April Manicure Favorites

Huzzah!! I am actually getting around to doing my favorites post almost at the beginning of the month. Go me! I have become really scatterbrained about remembering to do a favorites post each month, even though I love looking back at all my manicures and picking the ones I liked best. Go figure.

I don’t have many April favorites. I was gone for a week during April, and we had quite a bit of time spent with packing up our house and moving out furniture and stuff. Then, there was the work on the house right after that. So I didn’t change my manicure as much as usual during April. I ended up with five favorites for the month.


Colores de Carol, Superstar.

I’ve barely started this post, and I’m already cheating a little bit. Because this polish was also on my March favorites. It was part of my March PPU order, which means it arrived at the end of March. I wore it in a manicure just in time for the end of that month. But I continued to wear it into the beginning of April. So it can totally count for both months, right? Right!!

I easily have enough love for this polish to cover two months — or more! I adored this one on my nails. I really couldn’t get enough of it, and I am sitting here looking at the picture and thinking about manicuring with it again really soon. Hmmm. Perhaps it will end up on my May favorites, too!


Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Those Who Were Neither.

This is another polish that I find mesmerizing on the nail. And it is another one of those “can’t get enough of it” polishes for me. I love everything about this color combination. It is always interesting on the nail, no matter the type of lighting. The flakes are bold and gorgeous. And I find the coppery-pink-red tones in the base stunning. It makes me feel like I am wearing a sunset or a sunrise on my nails!


Moon Shine Mani, More Cowbell.

I was instantly in love with this polish from the first teaser pics. This is partly because the “More Cowbell” skit is one of my all-time favorites from Saturday Night Live. But it is also because I love everything about the color combination in this polish. The greens and golds are warm and bold. It took me a while to wear it in a manicure, but I finally pulled it out in the month of April. And, of course, it had to go on my favorites list! Love it!!


Moon Shine Mani, Pools of Aggonar.

This green took me by surprise, in a big way. I thought it was pretty in the bottle, but I was not prepared for how it would look on my nails. It. Is. Amazing!! I love the depth of the green base. I love that it is what I think of as an emerald green — not too dark, not too strong, not too bright. It has a perfect balance between yellow and blue. And the gold flakes are fantastic. They are the perfect counterpart to all that luscious green.


And, finally … Quixotic Polish, Absolute Monarch.

Ugh. I can’t even with this polish. It is another one that took me by surprise with how much I loved it on my nails. I just posted a review for this collection yesterday, and I know I talked up this polish quite a bit in there. I won’t say too much more about it here. But I adore it. This one is definitely worth getting!!


So, April was a busy month! It wasn’t a busy manicure month, but it was extremely busy in terms of life things. Even so, I am happy with everything I wore during the month. And I feel lucky to have a few amazing favorites to share!

What about you guys? What did you wear and love during the month of April? I would love to hear all about it!

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