday: Sunset Duo from Quixotic Polish and Great Lakes Lacquer

I’m super excited because I actually have nail mail to share this week. Yay!! You guys know nail polish remains my mental happy place — even more so now that I am mired in selling-my-house H-E-Double-Toothpicks.

Today, I have the Sunset Duo from Quixotic Polish and Great Lakes Lacquer. This duo was a collaboration for Polish Con New Orleans. It was available at the con (of course!), but it was also available for pre-order for one week after the con ended. I was lucky enough to grab this one during the pre-order period. The duo was inspired by the sunsets in each maker’s home city. And I’m just going to say this up front: Wowza!! These polishes are freaking INCREDIBLE!! (Spoiler Alert! Ha, ha!)


Great Lakes Lacquer, To the East is a “vivid sunset purple showing shifts of sky blue, magenta, orange, gold, and lime”. It has a fantastic formula. It applies easily and builds up nicely on the nail. It is rather sheer due to the shimmer, so I preferred the opacity at 3-4 coats. I think I would be happy with 3 coats for everyday wear, but I used 4 for my swatch photo.


Oh. My. GOSH!! I love this. It is so, so, so, soooooo stinkin’ pretty. I love the shifts of blue in here, because they give the polish a glow that is fairytale-like and unearthly. But I could easily see all the colors in the description as the light shifted across my nails when I wore this. The oranges, in particular, are a fun and unexpected pop of color. And I love how the lime tones bounce off of and contrast with the blues.

This is one of those polishes I could wear for ages without getting bored. Each time I looked down at my nails, I saw something different and unexpected. This is my first Great Lakes Lacquers purchase, but I am pretty sure it will not be my last. I can already hear my bank account and Helmers crying in the background.


Quixotic Polish, To the West is an “orange-based multi chrome that shifts primarily through purple, red, orange, and blue”. This polish has a fabulous formula. It is easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats without using an undie.


Mary added a special note to the description of this polish, and I want to share it in here, too. Because it really helps to describe the polish and give a feeling for the inspiration behind it.

“We had to make this polish a little murky because these polishes are inspired by the sunsets of our respective homes and LA sunsets are generally filled with pollution. It sure makes for a heck of a sunset, though!”

And you know what? It makes for a heck of a nail polish, too! My very first thought when I manicured with this was, “Oh, crap. I think I am in love with this.” And I was. And am. Because it is magical. It is grungy and kind of murky or dirty. But it is also vibrant and rich in color. I love the shifts, which occur easily and often as light passes over the nail. This one is so much perfection. I am over-the-moon happy that I grabbed it.


What do you guys think of the duo? I love both of the polishes, although I have to admit the Quixotic edges out into favorite spot for me by a slight bit. I think they are both amazing.

Did you guys grab this duo? Or do you have a favorite from Great Lakes Lacquer? I want more from this brand, and would love to hear your recommendations!


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