Quixotic Polish: The Little Prince Collection

I am grabbing a little bit of normal amid the chaos that is getting a home ready  to sell and, then, showing it. This is my first experience as a seller, so I had no idea of the level of chaos and life upheaval that would occur. If I had, I might not have signed up for this whole thing. Which would have been bad, since I am definitely moving to Illinois and I can’t afford two mortgages. Still … Ignorance is bliss!


And speaking of “bliss” … This is a perfect segue into my post for today. I have the Little Prince Collection from Quixotic Polish. This is a 7 piece collection. It started life as a custom collection, but the Quixotic fan page kind of went nutso for these polishes when the lucky owner posted pictures of them. She was kind enough to share her custom idea with the group, and Mary was kind enough to create an entire collection based around it. Since the original collection was a custom, these polishes are not exactly the same, but they are similar. And I’m just going to say it right now: They are FABULOUS!!

This is going to be a long-ish post. I have multiple pictures for all of these. And, for a couple of them, I have multiple multiples. I’m going to go in alphabetical order, as always. And the descriptions are from the Quixotic website.


Going in alphabetical order means we start off this post with a huge, booming BANG in the form of Absolute Monarch. It is a “super vibrant multi chrome that shifts mainly between magenta, green, and copper. This polish features multiple multi chromatic pigments that give a spectacular look”. It has a great formula. I found it easy to apply, and it builds well on the nail to full opacity in 2-3 coats. I swatched it on its own, without a black base.


You are probably already guessing that this is one of my “multiple multiple” photo polishes. And you would be right on the money with that. I can’t even with this polish. It is beyond stunning. I could not agree with the description more; it has a spectacular look on the nail.


When I saw pictures of this polish online, I was intrigued. But it wasn’t something I was crazy in love with. I knew I would purchase it because I wanted to get the entire collection. But I had reservations. I’m not always a fan of multi chromes.

Oh. My. GOSH! You guys … I love this polish so, so, so much more than I thought I would. When I saw it in the bottle, even, I was like: “Pretty polish! Get on my nails. Right now!!” I had to wear this one right away. It was the first one I wore out of the entire collection, and I find it mesmerizing.


The shifts in this polish are fast and frequent. I love the coppery-greens, which are incredibly eye-catching. Although I couldn’t quite capture it in my photos, this polish also has a beautiful shimmer to it. It comes alive in sunlight and reminds me of the sun reflecting off of a stream of water — except it’s magenta. But it is so, so, so darn pretty.


Draw Me a Sheep is a “delicate baby pink base with a touch of holo sparkles and delicately decorated with lime to indigo iridescent flakes”. This has a great formula. It is easy to apply, and it builds up well. It is a sheer color, given the lightness of the base. I liked the opacity at 3-4 coats.


I am not always one for pinks. Or neutrals. Or super sheer polishes. This polish is all three of those things. And I freaking LOVE it! It is so stinkin’ pretty. I like the delicateness of the base color combined with those flakes and the scattering of holographic. It has a sweet and peaceful feeling on the nail, but it also hits me with a vintage vibe that I enjoy. And you guys know I am living for the iridescent flakes in here!


Funny Creature is a “striking cobalt blue base with green to purple shifting shimmer and green/violet shifting iridescent micro flakes”. This has a great formula. It is easy to apply and build up on the nail, and I liked the opacity in 2-3 coats.


So, of course, this one is a favorite for me. I can not get enough shimmery, beautiful blue in my life. And this is one gorgeous and shimmery blue! I love the brightness to it. I love how it comes alive in any sort of lighting. The iridescent flakes own my soul, of course. The flashes of purple and green are prominent and super pretty!


Homesick is an “orchid base with a heavy dose of aurora color shifting shimmer and red/green and blue/green iridescent flakes with a light touch of holo”. This has a great formula. I liked the opacity in 2-3 coats.


This is super, super pretty! It is lighter on the nail than I expected from looking at it in the bottle. I am not mad about this in the slightest. I love the red or pink undertone to the base color. And I am in LOVE with those iridescent flakes. But you guys knew I was going to say that, right? Right!


Lamplighter is a “dazzling array of holo particles in a base of aurora shifting shimmer that moves from purple to red to green in certain lights”. This has a great formula. It is easy to apply and build up on the nail, although it is sheer due to the components and the light color. I liked the opacity at 3 coats.


This polish is just … *sigh*. I can hardly find words to describe it. It is all the colors all the time. It is magical and shifty. In particular, I love the purples in here. They catch my eye frequently, and I think that is my favorite color shift. But the pinks are delicate and give the polish an airy, ethereal look.


Le Petit Prince. “A blue base dances with a purple to copper to green shifting shimmer and finished with holo flair”. This has a fantastic formula. It was nicely opaque for me in 2 easy coats.


I wasn’t totally wowed by this in the bottle. But I found a completely different story once I had it on my nails. It is MAGICAL. The light plays across it and causes so many color shifts. I love the mix of blues and greens in here. I love that it has an overall purple look to it (to my eye, anyhow).


See that little scattering of blue along the top edge of my nail? Yep. That gets me right in the feels. Wowza!!


Peculiar Planet is a “greyed out periwinkle base with holo micro sparkles, green/blue iridescent flakes, and purple/copper shifting shimmer”. This has a great formula that is opaque in 2-3 easy coats.


I love the mix of purple and blue in here. It gives me a strong “grape” vibe, but maybe that’s just me or just my own wishful thinking. The iridescent flakes have beautiful and strong color changes, and you guys know how much I love that.


I love this collection!! I think it is one of my favorite collections to release in a long time. It is so fairytale-like, playful, and full of fun. I feel like each polish has a whimsical quality to it. And every formula is fabulous.

This is one of those collections that I think everyone NEEDS in their stash. Funny Creature is my personal favorite (because of the blue!). Even so, I would say don’t miss out on Absolute Monarch and Lamplighter if you were only going to pick up a couple from the collection. No matter what you decide to purchase from this collection, you really can’t go wrong.

If you are interested, this collection is still available on the Quixotic website (www.quixoticpolish.com). It is $70 for the entire collection, and individual polish prices vary from $10 to $11.

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